Chapter 39 – The Copyright Again (Part 2)

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Tang Muzhou said, “According to my conjecture, teacher Pei may want to buy cards from you. He can quickly accept new things. Everytime there is a new card he always buys one for study as soon as possible.”

Xie Mingzhe had inquired into the Capital of Darkness Club before, so he had gotten some information about it. This was the youngest of the six big clubs. It was established in the seventh season. However, it was gaining momentum. Even though Ye Zhu’s butterfly cards and Pei Jingshan’s Gu insect cards had a low Defence attribute, they were lissom and nimble and thus very famous for great flexibility. In addition, their assassination technique in paired fights was ranked first in the whole league because of Ye Zhu having an incredibly powerful card, [Invisible Tracking Butterfly].

Tang Muzhou didn’t make IDE cards targeting Pei Jingshan’s Gu insect cards. The reason was that Gu insect cards would split and be reborn after they suddenly died. Some of them could even trigger Gu poison to counterattack the opponents. His cards were like Legend Fang Yu’s Deathrattle card group which was immune to the instant death effect.

Xie Mingzhe approached the Galaxy Navigation Map and clicked on the new purple planet to be teleported to Capital of Darkness.

The buildings of the Capital of Darkness Club were all deep purple, and the roads were paved with tiny purple crystal stones. The territory of the club was kind of like the mystery castle in the magic world. Following the receptionist, Xie Mingzhe entered the office to find the club’s insignia design was very special——a magic castle with the words “Capital of Darkness” on the top of it. The three words were surrounded by purple light, which gave them a sense of mystery.

There were two people sitting in the office. Obviously they were all smurf accounts because their appearances were system defaults. One adult man stood up and gently said, “Hello, Uncle Chubby. I am Pei Jingshan, and I’m a professional player of the Capital of Darkness Club. This one is player Ye Zhu who likes using butterfly cards.”

Xie Mingzhe directly asked, “What can I help you with?”

Pei Jingshan said, “I’d like to reserve cards from you. You see, there are too many people waiting in your store to buy cards, and my president would never manage to buy all your cards if we bought one by one. Accordingly, I want to directly reserve some cards from you, the card maker. I assume you have already finished the full set of IDE cards, haven’t you? Sell me four sets in advance for twice the price of the cards in your store. What do you think?”

As expected, he wanted to buy cards for studying. It seemed that Legend Tang knew this player well too.

Xie Mingzhe briskly nodded, “No problem. But it takes a lot of work to make four sets of cards. Can I give them to you tomorrow?”

Pei Jingshan said politely, “Sure. Thank you, Uncle Chubby.”

Ye Zhu walked towards him, and asked out of curiosity, with his eyes fixed on him, “Uncle Chubby, who leaked the information about our card group to you? Was it Legend Nie?”

Xie Mingzhe smiled, “No one. It was just me looking up the materials.”

Ye Zhe looked at him suspiciously, “Really? I always have the feeling that it was Legend Nie. Otherwise how do you explain his damn prophecies coming true on the spot.”

Xie Mingzhe, “……”

Poor Legend Nie, I will help you clear this suspicion tomorrow.


Xie Mingzhe returned to his individual space and settled down to draw cards.

Since he had his first taste of the game, he had made ten IDE cards in total. In chronological order, they were [Lin Daiyu], [Wu Song], [Xue Baochai], [Xi Shi], [Wang Zhaojun], [Zhong Kui], [Sha Wujing], [Cao Chong], [Taishang Laojun] and [Taiyi Zhenren]. They targeted most of the main card groups in the high-level league matches.

Now the matter had an end for the time being and these cards could support his business for a long time.

Xie Mingzhe firstly drew 10 [Lin Daiyu]s and he also needed to draw 10 of the other 9 IDE cards, which meant his workload was 100 cards.

Even if he was a professional card maker, constantly drawing 100 cards would make him feel like he was dying. Fortunately these cards had been made before and the database had related records, so it wouldn’t be that hard for him to concentrate his Inner Spirit on drawing cards. He just felt a little tired.

It was already 10p.m. when he finished the whole drawing work. Xie Mingzhe took off the helmet and went offline, feeling like his head was going to explode. Rubbing his temple, he saw Chen Xiao coming over before saying, “Just now I saw you closing your eyes to use your Inner Spirit, and I thought you were making cards, so I didn’t interrupt you. I saved some food for you at night. You must be hungry.”

Seeing the thermal insulated lunch box in his hand, Xie Mingzhe felt warm inside and smiled, “Thanks, Brother Chen.”

Xie Mingzhe was starving. He took the lunch box to the dining room and scoffed all the food.

Chen Xiao said, “Don’t overload yourself. You should control the amount of cards that you make. It brings nothing but harm to abuse your Inner Spirit.”

Xie Mingzhe wiped his mouth and said, “I know. In the coming period of time I won’t make new cards and will just sell IDE cards to accumulate funds. Lately you guys helped me get materials all the time. Thank you for the hard work. At noon tomorrow I will host a lunch to make it up to you.”

Chen Xiao laughed, “For us, getting materials is just routine work, so I probably wouldn’t use the expression ‘hard work’. The important thing here is that I’m not sure what you’re going to do yet. The day before yesterday I saw many big clubs’ territorial stars in your individual space’s Galaxy Navigation Map. The reason why those clubs tried to contact you was that they wanted to invite you to be their designer, right?”

Xie Mingzhe nodded, “That’s right. But I didn’t say yes to any of them.”

Chen Xiao frowned slightly, “Are you serious about cooperating with us?”

Xie Mingzhe said, “Here is the idea. First I will tally the store’s income tonight. And then tomorrow we can have a nice conversation when we have lunch.”

After dinner he went online again. Chi Qing sent him a PM and directly sent him a list.

The list included the sale record of every card, the store’s daily capital flows as well as the last few days’ gross income. Chi Qing said, “I saw you were engaged. So I helped you sort through the capital flow. I am practised in this since I was in charge of the studio’s cash flow.”

Xie Mingzhe said, “Thank you, Sister Qing!” 

He cast a glance at the list and noticed that currently even the income from the sale of cards alone had amounted to 100,000,000 gold coins. This week’s income would easily be over the threshold of 200,000,000 gold coins with tomorrow’s sales volume and the four sets of double-priced IDE cards that Pei Jingshan had reserved.

He couldn’t even conceive of having so much money before.

However, currently looking at the number, he was not satisfied.

Since meeting Tang Muzhou, he got to know many things about the league and card groups, and he had also met so many legends’ smurf accounts whose ideas and thoughts he realized he couldn’t compete with currently. Varied cards, competitive league matches, privileged and wealthy clubs as well as legends of distinct dispositions……everything was magnetic, drawing him to keep exploring the world.

Making IDE cards alone was not enough. By the same token, being a store owner was far from his only desire.

He wanted to complete the whole character card group.

He wanted to create his own club and he wanted to introduce the splendid Huaxia culture to people in this world.

10 IDE cards could make him set for life, but this was just a starting point.

Xie Mingzhe took a deep breath and took out 100,000,000 gold coins from his store and deposited it in Star Card Bank. A few moments later, his phone started to crazily ring because of the influx of texts from the bank. Gold coins were successfully sold and were exchanged for real currency. The balance in his account had increased from the original 300,000 to the current 1,300,000.

Now he was a millionaire, and he would earn tens of millions if he kept selling cards in future.

Xie Mingzhe delightfully looked at the balance in his credit card. Then he turned his head and said, “At noon tomorrow I’ll host a lunch! At the time we can have a nice blowout!”

Pang Yu approached them, smiling, “Xiao Xie has made a mint these days! Everytime I see those gold coins in your store I’m so envious of you. Making so much money, you must treat us to a nice meal. And don’t you dare dismiss me with some street stalls’ noodles.” Speaking of food, the fatty’s eyes glittered with excitement.

Jin Yue patted Pang Yu’s belly and said, “Xiao Pang※ is carnivorous. Since you’re inviting us to lunch, you’d better buy him meat rather than vegetables.”’

Chen Xiao laughed and shouted, “Come on, you guys. This is Xiao Xie’s hard-earned money. He drew so many cards everyday, suffering a headache. We don’t have to be extravagant. I mean, a casual meal would work just fine.”

Xie Mingzhe shook his hand, “No way. Tomorrow I am the host and we can take it easy. In addition, we need to discuss our future plans. I’m not very familiar with the capital. Brother Yu is conversant with food, any advice?”

Pang Yu thought for a moment, scratching his head. Then he said, “As far as I know, Dihua Hotel is the most reputable restaurant within a 10-mile radius. The prices are sensible and the food there tastes good. The most important thing is that the environment and atmosphere is impressive with an elegant and classy interior decoration!”

Xie Mingzhe nodded readily and briskly, “Cool. Dihua Hotel, then!”

Tranlator’s Note:

‘Pang’ here refers to Pang Yu’s family name, and it is also a homophone of the Chinese character ‘胖’, which means Pang Yu is a fatty.

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