Chapter 44 – The Request for Apprenticing (Part 1)

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The sports car had dashed along the aerial levitation lane for several hours and the roadside scenery gradually changed. Xie Mingzhe noticed that on both sides high buildings disappeared and the traffic obviously became light. On the contrary, more and more large trees emerged.

This must be a suburb. However, there was no shabby factory or ramshackle house. Surprisingly, the place was full of stretches of farmland and forest. The buildings there were two or three-storeyed houses. Compared with some modern city covered with tall buildings, the living environment of this place was kind of like a paradise away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

The car stopped in a broad open space, and they got out successively.

After walking more than 100 meters, they met a corner and a villa popped into view.

The architecture of the villa was pretty simple: the two-story structure matched with the pointed rooftop and the snow-white walls, as well as the wooden fence. Typical pastoral style. In front of the villa was an extensive flower bed where blossoms of white flowers flourished. The faint aroma floated in the air. It was not overwhelming, instead, it was soft and elegant in a pleasant way.

Walking through the garden, Xie Mingzhe saw a large expanse of vines. The vines were splendid. They twisted around each other circling centrifugally, creating a natural green shield which could protect pedestrians from the sunlight.

Xie Mingzhe walked in the shade provided by the vines and couldn’t resist saying, “Your brother really loves plants.”

Chen Xiao smiled, “Of course. My brother majored in Botany at university and he knows thousands of plants.”

Every time he talked about his brother, Chen Xiao was reverent and worshipful, just like a fan.

Xie Mingzhe sighed with admiration inside. Chen Qianlin was certainly the founder of the Wood card group. It was impressive to know that someone knows thousands of plants. There were no more than ten flowers that Xie Mingzhe could name. This was the difference between an ordinary person and a professional.

Chen Xiao and Xie Mingzhe walked to the door. A butler robot stopped them and spoke in a robotic voice, “Sorry, my master doesn’t receive visits.” 

Behind him, a few robots were engaged in working. Some were weeding, while some were watering. It seemed that Legend Chen lived a life of elegant ease after retiring. Having robots as companions and growing so many plants and flowers, he was at peace with the world, just like a god.

Chen Xiao ignored the robot and directly stepped forward to ring the doorbell.

A screen appeared in front of them which was similar to the spyhole on Earth, except that it could project the guests’ images interiorly.

Chen Xiao said in a low voice, “Brother, it’s me. I have something really important to talk to you. Could you open the door, please?”

His voice was extremely gentle and soft and Xie Mingzhe couldn’t believe his ears. Turning to look, he found that Chen Xiao had already taken off his sunglasses. His eyes intensely stared at the screen with a glint of anticipation and anxiety, as if he was a child waiting for his parents’ consent.

There was no response from the house for a long time.

Chen Xiao kept looking at the screen and saying, “Brother, I brought a really talented novice to see you. You must be very interested in his cards. Could you just check his cards, please?”

A few seconds later, a voice came into their ears, “I have retired. Don’t care about the card stuff.”

Xie Mingzhe lost his consciousness for a moment——this was the most special voice he had ever heard. It was not an adult man’s deep and low voice, but rather as fresh as a clear spring running from the hill. It was impressively pure and without any impurities.

Hearing this, Chen Xiao despondently lowered his head and said, “Brother, I was so impetuous before. I’m sorry. I understand that you don’t want to see me. But today I’m not alone, and the man I bring today is really gifted who is as good as Tang Muzhou. Also, he sincerely wants to be your apprentice…… How about this, I’ll leave and you two meet. Is this okay?”

Xie Mingzhe decided to assist Brother Chen, so he said, “Hello, Brother Chen. I’m Chen Xiao’s friend, Xie Mingzhe. I haven’t played the game for a long time, but I have made a few character cards. Would you be interested in seeing them first?”

Chen Xiao immediately turned on the optical tablet and projected Xie Mingzhe’s character cards onto the screen.

Ten character cards neatly appeared on the holographic  screen, all of which had the instant death effect.

Chen Xiao said, “Brother, all these cards were finished by Xiao Xie in one week. He is really talented……”

When he spoke of this, the door suddenly opened from the inside.

A man appeared in the doorway.

He was fair-skinned and wore an extremely clean white shirt and a pair of figure-flattering brown trousers. He had delicate and pretty features and a unique temperament, just like the flowers he planted, which bespoke an air of indifference and unworldliness.

The most striking feature were his eyes——the colour of his irises were light. His eyes were as clear and sparkling as expensive gems. Generally speaking, a yellow man has dark brown pupils. It was said that the lack of melanin in a person’s eyes would lead to light-coloured pupils. His irises’ colour was modest and not that conspicuous, but unforgettable. 

It turned out that Legend Chen was a handsome man with a pleasantly unique temperament. No wonder he was so popular during those years.

Xie Mingzhe looked at him, without blinking.

Chen Qianlin looked in this teenager’s shining eyes and kept silent for a few seconds, then he said, “Come on in.”

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