Chapter 42 – Chen Qianlin (Part 2)

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After winning the championship, Tang Muzhou didn’t sign with any clubs. He personally established the Fenghua Club with the help of his agent Xue Linxiang and Fenghua Club’s incumbent president Hong Zhu. He also added a supplementary agreement to the contract——the copyright of all the original cards with the logo ‘唐’※ belonged to Tang Muzhou.

At first, he was the only player in Fenghua. And he didn’t recruit some partners who were on the same wavelength with him and also liked the Wood card group until the sixth season. Nowadays, the Fenghua Club had already been able to compete with some long-established clubs such as Adjudication and Flowing Frost City, which was evidence of not only for Tang Muzhou’s first-class personal power, but also his excellent leadership abilities.

In his fans’ minds, Tang Muzhou had always been a broad-minded player with good manners. Even though he was young, he was always able to take the long view by supporting the appearance of different new schools. In addition, he was the one who first put forward the concept of the IDE card. His current status could be compared with those old predecessors, such as Legend Nie, Zheng Feng as well as Ling Jingtang. Moreover, he had a prodigy apprentice, Shen An.

No matter how popular he was, Tang Muzhou never hid his gratitude for his Shifu.

He even said things like this, “In my opinion, my Shifu is forever the greatest professional player.”

Since Tang Muzhou had expressed his gratitude in public so many times, reporters had gotten to the bottom of their relationship——it was said that when Tang Muzhou was young and naive, he went to the black market and sold many good cards. He didn’t get his cards to the auction until he had received some renown. Chen Qianlin bought his vine card at a high price when he heard about him. Then he made him an apprentice. Tang Muzhou was able to make progress quickly and made a full set of plant cards in such a short time because of his careful instruction. During this process, Tang Muzhou gradually grew up into an excellent professional player.

Unfortunately, Chen Qianlin never showed up in public again.

Maybe losing the case that year was too much for him and he didn’t want to stay in the league anymore, or, he was just tired.

Xie Mingzhe browsed through news from dozens of pages, however, they just suddenly stopped updating at the moment when he retired.

Where was he after retirement? What was he doing? No one knew the answer.

He disappeared for almost five years.


Xie Mingzhe couldn’t calm down for a long time after browsing this shocking news.

He didn’t attend the fifth season and didn’t experience the turbulence in person, but he could clearly imagine Chen Qianlin’s desperation and depression as well as teenager Tang Muzhou’s glamourous and shining moments from the words and pictures left behind.

This pair of Shifu and apprentice were legends in the Star Card League. He didn’t expect that he could be related to both of them.

Xie Mingzhe finally understood why Tang Muzhou would like to carefully instruct him. Maybe the reason was that his incipient experience in achieving fame in the black market was pretty similar to his. Five years ago, the innocent teenaged Tang Muzhou luckily got his beloved Shifu’s guidance. And nowadays, when seeing talented green hands like Xie Mingzhe, Tang Muzhou was willing to help him as a gesture of commemorating his Shifu.

Originally Xie Mingzhe thought he and Legend Tang were just friends in the game and their paths wouldn’t cross in real life. However, he couldn’t conceive that the brother of Chen Xiao, the boss of the boosting studio he was in, was Chen Qianlin, who happened to be Tang Muzhou’s Shifu.

Joining Chen Xiao’s boosting studio, making [Lin Daiyu] targeting Tang Muzhou, selling cards in the black market and drawing Fenghua’s attention, [Lin Daiyu] being bought by Tang Muzhou at a high price in the auction, the first meeting in Qianlin Restaurant……All of these things were fortuitous.

Several lines linked them together, and all of them converged on the same end——Chen Qianlin.

He and Tang Muzhou became friends in the game. Tomorrow he would meet Tang Muzhou’s Shifu Chen Qianlin.

Maybe this is destiny?

Tang Muzhou was awesome enough. The degree of his Shifu’s awesomeness was beyond Xie Mingzhe’s imagination. If Brother Chen really could persuade this legendary “founder of the Wood card group” into making him an apprentice, it would be timely rain for Xie Mingzhe.

He had innumerable ideas right now. The question was, what kind of card could be counted as a good battle card? What kind of card group could be applied in the high-level matches? It would take a pretty long period of time for some novices like him to find answers without a large amount of cumulative race experience. Not to mention that the cards he made could be totally useless.

If Legend Chen agreed to help him, he would be the luckiest person in the world.

Being excited and hopeful, Xie Mingzhe slept soundly in bed.

He had made up his mind that tomorrow he must give Legend Chen Qianlin a good impression!

Translator’s Note:

The logo ‘唐’ refers to Tang Muzhou’s surname ‘Tang’.


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