Chapter 757 – It’s Great When One Is Around (Part 1)

In the Black Hole Seal.

Empress Fei Wen Li was furious about the invasion of the Navagraha tribe, which seemed like a slap in her face. How dare the former slaves gained the initiative? The most provoking was that Navagraha Queen, who as respectful as a slave before, dared try to kill Xiao Wen Li after recognizing her identity. In that year, she hadn’t seized the opportunity to confirm the betrayal of the Navagraha tribe. With doubt, she had killed the former Navagraha King and Queen who had secretly contacted the Central God’s Realm. However, she hadn’t been sealed in the black hole before she planned to kill Navagraha Queen. Listening to Yue Yang’s word, she immediately realized that the relationship between the Navagraha tribe and the Central God’s Realm might be not merely a contractual relationship. She didn’t know that Navagraha Queen was the one who had denounced her, or she would have been in a violent rage.

“A humble tribe without any roots can only survive depending on the stronger warriors. If they hadn’t served as the subordinates of Tong Tian Tower, they would have been eliminated in the Heaven Realm. I have never thought that they would deceive and betray us for the treasure inside the Gods’ Ruins! Damn!” Empress Fei Wen Li couldn’t break free of the black hole, or the whole universe would be in trouble… Empress Fei Wen Li refrained from her anger and soothed Yue Yang, “Your strength has made great progress than I expected, and it won’t be long before you help me gain enough strength to break through the Black Hole Seal. Then we jointly dominate the Heaven Realm again! The Central God’s Realm was just the magnet for moths. Just let them run wild for a while!”

“All the warriors of the Navagraha tribe have been defeated. As long as I keep an eye on the crack of the Guang Ming Continent, the Tong Tian Tower is safe for the time being. So does the Gods’ Ruins.” Yue Yang contemplated for a while, “We have now won the time to practice, while I don’t know how to make a contract with a summoning grimoire. You know, there is a grimoire in my hands.”

“Can you go in now?” Empress Fei Wen Li was a little surprised. 

“I haven’t tried it yet, but it should work. I’ve mastered a part of the ruling power, so I can get into the Gold-Rank spiritual shield of summoning grimoire.” Yue Yang said. On the other side, Bing Yin would also help him.

“Even if you get into the outer shield of the summoning grimoire, it doesn’t mean that you can touch it. The ruling power you mastered is too weak, and you have to enforce its strength. In your Creation Domain, you should be the god, you can create everything, even a world!” Empress Fei Wen Li enlightened Yue Yang with her rich experiences.

Although each ruling power and their masters’ perception were different, the experience always acted as unexpected guidance to the later generations. In view of the limitations of his rank, Yue Yang couldn’t fully understand the realm Empress Fei Wen Li mentioned and fathom the secret in her realm, but it could provide him a lot of enlightenment. It might take years or more for him to figure this out on his own. With the guidance of Empress Fei Wen Li in a few minutes, he had reached the bottleneck of his practice, the state of which he would experience in the next few years…

“The summoning grimoire, I think, is worth thinking about. It’s not something that can be forced to contact. Of course, you are a little bit special – you may be able to get recognition. While now what we need is to practice. As long as you have the Supreme Will, you don’t need the summoning grimoire, even other tools, then you can do whatever you want like a god. The most powerful thing in the world is not the summoning grimoire, nor the God Equipment and Mythical Beast, but the people like gods…” Empress Fei Wen Li patted him on Yue Yang’s shoulder and smiled at him, “ I know you understand my words, but I still want to remind you in case that you think too much and got side-tracked. You know, the wiser the people are, the easier they take unnecessary pains to study an insignificant problem!”

“Do you have anything to do after this trip? Is there any old friend in the Heaven Realm?” As Yue Yang was ready to leave, he remembered something. When Empress Fei Wen Li made the seal, her conquering army would not have been routed. Ten thousand years later, even if there were not many people left, there may still be some old subordinates. 

Inf Tong Tian Tower, the Serpent Demon tribe and many strong rankers of the Demon Abyss had all moved far to the Heaven Realm. In the beginning, they still went back to Tong Tian Tower occasionally, but after the Prison Emperor’s fight against the Three Great Leaders, Tong Tian Tower and the Heaven Realm had been blocked and the record gradually lost. Perhaps, there were some Serpent Demon and strong rankers of the Demon Abyss in the Heaven Realm. He didn’t want to search for these people as allies, but if he didn’t want to fight against them when they didn’t know each other. If the opponent happened to be Empress Fei Wen Li’s former subordinates, it would trap him in a dilemma. Yue Yang wanted to avoid an embarrassing situation like that, so he asked Empress Fei Wen Li if she had any old friends there.

Empress Fei Wen Li frowned her gold eyebrows and said, “I have too many subordinates before, some out of interest, some for fame, some for jollification… It’s hard to judge their loyalty, which cannot withstand the test of time, just like the Navagraha tribe. From now on, it’s all up to you. It doesn’t matter even if you mistakenly kill the person, as long as they take you as an enemy.” Empress Fei Wen Li’s attitude towards Yue Yang was different from that of her former subordinates. Yue Yang was the “father” of Xiao Wen Li, a creature bounded to her soul and blood.

“I will go to the Heaven Realm and ask about.” Of course, Yue Yang knew Empress Fei Wen’s attitude, but some fights were unnecessary and it was better to avoid.

Chapter 756 – Come on! Let’s Go Home! (Part 2)
Chapter 757 – It’s Great When One Is Around (Part 2)

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