Chapter 756 – Come on! Let’s Go Home! (Part 2)

Hui Tai Lang, Tao Tie Blade, Simba, Star Scorpion, Spirit of Sky Fire, Reaper Mantis and other Spirit Beasts swarmed up, tore Li Pan’s body into pieces, and swallowed them, only Li Pan’s golden arms left. They couldn’t almost be damaged by anything, even the slash of a divine sword.

“These are two good arms. Leave them to Duo Duo’s Mad Thorny Flower General and Smog Thorny Flower General. If they can obtain the strength of these two arms, they will not be so fragile in the face of future enemies.” Xue Wuxia felt that Duo Duo’s subordinates, these two Thorny Flower Generals, were not strong enough. At the beginning of this battle, they had been broken into pieces before they undertook the responsibility of a flesh shield. Fortunately, they were parts of the extended body of the Guardian Spirit Beasts, then they could restore automatically as long as there was enough time for them to recover.

“Meow!” Hui Tai Lang, the boss of the Spirit Beasts, quickly raised his paws in agreement. Its fighting style was not suitable to be a flesh shield. Although he could benefit from devouring the arms, Hui Tai Lang still preferred to attack in sneak. It was not what he wanted and what he was good at to be a poor flesh shield in the front of the tide of enemies to resist their attacks. Tao Tie Blade didn’t have an idea at all and it just listened to the order of its owner. Star Scorpion was reluctant to give up these two arms because they could withstand the Hellsword of Princess Qian Qian. Even though they could only undertake the sword Qi far away, not directly defend against the sword, they were still a great treasure. But Star Scorpion was a newcomer. Now that the boss Hui Tai Lang agreed, it had nothing to say. Besides, Star Scorpion had no such ability or the interest to be beaten as a flesh shield since it was not the tough Thorny Flower General…

Spirit of Sky Fire had no interest in the golden arms. For it, the arms could not compare to even a pure Fire Crystal. Reaper Mantis was not interested in the things he couldn’t chew on. The two didn’t even have a second look at the golden arms and handed over the task of moving the arms to the newcomer Simba, who graciously took back the golden arms, together with his wife. Then it carried the little panda girl Niu Niu, who won many favors of Yue Yang and Drunken Cat Sister, to the black spot in the distant. They were Yue Yang’s team who had just returned in triumph.

Ancient Demon King sighed slightly, crushed the teleportation stone and left dejectedly. The lonely figure witnessed the disappearance of a king. Xue Wuxia didn’t stop the Ancient Demon King, even the Sky Execution, the Dragon Emperor and the Underworld Emperor just stayed and gazed after him. The strong warrior had dominated the Tong Tian Tower for tens of thousands of years, while he had to leave in sorrow. Perhaps he would wake up again in the future and continued to search for his own body, or a divine body, in order to gain power. However, it should be certain that in Yue Yang’s age, he would never appear in public. Just as he avoided the Emperor Wu Shuang The Peerless, the Empress Fei Wen Li, the mighty Prison Emperor in those days, Ancient Demon King had to fall into a deep sleep again. This was the era of Yue Yang! This time, Ancient Demon King looked more desperately. This unprecedented genius, Yue Yang had a high possibility to enter the Gods’ Ruins successfully. What’s worse, he had completely broken the Ancient Demon King’s determination to dominate the world.

The Prison Emperor was dead and the Emperor Wu Shuang was sealed, so did the Empress Fei Wen Li. But these incidents weren’t likely to happen to Yue Yang. All the signs indicated that he was a seed that the Eastern Immortal Tribe had planted in the Tong Tian Tower. The seed would grow inexorably after sprout, destined to grow into a great tree! Even if no one said so, Ancient Demon King knew his time had passed. Compared to Navagraha King and Navagraha Queen, fortunately, he hadn’t decided to fight against Yue Yang till the end. Before Yue Yang grew into a towering tree, he still had the chance to quit and accumulate power, unlike the Navagraha tribe which had been the nutrients for Yue Yang’s growth.

Good-bye, Tong Tian Tower! 

Perhaps this was the last time to look at it. Before Ancient Demon King stepped into the portal, he looked back across the laughing crowd and walked away with a heavy step alone.

When Ancient Demon King left, the Sky Execution, the Dragon Emperor and the Underworld Emperor and others breathed out and felt relieved. Although Ancient Demon King suffered a heavy serious wound, this elder was not easy to defeat. If Yue Yang wasn’t around, it was afraid that even Zhi Zun and Queen Night would not be able to suppress this wise elder, who could endure extreme pains and accumulate power for several eras.

It was not until this moment that the battle went to a real end.

All their grimoires automatically suspended in the air, then beams of the light pillar of advancement flew straight into the sky, a spectacle that hadn’t appeared for decades!

Holding the Book of Truth and standing on the battlefield, Xue Wuxia finally closed her eyes slowly, relaxed her exhausted spirit, and collapsed in triumph.

“Bang!” Only the Book of Truth of the SemiGod Equipment that also overdrew its energy had fallen to the ground, and on the other side, Xue Wu Xia was supported by Yue Yang. Looking at Yue Yang, she opened her eyes slowly and made a weak smile then she lost consciousness and fell into sleep peacefully.

“Hey, lend me your shoulder.” Princess Qian Qian was also exhausted. She supported her body with the Hellsword and managed to reach Yue Yang, but once she put her hand on his shoulder, she had fainted before Yue Yang spoke a word. Yue Yang hurriedly reached out his hand, carried her on his shoulder, and patted her hip gently. He whispered to the sleeping beauties with a gentle voice, “Tigress, thanks for your hard work. Let’s go home!”

*** *** ***

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