Chapter 39 – The Copyright Again (Part 1)

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After closing the store on time at 12 noon, Xie Mingzhe went out for lunch and then returned to his individual space to make cards. Just as he had finished several [Lin Daiyu], he heard the voice prompt, “You have a new call from Can Yang”.

Xie Mingzhe clicked on it and then Can Yang’s urgent voice rang in his ear, “Hello, Uncle Chubby! Legend Nie has something to talk to you about. Do you have any time right now? If it’s convenient for you, could you please swing by our club? Legend Nie is waiting for you.”

Xie Mingzhe replied, “If this is about joining the Adjudication Club,please just drop it and say thank you to Legend Nie for me!”

Can Yang said, “No, not the club. Legend Nie said it was about the copyright of [Wu Song].”

The copyright? Hadn’t [Wu Song]’s copyright already been transferred to Adjudication? Why does Legend Nie want to see him now? Being confused, Xie Mingzhe turned around and stood in front of the Galaxy Navigation Map, directly being teleported to the Adjudication Club’s territorial star. The vice president, Can Yang, personally welcomed him at the gate and led him straight to the office.

Xie Mingzhe opened the door and entered, seeing two familiar garbled IDs——the smurf accounts of Nie Yuandao and Shan Lan.

Shan Lan walked in front of Xie Mingzhe with a smile and his voice was as gentle as he remembered, “Uncle Chubby, it’s really nice to see you again. I didn’t expect that you could make nine IDE cards targeting every big club within just a few days. That’s really impressive.”

“Legend Lan, don’t flatter me too much.” Xie Mingzhe frankly asked, “Is something wrong with the copyright?”

Keeping silent, Nie Yuandao sat next to them, while Shan Lan continued to speak in a gentle voice, “Here is the thing. Like I originally said, my Shifu bought the copyright of [Wu Song] not because he was afraid of the card, but because he really wanted to make your acquaintance and invite you to Adjudication. Now since you have decided not to join us, my Shifu wants to return this card’s copyright to you.”

“……” Xie Mingzhe turned his head and looked at Nie Yuandao, unable to believe the unexpected bonus, “You must be kidding me, Legend Nie.”

“I’m always serious.” Nie Yuandao said in a low voice.

“In fact, there is another reason why my Shifu wants to give the copyright back to you.” Shan Lan explained, smiling, “At present, most big clubs have been targeted by you. However, you didn’t target my Shifu’s beast cards and now the whole league suspects him of secretly instructing you. Everyone doesn’t know the existence of [Wu Song], and we would put ourselves in an embarrassing position if we try to explain it. So we decided to give [Wu Song] to you to sell tomorrow, which could indirectly prove that my Shifu is innocent.”

“……” Xie Mingzhe thought the fact that poor Legend Nie had been made a scapegoat for Tang Muzhou was funny.

Nie Yuandao got up from the couch and passed a [Wu Song] to Xie Mingzhe, “[Wu Song] has been modified by me. Have a look.”

Xie Mingzhe received the card and cautiously observed it, and sure enough it was completely different than the one he had originally made.

As he recalled, the card [Wu Song] that he originally made had 300 Health points, 300 Attack points and 300 Defence points. After getting the copyright, Legend Nie changed the card’s data. Now just like other IDE cards, [Wu Song]’s crucial attribute “Agility” had increased to 30. More importantly, the skill description had been edited by Legend Nie——the original target “fierce tigers” was replaced by “fierce beasts” which would bear the serious damage.

One word was changed and the range was extended from tigers to all beasts.

Clearly Nie Yuandao didn’t know the story of “Wu Song Slaying the Tiger”, and he just changed the card according to his own understanding. The tiger in the card became blurred and a bunch of beasts appeared in its original place. The strong man banged his fist on a beast’s head. In this way the beast instant death effect was made and passed the system’s examination.

The question was, why he even wanted to modify the card to target himself?

Xie Mingzhe was a little confused, “Legend Nie, in that case you will target your very own card group.”

Nie Yuandao said calmly, “Tang Muzhou was the first one who put forward the idea of instant death which I totally agreed with at that time. As an exponent of IDE cards, how could I miss my card group?”

Xie Mingzhe, “……”

It was hard to think the same way as legends.

Shan Lan took a look at his Shifu and went on saying, “Uncle Chubby, my Shifu released the IDE card targeting beasts, which means he is not afraid of the instant death effect at all. Everything in the Arena is fickle and IDE cards can’t decide where the game is going since it can only instantly kill one card. Now you can sell [Wu Song] to every big club, thus creating a fair situation where other clubs have the card targeting us and we have the cards targeting them too.”

The other side returned the copyright without being forced. It would be insane if Xie Mingzhe didn’t receive it, so he frankly asked, “What about the copyright’s price?”

Shan Lan said, “Still 3,000,000 gold coins.”

Xie Mingzhe was stunned for a second, “How is this possible? The card that I sold to you for 3,000,000 gold coins only targeted a fierce tiger. Now after Legend Nie modified it, the card can target the whole Beast card group, and you still want to maintain the original price?”

Shan Lan said in a gentle voice, “That’s okay. We returned the card to you not for making money. It is your idea and it would be meaningless if we held it. You can put it in your store to sell, thus completing your collection of ten IDE cards.”

Seeing the other side being so friendly, Xie Mingzhe didn’t overthink it. Briskly saying thank you, he paid 3,000,000 gold coins to Vice President Can Yang face to face, and then went to the copyright centre to get back [Wu Song]’s copyright.

After returning to his individual space, Xie Mingzhe copied the modified [Wu Song] and sent the duplicate to Tang Muzhou, “Legend Tang, this is the card which I sold Legend Nie before. And he gave it back to me today.”

Tang Muzhou replied quickly, “It was very smart of him to do it this way because even if he didn’t do that, other clubs would make the IDE card targeting his Beast card group sooner or later. Besides, the chat group has been suspecting him of colluding with you. If you sell the card targeting him, he would be able to prove his innocence.”

Xie Mingzhe was curious, “Hasn’t anyone ever suspected that you are my partner?”

Tang Muzhou’s voice sounded like he was smiling, “I hide very deep. Don’t tell anyone or I’ll be screwed.”

Xie Mingzhe, “…………”

Suddenly the desire to leak the secret went through him. It would be funny if everyone knew who the backstage planner was.

Xie Mingzhe drove the crazy idea out of his mind and changed the topic, “I’ve always regretted selling the copyright of [Wu Song]. Now I got this unexpected bonus which could perfect my collection of ten IDE cards. And they can support my business for a while.”

Tang Muzhou asked, “Has Capital of Darkness talked to you?”

Just as Tang Muzhou asked this, Xie Mingzhe heard the system’s voice prompt, “You have a new email.” He opened it and surprisingly found it was from Capital of Darkness.

“Hello, Uncle Chubby. I am the president of the Capital of Darkness club. I invite you to visit my club if you have free time. Legend Pei and Xiao Zhu in my club want to make friends with you.” 

Xie Mingzhe, “……”

Tang Muzhou really could prophesize. The club had already popped out of nowhere before he finished his sentence.

Xie Mingzhe, “They just sent me an e-mail, Legend Tang. What do you think this is about?”

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Chapter 39 - The Copyright Again (Part 2)
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