Chapter 38 – Taiyi Zhenren (Part 2)

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Tang Muzhou praised him, “This is a pretty good one. Its skill targets the whole God card group. In addition, in all the cards that you have made so far, the degree of this one’s intricacy is the highest. The question is, how did you design the weapon? It looks like metal. If it was made of metal it would be divided into the Metal card group.”

Xie Mingzhe said, “In order to avoid the system classifying this card into the Metal attribute, I didn’t use metal factors when drawing the weapon. Nine-Dragon-Fire-Net has the flame damage effect, so it was divided into the Fire attribute. Given the principle that Fire counters Metal, it would be much easier for it to target the opponent’s god cards.”

Tang Muzhou nodded with a smile, “It looks like you have understood the database’s rules. And this is really an excellent weapon design.”

Xie Mingzhe was very happy to get Legend Tang’s praise and then he excitedly asked, “Two cards made today target the Metal attribute. Is there any other card group that need to be targeted?”

Tang Muzhou said, “So far you have targeted most of the mainstream card groups, Plant, Animal, Spirit of Creatures, Spirit of Non-Creatures as well as God. Since IDE cards are merely used to enrich the battle strategy and every game can only use one IDE card, it is enough just making all these cards.”

Xie Mingzhe found the omission in his words and he couldn’t resist speaking, “The Human card group hasn’t been targeted yet, right?”

Tang Muzhou said, “You can simply draw a card and see if the “human instantly dies” effect can pass the examination.”

Xie Mingzhe casually drew an unnamed kid with the curse skill whose effect was the Human group instantly dies……As expected, it was rejected by the system, “The skill description can’t be examined.”. He remembered that the descriptions like “instant death” could only be used in sub-classifications, so he changed the target to be a male human. However, it was rejected again. He continued to change it into human female and got the same consequence.

Xie Mingzhe was confused, “What is happening? Is the Human group immune to the instant death effect?”

Tang Muzhou smiled faintly, “It is not impossible. The truth is that the human instant death skill has been made before so your cards were judged as a repetition of it.”

“……” Xie Mingzhe was quite surprised, “was it made by the designer from another club?”

“I think so, but I don’t know which club it was exactly.” Tang Muzhou paused, then said, “The human IDE card which overlaps with your card must already exist in the database. As a result, your instant death description was turned down by the system, which means that currently the way that you make IDE cards has become widely known.”

At once Xie Mingzhe was enlightened.

The reason that Legend Tang suggested for him to make IDE cards was to set the ball rolling. First he took the lead in making the IDE cards targeting the six big clubs, attracting the whole league’s attention. Then every club, of course, would race to study the IDE card. In that case, there would be a lot of available IDE cards to enrich league matches’ strategies.

Xie Mingzhe didn’t know the reason why this legend did all of this secret work, planning behind the scenes, but he had a hunch—— this was not a bad thing. When IDE cards flow freely, there would consequently be more unpredictable instakill cards in future games. At that time the situation would become messier and more interesting.

The series of IDE cards had already earned him fame in the original card community and brought him a fortune. And thanks to Tang Muzhou, who leaked the card group information to him and supplied him with ideas, he could make nine IDE cards in a row in such a short period of time!

Xie Mingzhe offered his hand and said, “Legend Tang, thanks.”

Tang Muzhou shook hands with him, “You’re welcome. We’ve had a pleasant cooperation.”

After a few seconds of silence, Tang Muzhou spoke again and asked, “What are you going to do next?”

Xie Mingzhe said, “During this period, I made so many cards everyday which drained my Inner Spirit and I’m suffering from a serious headache. So I’m going to take this opportunity to rest for several days and think about my future path. I have made enough IDE cards to sell for a period of time. It’ll never go wrong to accumulate capital.”

Tang Muzhou smiled, “You’re right. You must be tired after continuously making nine cards. Even though our cooperation ends, we can still keep in contact in the future. You’ve taken the lead in making IDE cards. The database completely lacks skills in this field so the cards that you made could easily pass the examination. However, you may encounter severe difficulties when making some other kinds of cards. Anytime you need me, just call me.”

Xie Mingzhe nodded, “Okay.”

Legend Tang made a good point. It was recently suggested putting the IDE card into the database, and he just accidentally grabbed the first place before other clubs managed to make IDE cards. And he made a big fortune by making these cards. But when it came to other types of cards which had been developed by so many clubs’ card players as well as designers, it would be hard for him to innovate with adequate card groups in the database. It was time for him to slow down and seriously think about his future.

At noon the next day, managers of every big club in the game grouped in front of 月半 Card Store’s gate as if by prior agreement.

As soon as the hands of the clock pointed to half past eleven, countless people flooded to the card store and crazily galloped to the second floor to grab cards.

The scene was more impressive than the shopping rush in malls.

As expected, there were new cards in the display case that day.

The left one was Taishang Laojun, and the right one was Taiyi Zhenren.

Both of them were old men with white hair. Nevertheless, their clothes, hair styles and appearances were different, not to mention the weapons that they held.

The most important thing was that the targeted card group was the Metal card group!

Presidents scrambled for cards like crazies. Some of them who didn’t get any cards went down to the first floor and took a photo of the cards placed in the showcase to send the data to their clubs’ players.

Xie Mingzhe was sitting backstage smiling, continuously counting money, while the store was a sea of people.

At the same time, in the National Star Card League’s player group chat——

Ye Zhu had kept staring at 月半 Card Store by using his smurf account. He popped out at 11:30am on time and sent the pictures of the two new cards’ data that he had taken to the group chat.

Ye Zhu, “Legend Nie is awesome! Pantheon, now it’s your turn. HAHAHAHA!

Ling Jingtang, “…………”

He saw it too.

The chat group could directly deliver holographic pictures, videos and voices. As a result, the two cards that Ye Zhe shot were clearly shown in front of everyone.

Taishang Laojun was an old man with white hair and held the Jin Gang Bracelet which could entangle weapons. Taiyi Zhenren was also a white-haired old man whose Nine-Dragon-Fire-Net could seal the God group. These two old men stood side by side and it seemed like they were trying to smile more kindly than each other, but under their genial faces were their ferocious skills!

No one in the Metal card group was spared!

Watching this, Nie Yuandao was a little bit surprised, “Did my prophecy really come true?”

——Manager Ling Jingtang banned Nie Yuandao from speaking as a punishment.

——Manager Nie Yuandao lifted the ban on speaking.

Other players, “………”

What were these two legends doing? Were they going to fight in public?

Nie Yuandao arched his eyebrow, “How dare you ban me from speaking? What, do you forget that I’m the manager too?”

Ling Jingtang said helplessly, “I have nothing to say about how damn good you are at making prophecies! Come clean, did you collude with Uncle Chubby by supplying him with bad ideas to target us after cursing in the chap group?”

Shan Lan hurriedly stood out and explained for his Shifu, “My Shifu will never do that. Legend Ling, don’t get him wrong.”

Nie Yuandao continued, saying, “I barely know this Uncle Chubby. Plus, yesterday I was just stating the truth that indeed only your Pantheon hadn’t been targeted.”

Ling Jingdao said, “In my opinion, there must be a spy in the group chat. If not, how do we explain that Uncle Chubby targeted every club one by one? Did he clearly know all of our card groups?”

Nie Yuandao pointed the finger at Tang Muzhou, “Xiao Tang, was that you? After all, you are the first one who created the idea of instant death.”

Tang Muzhou said, with a smile, “Me? Don’t you remember that my flower cards were the first ones being targeted. And Uncle Chubby even auctioned the corresponding IDE cards. At present, every one of the big clubs has a [Lin Daiyu]. Now, you tell me, who is the most miserable person here?”

Everyone, “…………”

It was true that everyone had a [Lin Daiyu] in their hands and Legend Tang was really pitiful.

Agreeing with his argument, Nie Yuandao frowned and reluctantly changed his target, “Then who was the spy?”

Zheng Feng raised his hand to disassociate himself from this crime, “Not me. My elephant was weighed by Cao Chong and he hasn’t finished yet.”

Everyone, “…………”

Ye Zhu immediately followed him, “Not me. My butterflies were killed by Xue Baochai!”

Qiao Xi popped out too, “Not us Flowing Frost City. Our fish cards were killed by Xi Shi!”

Gui Sirui said, “Not me either. My ghost cards were hunted by Zhong Kui!”

Ling Jingtang, “…………”

It had been a rough period of time for everyone!

Tang Muzhou said with a smile, “It’s time for teacher Pei in the department of Philosophy to make a speech.”

Then Pei Jingshan came out, “If Uncle Chubby only aimed at one club, we could use the word ‘target’. But currently he has made IDE cards against every club, this targeting stuff has already lost its original meaning. Am I right?”

Everyone, “……”

Crap! They wanted to beat him everytime he spoke!

At last, Zheng Feng made a conclusion, “No matter who the backstage planner is. It is out of discussion that Lao Zheng is really a doomsayer.”

Ling Jingtang, “I suggest awarding the title of ‘the greatest doomsayer’ to Lao Nie.”

Gui Sirui, “I second the motion!”

Ye Zhu, “Second! Why don’t we just submit a joint proposal!”

Nie Yuandao stroked his mouth and thought about how innocent he was.

Tang Muzhou thought joyfully——All the six big clubs had been involved and the flow of a large amount of IDE cards might bring more and more fresh and interesting strategy ideas to the next season. Next it was time to seriously prepare for the new season.

In recent days, he had been so busy in helping Uncle Chubby make IDE cards that he had almost forgotten that tomorrow was the tenth season’s opening ceremony when all the professional players of every club must attend.

Thinking of this, Tang Muzhou sent a message in the group chat to remind everyone, “Tomorrow is the opening ceremony. I’ll treat you guys to lunch.”

Nie Yuandao felt confused, “Inviting us to lunch for no reason? Are you guilty?”

Tang Muzhou smiling said, not having one bit of a guilty expression on his face, “I haven’t seen you guys for a long time. We should get together and catch up. Since the league arranged the dinner, I’ll treat everyone to lunch. At noon tomorrow, I’ve booked the whole top floor of Dihua Hotel. Every friend can come if you want to, and I will be honoured to have any of you.”

After all, he had entrapped so many people and it was time to compensate them!

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