Chapter 34 – The Tragedy of the Earth Cards (Part2)

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Xie Mingzhe spent the whole afternoon painting cards in his individual space.

It cost his Inner Spirit to make every card. The more cards he made, he realized his Inner Spirit became more deficient. As a result, he had a headache everytime he made about 20 cards, then the headache distracted him from the card data. So he went offline to rest for a dozen minutes for each hour of hard work, mixing work with adequate rest.

The afternoon passed quickly and Xie Mingzhe had made a record number of cards that day.

He first painted 10 [Lin Daiyu], [Xue Baochai], [Xi Shi], [Wang Zhaojun] respectively. And he painted 12 [Zhong Kui], [Sha Wujing] and [Cao Chong] respectively because he needed to give one each of the three new cards to Tang Muzhou and keep one of each in the display cabinet.

He felt his head was going to explode.

He sat on the couch, rubbing his temples. Chen Xiao saw that and went to relieve him, “Don’t be in such a hurry. Take your time to paint cards. If you keep making cards like this, you would burden your Inner Spirit, and this would take its toll on your health in the long run.”

Xie Mingzhe nodded, “Brother Chen, I know that. But I have been selling IDE cards for three days. As shrewd businessmen, the card creators in other clubs must be racing against the clock to research IDE cards according to my way of thinking. So I can’t relax right now and must sell cards as much as possible before the price is reduced.”

Chen Xiao lightly patted his shoulder, “I can’t help you with making cards. But I’ll help you prepare all the necessary materials. All the cards that you made this time were earth cards, and we have already got all the earth materials to upgrade the cards to level 70 and seven stars.

“Thanks, bro.” Fortunately he chose to cooperate with Chen Xiao. Otherwise, all these things couldn’t be done at the same time just by himself.

It was really a life-saver to have assistants. When Xie Mingzhe went back online again, Chi Qing had already upgraded the three new cards to the maximum level and put them in the display cabinet on the first floor. And 70 level 1 cards that would be sold the next day had been neatly placed in the display cabinet on the second floor.

After patrolling around the store, Xie Mingzhe went to sleep with satisfaction.


At 11:30am the next day, Xie Mingzhe’s 月半 Card Store opened on time.

Just like the day before, the store was swarming with countless people as soon as it opened. The president of every big club was there as well as joyful rubberneckers……of course this included the extremely popular player of the Ghost Hell Club, Gui Sirui.

Gui Sirui had already heard about how popular the cards of 月半 Card Store were. So he immediately sprinted for the second floor once he entered the store. With the aid of the professional’s excellent reflexes as well as APM※, he reached the last three rows of the display cabinets and directly bought cards without even looking at them.

His speed was so quick that he finally got three new cards.

Then he went downstairs in satisfaction and stood in front of the card showcase to observe the skills of today’s new cards.

In the middle of the first floor’s card showcase lay the four beauty cards side by side, [Lin Daiyu], [Xue Baochai], [Xi Shi] and [Wang Zhaojun]. He had seen these four beauty cards before and he had to admit that it was really enchanting to have the cards of four beauties with different styles prominently displayed in the centre of the store.

Behind the four beauty cards lay the three new cards released just now. And all of them had been upgraded to the maximum level.

Out of curiosity, Gui Sirui went and checked them——

Earth card [Sha Wujing] – additional skill [Staff Quelling Demons], demon cards instantly die.

Just yesterday, Liu Jingxu had calmly said “Anyway, he didn’t aim at us”. Now he was just smacked right in the face! Why did he say things like that anyway? I tried, I really tried to stop him from saying that! Now I can do nothing but feel sorry for him.

Earth card [Cao Chong] – additional skill [Weighing an Elephant], the prodigy Cao Chong weighs an elephant. Forces the elephant into getting onto a boat. The elephant can’t move or activate skills until Cao Chong finishes his work……

What the hell? Shifu’s elephant cards were targeted too?

Even though this was not the instant death effect, the elephant couldn’t move on the boat, let alone activate skills. So what was the difference between being alive and dead in that case?

Gui Sirui restrained himself from punching the card creator on his nose and kept looking.

Earth card [Zhong Kui] – additional skill [Hunting Ghosts], Zhong Kui catches ghost cards and puts them in the Qiankun Bag, thus makes them unable to perform actions.

Gui Sirui, “? ? ? ? ?”

Thanks a lot, Legend Nie!

No one in the Ghost Hell Club could escape your curses! Are you serious?!

Gui Sirui felt like weeping but had no tears. He immediately took off his helmet and turned to find his Shifu.

In the next room, a giant plate of fruit was placed on the table. Zheng Feng was sitting on the couch and watching the game playback of the last season, holding his arms. The whole scene was very peaceful and tranquil. When seeing Gui Sirui who looked depressed come into the room, Zheng Feng laughed loudly and said, “Xiao Gui, what’s wrong? 月半 Card Store really sold cards targeting your cards?”

Gui Sirui gave a miserable look and pushed up his glasses, then he said helplessly, “He made a card named [Zhong Kui]. Its effect was not ghost instant death, instead it hunted and put my ghosts into the Qiankun Bag.”

Zheng Feng laughed like crazy, “HAHAHAHA, you poor kid. If your White Lady was caught, there wouldn’t be many things you could do to redeem the situation!”

Gui Sirui was speechless, “In which universe would a Shifu gloat over his apprentice? By the way, he aimed at you too!”

Zheng Feng kept laughing, “Oh really? The kid can aim at me?”

Gui Sirui turned on his smart optical tablet that had access to the shared data and magnified [Cao Chong], the card he just bought, in front of Zheng Feng.

The smile froze on Zheng Feng’s face.

It took a long time for Zheng Feng to regain consciousness. He rubbed his rigid face and couldn’t resist turning the air blue, “Holy crap! Putting my elephant on the boat and weighing it? What the fxxk?”

Liu Jingxu, who always cared about nothing but his cards, came in at that very moment.

When seeing the two people, the Shifu and his apprentice, sporting funny facial expressions, he calmly said, “Don’t worry. In any case, 月半 Card Store hasn’t targeted us.”

Zheng Feng, “……”

Gui Sirui, “……”

As a late bloomer, Liu Jingxu was always slow in reality. And he had no idea that his demon cards were aimed at too.

Gui Sirui didn’t want to say anything. He sighed helplessly and just showed the three cards on the smart optical tablet to him.

[Zhong Kui Hunting Ghosts], [Sha Wujing Quelling Demons], [Cao Chong Weighing an Elephant]……

Liu Jingxu’s poker face finally broke into pieces.

Translator’s Note:

Actions per minute, abbreviated to APM, is a term used in video games, particularity real-time strategy and fighting games which refers to the total number of actions that a player can perform in a minute. High APM is often associated with skill, as it can indicate that a player both knows what to do in the game and has the manual dexterity to carry it out.

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