Chapter 758 – “I’m Gonna Be Angry” (Part 2)

Far away, Blazing Flame and Hai Yingwu were drinking. As Blazing Flame said, the wine was the best cure… Severely wounded, Ye Kong and Li Brothers refused this method of healing. In their eyes, it’s considered as the action to court death. Only female Ocean Emperor Hai Yingwu, who hadn’t been injured and could drink like a fish, was willing to drink with him. Of course, If without the aid of a three-thousand-year-old Meteor Shower Pearl, Hai Yingwu also dared not to do so. At their feet, Ox-Head Fan Lun Tie and the four orc sisters had been as drunk as a fiddler.

 “Don’t drink until our wounds are healed!” Feng Qi Sha and others who just sustained light injuries also yearned to have a drink, but out of the majesty for these two doctors, Yue Yu and Anna, they could only lie on the ground and count stars.

“We’re fine, please don’t bother.” Ye Kong and Tian Luo Prince all refused Yue Yu and Anna’s treatment. There were so many wounded that Yue Yu and Anna’s spiritual energy had already been overdrawn. Ye Kong and others could still hold on so they didn’t want them too tired. What’s more, for those people who had survived their serious wounds alone, their practice would be more smooth in the future. Ye Kong, Tian Luo Prince, and Li Brothers decided to be strict with themselves and started from every little thing. Yue Yu didn’t want to be importunate, and after distributing them each Martial Spirit Pill, she focused on healing Xue Tan Lang with all the bones over his body fractured and the comatose Fatty Hai. 

Except for the occasional whisper, the whole little garden now was particularly peaceful in the moonlight as cold as water. 

The half-elf maid girl tiptoed and took the snow-white blanket out and put it gently over Yue Yang’s body. In the fight, she couldn’t assistant Yue Yang, while she wanted to do her part and take care of him in daily life. 

Yue Yang pulled the blanket and put one end gently over Luo Hua City Mistress. His gentle movements still roused her from half-sleep. She opened her eyes and burst into a sweet, silent smile, then she turned aside and kissed him quietly while no one didn’t notice. The two lips were very soft as if happiness would overflow from the heart if she kissed a little harder. Xue Wu Xia changed her sleeping position, seeming to look for a more comfortable position on Yue Yang’s lap. In case they would wake her up, Luo Hua City Mistress and Yue Yang stopped and then continued with a smile until she fell sound asleep. 

When the Sickly Beauty checked the Five Elements Healing Rune and came back, she found them kissing so she gave a deliberate cough. Till the two people separated and looked at her, she just showed a rare mischievous smile. Luo Hua City Mistress beckoned the Sickly Beauty to sit beside her. With her finger pointing at her lips and Yue Yang’s, Luo Hua City Mistress motioned her to kiss Yue Yang to share the sweet moment. While she smiled and refused, she was the most eligible wife and always shy in public. Unexpectedly, Luo Hua City Mistress gave a sudden kiss on her lips, which made Sickly Beauty blushed in an instant. When Luo Hua City Mistress kissed Yue Yang again, she immediately realized something and became more bashful. Sickly Beauty didn’t criticize them but cast them a glance with blame.

When Xue Wu Xia turned around, The Book of Truth fell on the ground, with blooming flowers and flourish grass. Sickly Beauty reached out her hand, picked it up gently and open a page at will. She turned to Yue Yang and showed a kind of rare naughtiness, her big eyes blinking as if asking him, “Do I look like Wu Xia?” Apart from the hairstyle and temperament, her appearance was almost exactly the same as Xue Wu Xia. Now she was holding the book of truth and Yue Yang also felt a little confused. The Sickly Beauty was not as bold as Luo Hua City Mistress, so Yue Yang just kissed her face. Even so, she felt ashamed and hid her head into his arms.

Of course, all the people hadn’t noticed that. Everyone rested quietly in this starry moonlit night without a bit of excitement, even the noisiest Bao Er went to bed early. The two girls Liu Ye and Xia Yi laid beside her, whispering to each other with endless topics and smiling serenely from time to time.

After a while, Princess Qian Qian waked up. When she found herself in Yue Yang’s arms like a baby, she was a little startled at first, then she slightly rolled up in a blanket and shifted into a more comfortable sleeping position. When Yue Yang looked over, she stared at him, “Lothario, have you touched me?” 

If Yue Yang wasn’t a time-traveler, he might be baffled. The girl was a kind of natural contradictory creature. If Yue Yang honestly answered ‘Yes’, then he would definitely get scolded, even get punched. If Yue Yang wanted to behave like a gentleman and answered ‘No’, Princess Qian Qian would be a little disappointed and replied ‘who knows?’, then she would be angry because of lack of charm.

Fortunately, Yue Yang was a lady-killer. He smiled and answered, “You guess?” Princess Qian found herself wrapped in a blanket. Her face blushed, while except staring at him, she could do nothing. So she opened her mouth and showed her white teeth, “Let me take a bite, otherwise…” Yue Yang bowed his head and kissed her. After a long time, the breathless Princess Qian Qian broke free of him, “Don’t go too far. Reach your hands out!”

“Yes, my prince.” Yue Yang did the opposite with his other hand slipping into the blanket.

“I’m gonna be angry! I’m really getting angry!” Princess Qian Qian didn’t look like a tigress now but a weak and lovely girl, who was more attractive when she pretended to be angry.

“Ah, I’m scared.” Yue Yang made a frightened expression, which made Princess Qian Qian so angry that she wanted to give him a bite…

  *** *** ***

Author’s Note:

I wrote a sweet and touching chapter, and among all my books, Long Live Summons is perhaps the least of this kind. Many people think it is a fantasy book about fight and rank, but Xia Fei wanted to show the side of affection. Maybe, after the battle, something warm and sincere would be better.

*** *** ***

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