Chapter 33 – The Ghost Hell Club ( Part 1)

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Gui Sirui was the ace player of the Ghost Hell Club which was one of the National Star Card League’s six biggest clubs, and his fans affectionately called him “The Ghost King”. He was the apprentice of Zheng Feng, the founder of the Earth attribute school. He and Tang Muzhou both made their debut in the fifth season.

Speaking of Earth, the first thing that came to fans’ minds was Zheng Feng’s Earth “Defence and Counterattack” plays. All the cards that he made had high HP (>=100,000). As a result, his cards could survive on the battlefield for a really long time, especially the wild elephant cards with extremely high defence. When facing wild elephant cards with 200,000 HP, the opponents would become desperate because it would take ages to kill these tanks.

Accordingly, Zheng Feng was jokingly described as “the most enduring man in the game”.

The whole idea of making cards in the Earth card group had been influenced by Zheng Feng. Most players imitated Legend Zheng Feng when they made earth cards by striving to increase the cards’ HP and applying them as “tanks” in the card group. When there was a group race, team players would feel extremely secure with the Earth cards absorbing damage for them.

Zheng Feng was a very bold man who spoke and did things crisply. He focused on Earth cards and thus attracted many fans in this field, gaining great popularity in the Star Card Game. Apart from the fact that he paved the way for the Earth card group, he also cultivated a talented apprentice——the future Ghost King, Gui Sirui.

Xiao Gui’s card group was very distinctive. He secured his place in the National Star Card League with a bunch of dark ghost cards, such as Hungry Ghost, Hanged Ghost, Bride in Red, Female Ghost in White, Headless Doll, Fierce Ghost Killing People and so forth. Watching him playing the game was like watching a horrible movie.

Although he had plenty of scary ghost cards, Gui Sirui didn’t look scary at all. In fact, he was the best looking player in the Ghost Hell Club. Wearing a pair of silver edged glasses, he looked very gentle and handsome.

Since his ghosts cards were so frightening that they made children cry, the Star Card League once even warned Gui Sirui to change the images of the cards. Gui Sirui obeyed and changed his cards completely by getting rid of all gory elements, so those ghosts and monsters didn’t look too frightening.

The authorities didn’t want to directly abandon Xiao Gui’s ghost cards, so they turned the live broadcast angle into God’s perspective every time he played the game. The audience could overlook the whole playing area instead of confronting ghosts and monsters and being scared to death.

As a new generation player, Xiao Gui was very popular. He attracted a large audience who liked psychic and gruesome stuff.

Even though he was Zheng Feng’s apprentice, his earth cards were completely different than his Shifu’s. His cards didn’t pay great attention to the HP or Defence attribute, but rather relied on skills as well as speed. The attack attribute of “Fierce Ghost” was at the top of the whole league because of its impressive speed.

After seeing Legend Nie’s curse in the group chat today, Gui Sirui became a little worried. Then he couldn’t resist asking his Shifu, “I always have a sense of foreboding that Legend Nie’s curse is gonna come true. Shifu, do you think that 月半 will really make ghost IDE cards?”

Zheng Feng waved his hand, smiling, “Don’t worry.  Lao Nie can never correctly foretell something. Plus ghost cards are already death cards themselves. How can they make ghost cards instantly die?”

Gui Sirui, “…………”

What Shifu said just buffed Legend Nie’s curse. Now it would be weird if bad things didn’t happen!

At that moment, the office door was opened and another leading player of the Ghost Hell Club, Liu Jingxu, came in.

As a player with seniority, Liu Jingxu was already 28 years old. However, even Zheng Feng’s apprentice, Xiao Gui, became famous earlier than him. He was a late bloomer in the league——debuted in the third season, but didn’t achieve fame until the eighth season.

His forte was monster cards, such as the fox monster, the flower monster, the cat monster and so on. Originally, his monster cards were always beaten by Nie Yuandao’s animal cards. Since monsters’ frontal attack ability was nothing compared to Legend Nie’s fierce tiger, brave lion and hungry wolf, his cats and foxes were cutie pies in front of fierce beasts.

Almost everyone didn’t think that Liu Jingxu would have good prospects. However, he persisted in studying and improving his card group, and in the end he developed the “dual-shape” monster card. Nowadays all his cards have two shapes, one as a monster and one as a human being. For example, a cat monster was a nimble cat when it was in the “monster shape”, and it will become a beauty with a cat’s tail when it was in the “human shape”.

The appearance of the dual-shape monster cards bought a turnaround for Liu Jingxu. After the five-year struggle in the league, he finally went through to the grand final of the individual race in the eighth season and snatched the win. And his ability was proven.

All players respected him because they knew how hard it was to stick to his ideas for so many years. By the same token, he also became one of the most inspiring players in the National Star Card League.

Nie Yuandao once commended him during an interview, “Liu Jingxu has immeasurable potential. Although he is not as famous as Lao Zheng and Xiao Gui in the Ghost Hell Club, no one should ever belittle him.”

Liu Jingxu was a study freak. When he feels inspired, he could spend all day in the laboratory and didn’t feel hungry.

He cared for nothing but his monster cards. And that’s why he still gave a “what happened” vacant face at the moment after 月半 Card Store caused so many troubles and made the league chat group boil like an anthill.

After seeing him, Gui Sirui stepped forward and explained to him immediately, “Brother Xu, a card creator named 月半 made a large number of IDE cards. He aimed at Legend Tang’s flower cards first, and then Xiao Zhu’ s butterfly cards, Xiao Lan’s bird cards as well as fish cards, which make up most of the water cards.

Liu Jingxu still had a vacant look and nodded, “Okay.”

Gui Sirui put his hand to his forehead helplessly, “Okay? That’s all? Don’t you even care about the big news?”

Liu Jingxu smiled, “He didn’t aim at us anyway.”

 Gui Sirui, “…………”

Why did everyone buff Legend Nie’s curse? He started to feel sorry for himself……

Liu Jingxu walked in front of Zheng Feng with a calm look on his face, “Lao Zheng, check the card I just made.”

Then two people started to study cards pleasantly, leaving helpless Gui Sirui silently praying that the IDE card that would be released at 11:30am tomorrow won’t aim at them so soon.

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