Chapter 40 – The Encounter (Part 1)

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At 11:30 the next morning.

Ye Zhu, who had waited outside 月半 Card Store all day, popped out in the chat group again, “Hey, you guys. Check this out. The new card in Uncle Chubby’s card store is  [Wu Song] targeting the whole beast card group! Legend Nie, are you all right?”

Zheng Feng, “In that case, did we wrong Lao Nie?”

Ling Jingtang, “Really? It wasn’t you?”

Nie Yuandao calmly stood out, “Yes. I told you that I was not acquainted with Uncle Chubby.”

Shan Lan echoed immediately, “It is true that my Shifu doesn’t know Uncle Chubby well. If he was connected to Adjudication, he wouldn’t target us, first my bird cards, then my Shifu’s beasts.”

As the one who knew the truth, Tang Muzhou said with a smile, “I conjecture that Uncle Chubby has investigated the main card groups in the Arena and then he could rapidly make a batch of IDE cards to sell as soon as the instant death skill was added to the database, which actually is good news for us.”

Ye Zhu said, “That was what he said yesterday indeed.”

Pei Jingshan said, “Legend Tang’s words make sense. Since he is a freelancer, he won’t let a particular club suffer losses alone. So he made cards targeting the whole league to be fair.” Pei Jingshan, who had just received four sets of IDE cards, had already ordered the research department to conduct all kinds of experiments.

The IDE card incident could be said to have an end and nobody wanted to delve further into if there really was a person who had colluded with Uncle Chubby.

As teacher Pei said, since most of the card groups were targeted, it couldn’t be counted as ‘targeting’. Currently, the most important thing was to quickly have an intimate knowledge of this kind of new strategy card and consider how to integrate it into their own card group, as well as how to crush the opponents’ instant killing skills.

Everyone started to think about how to pair IDE cards and the chat group temporarily became silent.

Tang Muzhou rapidly changed the object, “It’s almost 12. I’ll wait for you guys in the cafeteria, the top floor, Dihua Hotel. And be careful to avoid reporters ”

Ye Zhu, “I’m always the active one when it comes to eating. Brother Pei and I have already arrived at the hall and we’ll be there in minutes!”

Shan Lan, “My Shifu and I are still on our way. We‘ll be there soon.”

Zheng Feng, “I just parked my car and I saw Lao Ling’s car in the garage too. It seems that we have a lot of people today.”

Ling Jingtang, “I must come when someone treats me to lunch.”

Zheng Feng, “Come on. Don’t be so frank!”

While the chat group was bustling with noise and excitement, Tang Muzhou had already been waiting on the top floor. All players of the Adjudication Club were there and Xue Linxiang took some security guards to the hotel’s hall in order to welcome legends who came, as well as to watch out for paparazzi at the gate.


At the same time, Xie Mingzhe and his partners in the boosting studio also arrived at Dihua Hotel.

The distance between the hotel and their studio was only one mile. Therefore they were walking to the hotel.

Recently they had concentrated on making cards in the game and barely went out. Xie Mingzhe breathed fresh air, happier than before

The five people chatted while walking and then they reached Dihua Hotel’s gate in no time.

A long-haired girl in a light blue dress ran to them the moment she noticed their arrival, “Brother Chen, Fatty, Jin Yue, sister! Long time no see!”

It was obvious that Pang Yu and Jin Yue were very excited, “Yingying?”

“What are you doing here?”

Chi Qing said, “Last night I talked to Yingying and knew that she just came back. So Xiao Xie made me tell her to join us to make acquaintances.”

This girl was the employee who asked for leave to get married before. Her temporary absence had made the studio short-handed. As a result, Brother Chen had to recruit a new casual worker, Xie Mingzhe.

Xie Mingzhe proactively stepped forward, “Hello, Yingying. I’m the new member of the studio, Xie Mingzhe. “

Even though Chi Yingying was Chi Qing’s younger sister, their styles were distinct. Chi Qing was a cool and brisk girl who was more than 1.75 meters tall, while her sister was petite at about 1.55 meters. She looked very cute, smiling all the time. She was 25 and married, but people thought she had just reached 18 when they saw her for the first time.

Chi Yingying friendly shook hands with Xie Mingzhe, “Xiao Xie, is it? I roughly heard your things from my sister. What an awesome man! I’m pretty curious about your cards. May I see them later?”

Xie Mingzhe smiled, “Sure.”

Chen Xiao asked, “Why come back so early?”

Chi Yingying explained, “My husband only had a two-week marriage leave. We spent one week preparing for the wedding, and we got one week left for our honeymoon. He is designated as the chief resident this year and he can’t leave the hospital with so many things to deal with.”

Chen Xiao understood, “Good. Doctor Liu will compensate you in the future.”

Chi Yingying smiled and said, “That’s okay. We’ve known each other for so many years and we can travel at any time if we want.”

Chi Qing calmly said, “Are you going to keep standing outside the door to talk? Let’s go inside first.”

When the six people went into the hall, a tall and thin woman who wore her hair in a bun briskly came out of the elevator, followed by several security guards. She wore a pair of huge sunglasses that masked half of her face as well as the skirt suit often worn by office ladies. She wore black high-heeled shoes and walked in a vigorous way.

She passed them and went straight up to the door. Suddenly she stopped and turned her head, “Wait.”

Her voice was ringing and sounded familiar. Xie Mingzhe thought she was talking to someone else and hence didn’t respond to her. However, soon he heard steps behind him which sounded like she was trotting. At that time, Chen Xiao, Chi Qing and the others had already gotten on the elevator and pressed the door-close button.

The instant the elevator was about to shut, Xie Mingzhe finally managed to clearly see the woman’s face through the crack.

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