Chapter 38 – Taiyi Zhenren (Part 1)

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According to the original Book, Taiyi Zhenren was a genial and kind old man with a long mustache. He wore his hair knotted on the top of his head with one of the ancient Chinese traditional hair accessories※. White hair at the temples and side faces tumbled down before his chest. He wore a white and blue Tai Chi robe, and sped across the sky, surrounded by magic air.

Taishang Laojun, Taiyi Zhenren, they could be good company.

In order to match the skill design, Taiyi Zhenren should hold the magic weapon “Nine-Dragon-Fire-Net” in his left hand. The glittering net was closely circled by nine dragons and their heads were exactly below the net, breathing out the true Samādhi Fire.

After constructing all these things in his mind, Xie Mingzhe started making the card [Taiyi Zhenren].

Ten minutes passed; he didn’t finish.

It was very difficult to paint the weapon, and the nine fire dragons on the surface were also a tough nut to crack, requiring an enormous amount of Inner Spirit from the painter.

In fact, Xie Mingzhe could have completely ignored these details since he could create the sealing effect by causally painting a simple golden net. However, he wanted to do this seriously. The stories in his mind were treasures of Huaxia civilization. He decided to apply them not only to make cards, but also to acquaint this world with the long lost characters as well as stories. If he freely changed them, it would be contrary to his original intentions for making cards. Moreover, it would be disrespectful to the historical figures and ancient myths.

He couldn’t change these characters and stories at will just because he wasn’t familiar with them. Imagine Lin Daiyu killing a cow by throwing a punch and Wang Zhaojun burning all the plants to death——this kind of design would trouble his conscience even if nobody questioned them. 

While making cards, he could design the skills according to the battle rules in the Star Card World. Nevertheless, he stuck to trying to respect the original figures and stories when it came to the cards’ character images, weapons as well as magic weapons.

The Nine-Dragon-Fire-Net was a delicate magic weapon so it was not okay to perfunctorily paint a golden net. He must try to paint the weapon exceptionally accurate to the description in the original story.

Xie Mingzhe concentrated his Inner Spirit on painting the card.

It took so long to make the card this time that he didn’t open his eyes until after a full 15 minutes. However, he opened his eyes to find that the Nebula paper in front of him was broken to pieces, which was obviously the result of Inner Spirit disorder. 

Tang Muzhou was a little bit surprised. He stepped forward and anxiously asked, “What’s wrong?”

Xie Mingzhe scratched his head and gave a disconsolate face, “The weapon that was designed was too complex to focus my Inner Spirit on during the painting. “ 

Tang Muzhou asked, “Because you cannot draw the weapon and the character at the same time? or just because it is hard to shrink the weapon?”

Xie Mingzhe said, “Both.”

Tang Muzhou suggested in a gentle voice, “Keep calm. If the weapon is very complex, you can split the card that you design. First, you separately draw the weapon on a piece of Nebula paper, and in order to avoid it being judged as card repetition after inputting it into the system, don’t send it to the system to examine. Then, you get another piece of Nebula paper to draw the character on it. Finally, you use your Inner Spirit to fuse these two pieces of Nebula papers together.”

Xie Mingzhe was amazed, “Is this method feasible?”

Tang Muzhou smiled, “Sure. We usually use the splitting method to deal with complicated cards. For example, my [Thousand-year-old God Tree] with innumerable branches and leaves. Do you really think that I could finish drawing them all at once? Originally I drew a full ten cards to fuse them into one.”

“……” Thanks to Legend Tang’s instruction. Otherwise his brain would be overloaded if he drew the character and the complex weapon simultaneously.

It would be much easier to split the details of the card.

Xie Mingzhe immediately focused his Inner Spirit and drew the Nine-Dragon-Fire-Net that he imagined on a card, and he drew the character, Taiyi Zhenren.

After finishing these two steps, he put the two cards together and fused them with his Inner Spirit. In his mind, the delicate “Nine-Dragon-Fire-Net” continuously shrank to the size of an infant’s fist. Then it was tightly held by Taiyi Zhenren in his hand.

In that case, the card’s image was complete. The next task is to set the data and skill……

Five minutes later, Xie Mingzhe opened his eyes and heard the familiar prompt voice, “Congratulations! The card is finished. Please connect to the database to examine.”

He connected to the database right away and then the card immediately passed the examination. Meanwhile, the logo “月半” appeared on the back of the card.

Xie Mingzhe took the completed card to Tang Muzhou, “Legend Tang. How about this one?”

Tang Muzhou received the card and saw an old man with white hair on the card’s surface. He looked very genial and kind with his smiling eyes. He held a tiny scarlet weapon. The details of it was impressively perfect even though the weapon was only as big as a child’s fist.

If you observed it carefully, you would find that the weapon was in the shape of a “net” which was surrounded by several fiery red dragons. Their mouths faced downwards and spurted  strong flames. Every dragon was drawn vividly. Apart from the dragons, there was an exquisite decorative pattern around the net. The net was crowned by a transparent and beautiful beed inside which flames flowed.

The design could enter into a competition!

Tang Muzhou gave a thumbs-up in his mind. Then he looked at the card’s data and skill description——

Taiyi Zhenren (Fire)

Card Level: 1

Evolution Level: ★

Available Times of Use: 1/1

Base Attributes: Health 100, Attack 0, Defense 100, Agility 30, Critical Strike Chance 0%

Additional Skill: Nine-Dragon-Fire-Net (Casts the magic weapon held in hand and seals the particular god cards in the Nine-Dragon-Fire-Net. Deprives the God card group of operational capability.)

Tang Muzhou, “………….”

Is this Uncle Chubby’s inspiration really inexhaustible?

Translator’s Note:

Taiyi Zhenren wore one of the ancient Chinese traditional hair accessories.

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