Chapter 758 – “I’m Gonna Be Angry” (Part 1)

When Yue Yang returned to the Rainbow Castle, he found a group of ‘refugees’ lying on the ground, who looked worse than beggars, even not like human beings. After a long time, he recognized these people, Ye Kong, Fatty Hai, and the others.

Ye Kong, as well as others, felt a little bit proud since they smashed Shun Tian’s intrigues without Yue Yang’s arrangement. In the fierce battle, Xue Tang Lang defeated the new Thousand Goblins King and one of Marquis Zi Jin’s illusionary figures; Ye Kong, Tian Luo Prince and others joined hands and killed the Black Prince who tried to escape after realizing the reversed situation; Liu Ye, Bao Er, Li Brothers, Feng Qi Sha, Yan Po Jun, and Yue Ting completely destroyed the Guang Ming Continent’s Council, with the assistance of the Old Dragon Turtle and Amphibious Fish Demons and Hybrids brought by Xia Yi, they even forced the Thousand Goblins Sect Leader to surrender…

“Aren’t you dead yet?” Phoenix Fairy Beauty’s unexpected words embarrassed Ye Kong and others.

“If we hadn’t come to rescue them in time, we have to hold a memorial ceremony for them in Wu Lie Shrine by now.” The Southern Goblin King groaned a little disapprovingly, “You guys are really pig-eyed idiots. As what we planned long ago, if you’re in danger, take your team back to the entrance to the Prison Emperor Divine Palace. It’s the place where our enemies consider it as the forbidden area. However, they should stay to fight desperately against the enemy. Want to show your heroism? Otherwise, how could they be so seriously wounded?”

“We did wrong, I am a pig, please don’t say it anymore.” Ye Kong quickly pleaded for mercy. At first, he didn’t understand that. While rethinking the battle situation before, then he figured out that Yue Yang hadn’t been desperate at that time but wanted them to learn how to deal with the intricate predicament in the battlefield. If they had come to realize it this at the beginning and had retreated quickly to look for the Old Dragon Turtle before, they wouldn’t be surrounded by Shun Tian and seriously wounded. Of course, it was too late to understand – before Xia Yi brought the aquatic hybrids, the Shark King and Chong Ni with other Innate rankers came to help, before the Southern Goblin King showed up with the strong rankers of Eastern Goblin Tribe, the battle had come to the end. Fortunately, Xue Tan Lang and Fatty Hai were all as strong as cockroaches, otherwise, they would have been dead.

Xue Tan Lang fought against Marquis Zi Jin and was seriously wounded. In the beginning, Marquis Zi Jin, an Innate Ranker Level 8, could overcome Xue Tan Lang no matter of strength or experience. From the borderline of death, when he sank into the bottom of theBlack Water Lake, he tried to merge the Guardian Spirit Beast Giant Snowman with the Lightning Beast. Fortunately, his first attempt succeeded which Yue Yang thought it impossible to do. His Guardian Spirit Beast evolved into the Wind Thunder Warbeast at Heaven Stage level. With the aid of his Guardian Spirit Beast, Xue Tan Lang fought back and completely pierced Marquis Zi Jin’s heart and won the decisive victory.

The reason why Xue Tan Lang gained a Pyrrhic victory could credit to luck, who was wrapped like a mummy with his dozen ribs, arms, and collarbone broken. On the other side, it was really incredible that Fatty Hai defeated Shun Tian.

Nobody knew how Fatty Hai survived the attack of Shun Tian. The fact they saw was that Shun Tian went mad. What did Fatty Hai say that could drive the man with strong will and superior strength mad? It’s a mystery… When Ye Kong, with a scarred body, first arrived at the Rainbow Castle to look for Fatty Hai, he found something like rotting meat. It was Fatty Hai and miraculously he was still alive. All the war beasts like Diamond Rhinoceros, little Hippopotamus, and Giant Lightning Mammoth were dying, only the Wind Breath Seabird standing beside him.

“It’s really a miracle.” Yue Yang imitated his former leader Wang Yongping’s tone and praised Fatty Hai’s incredible achievements and vitality.

“Probably, Fatty Hai was one of the legendary Hydra Man who could still survive after being cut into shreds of meat!” The Southern Goblin King speculated.

“Ah, is he?” At first, Ye Kong wanted to deny, but the fact that Fatty Hai was still alive after being wounded like this hesitated him. He dare not assert and turned to Yue Yang, “ Isn’t Fatty Hai the young master of the Hai Clan?”

“His secret potential wasn’t Hydra, but maybe I was wrong.” Yueyang’s answer made the crowd a cold sweat.

“Fatty Hai, the ‘Meat Demon King”, is Hydra Man?! That’s terrible!” Bao Er casually gave the sleeping Fatty Hai a nickname. The shocking “Meat Demon King” was more catchy and vivid than the “Shameless Fat Devil” on the sixth floor of the Tong Tian Tower so everyone agreed the “Meat Demon King” was Fatty Hai at once.

“Really?” Only the naive Liu Ye had taken it seriously that Fatty Hai was Hydra Man.

“Believe it or not, I do.” Yue Yang simulated Wang Yongping’s tone and movement and said with a swashbuckling gesture.

“…” Everybody fell into silence and thought Yue Yang was… Even Yue Yu gently patted Yue Yang on his head and gave him a half happy and angry look.

Yue Yu and Anna used a lot of spiritual energy to heal others, together with the Five Elements Healing Rune of Sickly Beauty and Yue Yang, all of them could recover in a short time. Of course, the most important thing was that after the fight, almost all people had improved and had a good chance to recover from the overdraft.

Instead of resting inside the Rainbow Castle, as usual, Yue Yang cuddled the sleeping Princess Qian Qian and talked with them in a small garden. Xue Wu Xia rested her head on his knee and slept quietly, like the most beautiful sleeping princess in the world. And her hands were still holding the Book of Truth…

Luo Hua City Mistress snuggled up behind Yue Yang and enjoyed Snow Fox Lady’s relaxing massage. Next to Yue Yang, Yi Nan and Yue Bing embraced together and chit-chatted till they fell asleep. Phoenix Fairy Beauty was playing chess with Fourth Mother. The Southern Goblin King was gently playing pipa with her jade-like fingers and the melodious melody induced people to sleep.

In the lullaby, Shuang’er, the usually active girl, didn’t play hide-and-seek with the little panda girl Niu Niu. Instead, she sat by her mother, ate a jelly bean furtively and shared it with Niu Niu. Niu Niu was far less bold than Shuang’er, so she first waved her hands. While Shuang’er insisted, then Niu Niu had a look at Drunken Cat Sister and Yue Yang and found nobody noticed her, so she quickly put the jelly beans into the mouth and even dare not to chew and cheer. When others looked over, she pretended to watch butterflies chasing each other in the sky. But she didn’t know that the baggy gills had already told the truth. On other days, Fourth Mother and Drunken Cat Sister would exhort them. But today was an exception, they just smile indulgently and pretended they didn’t see it.

*** *** ***

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Chapter 757 – It’s Great When One Is Around (Part 2)
Chapter 758 – “I’m Gonna Be Angry” (Part 2)

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