Chapter 40 – The Encounter (Part 2)

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After removing her sunglasses, the woman revealed her beautiful face and a pair of bright and intense eyes which were widened and fixed on them. She acted as if there was someone she knew in the crowd. Xie Mingzhe met her eyes and lost his consciousness for a second. Then he tried to press the open button, but the elevator’s door had closed tightly.

In no time, the ultra high-speed elevator rose to a high altitude. Xie Mingzhe scratched his head and said, confused, “Did that woman want to say something to us? It seems that she was running after us.”

Pan Yu laughed loudly, “I don’t think so. Is there anyone who knows her?”

Jin Yue, “No.”

Xie Mingzhe looked at Chen Xiao to find he had turned his back on him and was looking out of the window. Xie Mingzhe asked, “Brother Chen, do you know her?”

Chen Xiao’s voice was neutral, “No.” 

Xie Mingzhe didn’t overthink it and thought that the woman made a mistake.

The six people were lifted to the top floor. and when coming out of the elevator, they saw an announcement on the screen, “Today the whole top floor cafeteria has been booked. We are sorry that we do not provide service to consumers who are not invited. If you want to have dinner, welcome to the speciality restaurant on the sixteenth floor.”

Xie Mingzhe was surprised, “The whole place is booked?”

Pang Yu was a little depressed and complained in a low voice, “The cafeteria is famous as a fancy place in the vicinity and normally there won’t be so many people here. What day is today? The cafeteria is so huge with hundreds of seats and somebody just reserved them all, for a meeting? Wedding?”

Jin Yue helplessly said, “What bad luck.”

Since they went out for dinner in order to have a good conversation, they wouldn’t be bothered by trivial things like the cafeteria unfortunately being booked. Xie Mingzhe made a suggestion, smiling, “Why don’t we go to the sixteenth floor’s speciality restaurant? I assume the food there must be as good as the cafeteria’s since they belong to the same hotel.”

Chen Xiao nodded without hesitation, “Let’s go.”

When they were just going to walk forward, the other elevator’s door suddenly opened and the woman wearing high-heeled shoes who they just met a few moments ago appeared. She trotted all the way to Chen Xiao, out of breath. Then she took a deep breath to reclaim her calm and said, “Xiao Chen, it’s you?”

Chen Xiao frowned, “You must be mistaking me for someone else.”

At that time, a teenager came out of the cafeteria. He had conspicuous pale gold hair and sky blue eyes, which made him look like a doll. He was a little short and just reached Xie Mingzhe’s chest.

The teenager ran to the woman and said, “Sister Xue, Shifu sends me to tell you that Legend Nie and his men made a blunder by being noticed by reporters. And currently they are trying to get rid of them. Most of the people will re-route and enter through the back door rather than this elevator.”

Xue Linxiang answered with an “Okay” and then turned to Chen Xiao with a complicated look, “Today Xiao Tang is hosting the dinner. Don’t you want to see him?”

Chen Xiao’s face was cold, “I don’t know what you’re talking about. You’re mistaking me for someone else for sure.”

After squeezing a few words out, he turned and walked into the elevator. Xie Mingzhe and the other members in the studio gazed at each other, speechless. Then they had to follow him.

Today‘s Chen Xiao was still a bit slovenly with his tangled hair covering his eyes and those obvious dark circles under his eyes. He looked so dispirited. His had just casually changed clothes before going out, which had just reached the threshold of cleanliness.

Everyone in the elevator kept silent and the atmosphere was kind of weird. As a smart person, Xie Mingzhe knew it was not a good time for more questions. However, Xiao Pang was an innocent man who confusedly asked, “Brother Chen, this woman keeps chasing you. Who is she? Is she your ex-girlfriend……”

Xiao Pang hadn’t noticed he had said something stupid until Jin Yue heavily poked his waist. Then he shut his mouth immediately.

Chen Xiao didn’t get upset and his face was surprisingly calm. He said emotionlessly, “I already told her that I don’t know her. She made a mistake.”

Xie Mingzhe, “……”

The explanation was not tenable. The woman ran after him the whole way and hence the probability of mistaking him was small. It was obvious that there was something hidden. Nevertheless, since Chen Xiao didn’t want to talk about it, everyone couldn’t probe into it.

Xie Mingzhe noticed that just now the teenager called the woman “Sister Xue”. 

And he finally remembered when he had heard the voice before——when he auctioned [Lin Daiyu], the Fenghua Club invited him and then he met Sister Xue as well as Tang Muzhou. At that time Sister Xue really wanted to buy the copyright of [Lin Daiyu], even offering the high price of 10,000,000 gold coins (equivalent to 1,000,000 crystal coins).

In the game, that woman also wore a business skirt suit. Maybe her appearance was changed which looked a little different than in reality. However, Sister Xue’s game voice was exactly the same one as that woman’s!

Sure enough she was the Fenghua Club’s player agent herself, Xue Linxiang. She mentioned that “Xiao Tang is hosting the dinner”. Was there a good chance in which “Xiao Tang” referred to Fenghua’s professional player Tang Muzhou? As for the blonde boy, maybe he was Tang Muzhou’s famous apprentice, Shen An?

Directly booking the whole top floor, this must be the activity of the league.

Xie Mingzhe was extremely curious. How come Xue Linxiang knew Chen Xiao? And what kind of relationship did these two people really have?

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