Chapter 35 – The Turmoil of the Ghost Hell Club (Part 2)

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Simultaneously, in the National Star Card League chat group.

Ye Zhu, “HAHAHAHA, I can’t stop laughing. The whole Ghost Hell Club has become the victim this time! I’ll show you guys three cards that I saw in 月半 Card Store——[Zhong Kui], [Sha Wujing] as well as [Cao Chong].

Since his butterfly cards had already been targeted, it was okay for him to gloat over others’ misfortune without worrying about jinxing himself.

The tenth season would begin in two days. Around this time during previous years, the chat group would usually talk about the rule changes, the groups and the players who entered for the individual race. However, this year everything changed. The only thing that was discussed at all times were the IDE cards.

Ye Zhu was a teenager who loved going along for the ride. Originally he had gloated over Tang Muzhou’s misfortune, then he was targeted immediately, which made him quiet and behave himself just for a day. Shortly after, he started to find pleasure in Water cards’ and today’s Earth cards’ misfortune. With him focused on 月半 Card Store and sending messages to the group chat from time to time, everyone knew immediately what was released by the store.

Seeing today’s three new cards, everyone laughed secretly: Poor Lao Zheng. His elephant would be put onto a boat, being weighed by a kid. HAHAHA. They also felt sorry for Xiao Gui and Liu Jingxu as one’s ghost cards would be hunted and the other’s demon cards would be killed instantly.

Zheng Feng said helplessly, “Lao Nie, are you going to say something?”

After being called, Nie Yuandao appeared. He said in a deep and calm voice, “What can I say? Congratulate you guys on the jackpot?”

Zheng Feng, “…………”

Congratulations?! It’s all your fault, you doomsayer!

Zheng Feng rolled his eyes and frankly said, “All of your curses have come true! Yesterday you said that ghost cards and elephant cards wouldn’t be targeted. Now what?! Today new cards targeting ghosts and elephants were released!”

Gui Sirui echoed, “Exactly. Legend Nie, are you cooperating with Uncle Chubby and offering him ideas for making cards?”

Liu Jingxu, who had never said anything in the chat group before, surprisingly spoke today, “I think Legend Nie is suspicious too.” 

Nie Yuandao, “? ? ? ?”

For God’s sake! How could it be possible that he was in collusion with Uncle Chubby? He was the first one that was targeted a long time ago, all right?

A crowd of players started to pelt Nie Yuandao with angry questions. Shan Lan hated seeing his Shifu become the target, so he stood up and said, “There must be some misunderstanding. My Shifu didn’t cooperate with Uncle Chubby. Or how do you explain that my bird cards were targeted too?”

His gentle voice rang in their ears, making everyone calm down quickly.

That made sense. If Nie Yuandao was really up to something with Uncle Chubby, he was unlikely to hurt his own apprentice. Poor Shan Lan, [Wang Zhaojun]’s sound-wave attack aimed at his entire bird card group.

Zheng Feng felt confused, “So Lao Nie just blurted out whatever came into your mind. And all your words came true?”

Shan Lan said helplessly, “I’m afraid that’s the truth. That day my Shifu also blurted out that my birds wouldn’t be targeted.”

Nie Yuandao slightly coughed and couldn’t refute the argument.

Gui Sirui, “Legend Nie’s curses are legendary! Now, hurry! Go curse other players! Why should only our Ghost Hell Club suffer!”

Zheng Feng, “That’s right. Lao Nie, tell us who is next?”

Ye Zhu echoed, “Legend Nie, keep cursing and don’t stop! Who else?”

At that moment, Tang Muzhou suddenly interrupted, with a smile, “Let me give a summary. So far the cards of five clubs – the Fenghua Club’s flower cards, the Adjudication Club’s bird cards, the Flowing Frost City Club’s fish cards with Water attribute, the Ghost Hell Club’s Earth cards as well as the Capital of Darkness’s butterfly cards – have all been targeted. Now which club do you think is left?”

Ye Zhu couldn’t resist giving the thumbs up, “Legend Tang, your remember these things clearly!”

Gui Sirui said, “The ultimate conclusion should be said by Legend Nie. After all, he always gives the most powerful curses.”

Zheng Feng, “Lao Nie, the final line is yours.”

Being encouraged by almost every player, Nie Yuandao had to curse determinedly, “So far only Pantheon hasn’t been targeted. Since most of the Pantheon Club’s cards are Metal cards which are hard to aim at, Uncle Chubby must not know how to deal with the Metal card group.”

Ling Jingtang, “…………”

Ling Jingtang, “Lao Nie, I want to stick a seal on your mouth!”

The strongest player of Pantheon—— the founder of the Metal cards, Ling Jingtang, finally appeared due to Nie Yuandao’s curse.

Nie Yuandao said calmly, “I’m just telling the truth. Am I right, guys?”

All players, except Pantheon’s, gave the thumbs up together, “Can’t be more reasonable!”

“Legend Nie, whatever you say is 100% right!”

“Only Pantheon hasn’t been targeted!”

“There is no way that Uncle Chubby can make cards targeting Metal cards!”

Everyone buffed Legend Nie’s curse, one after another.

As one of the six most powerful clubs in the National Star Card League, the Pantheon Club was the only one that hadn’t become the victim yet, being targeted by Uncle Chubby. But who knows? Perhaps 月半 Card Store will sell some new cards targeting Metal cards.

Would Legend Nie’s curse become reality or not?

Tang Muzhou observed silently, thinking, “Lao Nie. I’m sorry to make you a scapegoat for me. Hang in there, I’m going to talk to Uncle Chubby right away!”

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