Chapter 759 – The Gate of Heaven Realm (Part 2)

Tu Wang withdrew his sight and shook his head. The group was not suspicious. The beauty in their team made Tu Wang swallow in secret, but it definitely was a hot potato, if he got a sex maniac at the time, he would be trapped into a life crisis… After all, the former Star Guardian was a worked example, who molested a beauty that came to offer sacrifices to their ancestors. It made her background get in thundering rage. Spiritual Cloud King had to behead him in person and sent it to make amends to put the matter to rest. Every year there were no less than one hundred beauties from all tribes sent from Sunlight Streaming City, Tu Wang didn’t want to ask for trouble. He pressed down the desire in the heart and waved to order the Guard Captain Shu Zhan accompany them to sacrifice and play. Then he went back to continue his befuddled life.

During the time when he showed them around the ruin, the Guard Captain Shu Zhan inquired them with a little curiosity and a little sense to please them, “My distinguished guests, the cemetery here is where the Kuang Biao King gloriously sacrificed, set by his descendants. Your ancestors should also be as great and glorious as the Kuang Biao King. No, I mean, your ancestors must have been even greater, especially great!” As he inquired, he found all of them showed great contempt when they heard Kuang Biao King. He was immediately struck by the fact that their predecessors had surpassed Kuang Biao King ranked within the top hundred. Then he quickly corrected himself for fear of their anger.

“How, how can you say they’re especially great?” The fat man rejoined disapprovingly.

“Yes yes yes, please forgive me. Let me know the glory of your ancestors.” The Guard Captain Shu Zhan quickly pretended to be listening carefully.

“Our predecessors, how can that be said to be especially great? They’re extremely great!” What the annoying fatty said made the Guard Captain Shu Zhan a cold sweat. Idiot! Absolutely an idiot! With predecessors greater than the Kuang Biao King, the later generations were still at Earth Rank, no one Heaven Rank warrior in their team. How poor they were!

The Guard Captain Shu Zhan sneered in his heart at the fatty. However, he could also understand, if they had reached Heaven Rank, they probably would not come to the sacrifice ancestors since they certainly were City Masters, distracted by daily affairs. Only these weak disciples would come out on a study tour, showing off their family. Heaven Rank warriors would generally emphasize their strength rather than their ancestors’.

Because of such an interruption, the Guard Captain Shu Zhan no longer had the opportunity to ask who their ancestors were. The more he said, the more mistakes he might make, so he thought it’s better to listen with a smile.

In the past hundreds of years, the Guard Captain changed one batch after another. Shu Zhan, who was good at listening to Star Guardian Tu Wang’s complaint, still stayed here. Although there wasn’t a bright future, he could still make some fortune. If he served these disciples who came to offer sacrifices to their ancestors well, they would probably reward him something. What’s more, the newcomers from the Mortal Realm, in order to successfully enter the yearning Heaven Realm, were also willing to accept his squeeze… In other places, with the strength only Earth Rank Level 5, nobody would give him a look.

Unlike other people who came to sacrifice, this group seemed to have no clear purpose. Probably they didn’t come in the name of the family but on a whim, they even couldn’t find out where their ancestors fought. It was only when Shu Zhan introduced the glorious battles of the past in the course of their visits then they knew the names of the victims and they all lined up to bow and salute.

The Guard Captain Shu Zhan was secretly alarmed because the number of their families was large, and it was evident that they did not come from the same family. As they bowed to the ancestors, the Guard Captain Shu Zhan counted and found that their predecessors who had died in the place had surpassed ten. From this point of view, their predecessors really had a period of extraordinary brilliant heyday that could not be despised.

“A temporary decision. We came in a hurry and didn’t have time to prepare the sacrifice. There is an emergency and we need to go to Sunlight Streaming City to deal with, so we cannot stay for long.” The young man who called himself Tian Luo asked the Guard Captain Shu Zhan to prepare a variety of sacrifices.

“Sure, it’s my honor to serve for you.” The Guard Captain Shu Zhan took over the heavy money bag thrown by the fatty and smiled out.

When he had seen the group off, Shu Zhan opened the money bag, looked at it, and exclaimed, “Oh my god! I’ve just been so rude as to bow again and again to a group of rich men! I’m sure heaven will punish me!”

The Drunken Tu Wang was wakened up by the Guard Captain Shu Zhan, he also immediately exclaimed as he heard it, “What? One hundred thousand gold coins?” 

The Guard Captain Shu Zhan replied respectfully, “Yes. In addition to tipping me with a hundred gold coins, the group of rich young men also presented a hundred thousand gold coins to you keeping in a nameless card. And the only request was that you should perform a sacrificial ceremony for their ancestors in person.”

“Will they come back?” Tu Wang asked, recovering from his intoxication before Shu Zhan had finished.

“Maybe. I heard that fatty said he wanted to come back…” The Guard Captain Shu Zhan wasn’t sure.

“Damn it. I was so rude. I shouldn’t have gone to sleep and you should have reminded me. Next time they come, you must be ready to come with me to welcome these distinguished guests. They are the descendants of the glorious martyrs and worth our respect. God! The total income for more than a hundred years has never been so much. I am so regretful to miss these rich young men! I should have thought of it before, wearing a platinum mask at any time and with all the subordinates equipped with gold weapons, they can not be ordinary disciples. Oh, how silly I am!” Tu Wang murmured and felt sorry for himself.

Ten kilometers away in the carriage, Fatty Hai felt great pity as if his heart was bleeding. However, in order to return to the Gate of Heaven Realm and carry out Yue Yang and Xue Wu Xia’s plan, he had to reluctantly give up the heavy money to bribe them. He looked back at the Gate of Heaven Realm and raised his fist, “Just wait, I must take back the money when I come back again, with the interest!” 

Yue Yang didn’t care how much money he spent. For him, a problem that could be solved with money was not a problem.

Just now in the ruins of the Gate of Heaven Realm, he left a tiny Level 1 Life Machine Puppet with no battle power. As the plan carried out, he could return to the Gate of Heaven Realm at any time through the Three Realm Compass.

Now, of course, his main task was to collect the list of companions who had died in the war for the Old Dragon Turtle. The Gate of Heaven Realm took the death of Tong Tian Tower rankers and the subordinates of the Prison Emperor as the glory and would all engraved on the sealing tablet. Yue Yang was sure the Old Dragon Turtle would weep at the long list of companions he had written down.

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