Chapter 759 – The Gate of Heaven Realm (Part 1)

The Gate of Heaven Realm lied in Sunlight Streaming City, Spiritual Cloud State, Xi He Zone, the Western Heaven Realm. 

It was extremely tedious to guard the Gate of Heaven Realm, especially for a Heaven-rank Innate to garrison like an ordinary sentry. It’s the most painful thing in the world to guard the gate that opened once a hundred years. It’s universally acknowledged that though the Gate of Heaven Realm opened once every one hundred years, the space tunnel had been shattered and even the chaotic space fissure vortex could easily tear a Heaven-rank Innate into pieces, not to mention the strong Sealing Power.

Since the constant battle in Tong Tian Tower that started thousands of years ago, there had never been a warrior of Mortal Realm who broke through the Gate of Heaven Realm. 

As a Star Guardian for a thousand years, Tu Wang had almost forgotten the Tong Tian Tower. Had it not been for the Ling Yun King’s warning, had it not been for Sunlight Streaming City Master Tu Hai – Tu Wang’s brother and commander, Tu Wang, with Heaven-rank strength, would not have wasted a thousand years here.

“Except Tong Tian Tower, are there any newcomers in Mortal Realm for us to collect taxes?” Tu Wang asked his subordinates feebly, as he drank the Sunlight Streaming Wine he was nearly tired of. Sunlight Streaming Wine was very famous in Spiritual Cloud State. It was evaluated as the two great wine in Xi He Zone together with the Grape Wine of Ye Guang State known as “Fine wine in a luminous glass” and they were extremely hard to get outside the zone. However, even an idiot would be tired if drinking something with only one taste for a thousand years, even if it’s the best wine, worth a thousand pieces of spiritual equipment.

“Your Majesty, Tong Tian Tower has no response and there are no newcomers in Hun Yuan, Hui Feng and Qing Hua these three realms for several months. Not only the Gate of Heaven Realm is in peace, but there are no signs of activation even in the teleportation circle of other parts of the Mortal Realm.” The Guard Captain Shu Zhan answered respectfully.

“Boring. That’s so boring.” Tu Wang was very disappointed. The original routine program was to depend on his Heaven-rank Innate identity as a Star Guardian to suppress those warriors from the Mortal Realm, in order to kill time and find something fun in the super-long career guarding the gate, but even such a desire could not be achieved. Sometimes, Tu Wang had thought of a scene like that – several strong young people from Tong Tian Tower broke through the Sealing Power with so much hard work and risked their lives to go through space fissure vortex. When they came by with scarred bodies and even had no time to take one more breath, Tu Wang would throw them back into the space fissure vortex one by one…

Just as Tu Wang was about to fall into his customary drunken slumber with a woman, an on-duty guard outside came hurrying in and shouted, “Your Majesty, in the direction of Sunlight Streaming City, a group of warriors is coming in a floating carriage toward the Gate of Heaven Realm.”

Tu Wang at first thought he could have a new business, but when he heard that they were from Sunlight Streaming City rather than newcomers of the Mortal Realm or warriors from Tong Tian Tower, he gave a bored sigh, “Well, I’m probably the most unlucky person in the whole Spiritual Cloud State. If I hadn’t been so hurried to make some contributions and stood out to guard the damned Gate of Heaven Realm, I would have been the city master!” As he mumbled, he decided, out of his duty, to go out and have a look.

If they were the Tong Tian Tower warriors who slipped into the Heaven Realm before and now wanted to catch the chance to go back to Tong Tian Tower, he had to send an alarm to Sunlight Streaming City immediately. Of course, that’s not going to happen… Over the past thousands of years, there had never been any predecessor who had thought of returning to the Tong Tian Tower, like a rural man who went to the city would be unwilling to go back to the countryside. If there really were, it would be a rare exception. Tu Wang hadn’t seen a fool who desired to return to the Mortal Realm in a thousand years. And, even if there were warriors eager to do so, they would have been the target of public criticism and killed early by the Heaven-rank Innates. There were no chances for them to escape here.

The Gate of Heaven Realm was used to be a prosperous city, connected with Tong Tian Tower. Countless businessmen came here to open shops, mercenaries for opportunities and the Heaven-rank Warriors for fame… After that war, the city had been ruined. In addition to the families of the victims who died in the war, only those who had paid homage to their ancestors would travel all the way here. Otherwise, not a single person outside was seen here for months.

From the luxurious and beautiful flying carriage came down a group of people. The level of their strength was not very high – the strongest one was at Earth Rank Level 7, most of them were ranked below Level 5 and some even hadn’t reached Earth Rank…

The only thing that confused Tu Wang was a man with a platinum mask on his face. This masked man’s strength seemed to be very weak, close to Earth Rank, but also very strong in his sensation, close to Heaven Rank. He was the only one in the whole team who was a bit mysterious to Tu Wang.

Of course, regardless of the strength of the team, Tu Wang dare not offend them. It seemed that they were most likely descendants who came to offer sacrifices to their ancestors. Ninety-nine percent of the descendants of the strong rankers who once fought here came from powerful or famous families. From the luxury carriage they hire, he could tell that these young men were rich and famous, not ordinary adventurers. Without the authority or influence of their families, they couldn’t pass the Sunlight Streaming City along to the Gate of Heaven Realm.

The clever Guard Captain Shu Zhan went up to inquire and in a moment he got the information for Tu Wang. As what they expected before, these young people were disciples from Wu Ye City, Emerald Territory belonged to the King Tuo Ye of the Southern Heaven Realm. During their study tour, they came to offer sacrifices to the predecessors who died in the great war. The captain of their team was the masked man called Yue San Shao (the third master of the Yue family). Tu Wang guessed that the Yue San Shao was either the 3rd son of a respected family or son of a Lord since an ordinary city master dare not claim himself in this way. And the special platinum mask on his face was not a treasure that ordinary people could have.

In the team, not only Yue San Shao had great treasures, the fat man who seemed to have just recovered from his injury with a dirty smile on his face, the tall, thin man with eagle eyes and the iceman with gauze on his arm, all of them had Gold-ranked treasures.

Standing in front of the procession, a handsome and graceful young man introduced himself as Tian Luo. His manners were elegant and courteous and it’s easy to tell at first sight that he was of a very good family that ordinary peasant or rash mercenary could not compare. He and the fat man with the mean smile were in sole charge of all external communication. The masked man, on the other hand, did not care about these. When he spoke, his bearing made the Guard Captain Shu Zhan, who was usually so arrogant, agreed with him like a pug and nodded his head.

*** *** ***

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Chapter 758 – “I’m Gonna Be Angry” (Part 2)
Chapter 759 - The Gate of Heaven Realm (Part 2)

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