Chapter 42 – Chen Qianlin (Part 1)

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In the dormitory, Xiao Pang sprawled on the bed, sleeping.

Xie Mingzhe crept to the bedside and opened the drawer to take out his laptop.

He didn’t ask Chen Xiao about his brother to his face in order to avoid embarrassment. Xie Mingzhe decided to investigate his brother himself. He typed “Chen Qianlin” in a search engine. Beyond his expectations, millions of search results appeared in no time, which exceedingly shocked Xie Mingzhe——his popularity could compete with the most popular celebrity in showbiz during the time on Earth.

“Star Card League’s top player Chen Qianlin was taken to court for the copyright issue……”

“The Sanctuary Club declared that there is no contract conspiracy!”

“The dispute case between Chen Qianlin and the Sanctuary Club will be heard on December 25th.”

“Chen Qianlin lost the case. The Sanctuary Club asked Chen Qianlin to pay an 80,000,000 penalty.”

“The Summer All-star Game concluded. Chen Qianlin announced his retirement.”

“The fifth season’s professional league matches have started. An 18-year-old newcomer, Tang Muzhou, has won 30 individual races in a row, which broke the record of individual race consecutive wins. An insider said the true identity of Tang Muzhou is Chen Qianlin’s personal apprentice in the game!”

Seeing this news, Xie Mingzhe stopped. He conjectured that Chen Qianlin was connected with Tang Muzhou, but he didn’t expect that he was Tang Muzhou’s Shifu. In that case, did Chen Qianlin himself set up “Qianlin Restaurant” in the game?

He perplexedly kept looking downwards——

“Tang Muzhou has won 50 races in a row. Who can stop the talented teenager from going forward?”

“Is inexorable Tang Muzhou trying to avenge his Shifu Chen Qianlin?”

“Chen Qianlin’s best apprentice Tang Muzhou defeated the experienced player with Earth attribute Zheng Feng and claimed a place in the quarter-final!”

“Tang Muzhou beat the Adjudication’s chief player Nie Yuandao and went through to the semi-final!”

“Tang Muzhou defeated Ling Jingtang, the founder of the Metal card group, and reached the final!”

“Tang Muzhou defeated the Water card group’s representative Su Yang and won the fifth season’s individual championship. The youngest champion in the National Star Card League’s history!”

“The newcomer Tang Muzhou won first place in the individual race and thanked his Shifu for his instruction. Chen Qianlin didn’t turn up at the awards ceremony!”


Looking through all of the startling news, Xie Mingzhe could almost imagine how great the storm was, which whipped the league five years ago.

As a newcomer, Tang Muzhou won 50 successive individual races and defeated so many legends. And finally, he won the championship in an overwhelming way!

The season when Tang Muzhou made his debut was when his Shifu Chen Qianlin retired.

According to the different types of information from forums and news, there had always been a thing called the “Founders of Five Attributes”.

Earlier, in the first and second seasons, there were five outstanding professional players in the Star Card League, who established the foundations of the five mainstream card groups: Metal, Wood, Water, Fire, and Earth——Metal Weapon card group’s founder Ling Jingtang; Fire Beast card group’s founder Nie Yuandao; the Earth Defence and Counterattack play’s pioneer Zheng Feng; the Water Control card group’s founder Su Yang; as well as Wood Plant card group’s founder Chen Qianlin.

The five people were also the founders of the National Star Card League matches.

Without them, there wouldn’t be so many colorful schools later.

At that time, all of the five legends were popular. Chen Qianlin had innumerable fans, so his dispute case attracted great attention. The event almost turned the whole National Star Card League upside down and even startled the Star Card game authorities. At last, he lost the case, which caused great disturbances from his fans who besieged the Sanctuary Club and broke down Sanctuary’s website by leaving messages. Later, the retirement of Chen Qianlin completely changed the league’s structure.

Because of this copyright dispute case, every club in the league began to revise their player contracts. On the other side, many early legends, such as Nie, Ling, Zhen, Su and so on, had taken warning from his example and seized the chance by segregating the original cards’ copyright and controlling them. Several players changed the clubs on the basis of the contract stuff. The whole league was turbulent. Every big club started to attach importance to the copyright. As a result, subsequent contracts were more and more strict.

In the fifth season, the strongest solo player was Su Yang, the founder of Water card group from the Flowing Frost City Club. Apart from him, Nie Yuandao with the Fire attribute, Ling Jingtang with the Metal attribute and Zheng Feng with the Earth attribute were strong legends too. Relatively speaking, the whole Wood card group was at rock bottom. After their pioneer Chen Qianlin retired, there weren’t many wood players left in the league. In the highest-level online game arena, people couldn’t even find one set of wood cards in ten races.

Just in the situation where everyone didn’t think the Wood card group would be a good prospect, Tang Muzhou appeared, like a hero.

This 18-year-old sharp teenager with his 100% original cards rocked the whole league. Even experienced players such as Nie Yuandao and Zheng Feng couldn’t resist praising the young man for his impressive talent.

This teenager had handsome features and smiled with grace. People wouldn’t ascribe him to be a threat at first glance. However, in the arena, he played in a brisk and cruel manner. [Thousand-Year-Old God Tree]’s skill, Fatal Strangling, as well as all kinds of vines’ tying and linking skills, had become a distinct landscape in the arena.

After winning the championship of the individual race, in an interview, Tang Muzhou smiled and said so many words in front of a camera——

“The card [Thousand-Year-Old God Tree] was made in gratitude for my beloved Shifu, Chen Qianlin. And that’s why I named this card after my Shifu by using the word ‘thousand’※. I’m not going to take revenge for his grief. He doesn’t care about wealth and fame. It was his choice to retire and he doesn’t want me to play the game for the purpose of revenge. The reason I joined the league is that I love being part of the arena. Winning this season’s championship doesn’t mean that I’m the strongest. I know there are still so many predecessors whose inner spirits are more powerful than mine. I was just lucky this time. From now on, I’ll keep enriching my card group and bring more excellent races to the audience.

“My Shifu has decided to leave and will not mind things of the league. Luckily he is living his dream life, so please don’t interrupt him. From now on, Wood card group has me.”

——Wood card group has me.

Five simple words rekindled the hopes of all the players who had been disappointed in Wood cards before!

At that time, Tang Muzhou was only eighteen years old. So many older legends couldn’t resist praising him for being able to say things like that at such a young age.

And it was also on that day that Chen Qianlin entirely stepped down from the stage of history. Since then, the Wood card group had gotten a more formidable player, Tang Muzhou.

Translator’s Note:

‘Thousand’ is translated as ‘Qian’ (Chinese: 千) in Chinese.


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