Chapter 45 – The Establishment of the Club (Part 1)

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Chen Xiao knew his brother’s character well. If he was not interested in Xie Mingzhe, he wouldn’t open the door. Opening the door to let them in, checking Xie Mingzhe’s character cards and prompting Xie Mingzhe to make a normal instance card; this sequence of behaviour meant that he had wavered and he just wanted to test Xie Mingzhe’s real talent before making a decision on the apprentice stuff.

It was almost 12 noon. Since they had finished their topic, Chen Xiao should have briskly left with Xie Mingzhe. The truth was that Chen Xiao finally brazened it out and stayed there, “Brother, how about I cook and you and Xiao Xie keep talking. And we’ll leave after lunch.”

Chen Qianlin couldn’t tell him fair and square to leave in the presence of Xie Mingzhe, so he saved his face, “There’s food in the fridge. One or two dishes will be fine .”

Chen Xiao briefly responded with an ‘Okay’, then excitedly rolled up his sleeves to cook in the kitchen.

Chen Qianlin stood up and went to his study. When he came back, he held a thick notebook in his hand. The binding of the notebook looked very ancient and the pages started to yellow, obviously showing signs of age. He passed the notebook to Xie Mingzhe, “This is the analysis of the five attributes’ skills. I wrote this when I was a novice. You can have it since the fundamentals are important.”

Xie Mingzhe gratefully received it, “Thank you, Legend Chen! You hand wrote this in person?”

Chen Qianlin nodded, “I’m used to hand writing notes since writing by hand can deepen my memory. Just like painting, you can always remember an image which you draw in person better than one created through a computer.”

Xie Mingzhe asked out of curiosity, “You like painting too? I saw a studio next to your study.”

“Just a hobby. Casually drawing some plants and flowers.” Chen Qianlin said, “Why don’t you have a look at the notebook first?”

“Sure.” Xie Mingzhe opened the notebook and was impressed by Chen Qianlin’s neat handwriting which looked like they were printed. It recorded many various skills of the five attributes, especially the Wood attribute. Since Chen Qianlin himself was devoted to the Wood card group, the analysis of the Wood cards’ control skills alone occupied dozens of pages……

Xie Mingzhe held the notebook as if he had received a valuable treasure. And the content of the notebook really attracted him.

Chen Qianlin found that the teenager was earnestly reading the notebook, lowering his head. His earnest attitude made him take to him a little bit.

Originally when he wrote the notebook, he was just a greenhand. Regarding the notebook as a method for learning, he recorded every possible detail. In addition to the design of the five attributes’ skills, he also added a lot of personal understanding to it. Some impatient young men always became weary of this thick notebook, but it seemed that Xie Mingzhe was enjoying it. When it came to some significant points, the teenager scratched his head as if he was thinking and sometimes he just repeatedly nodded. He was really cute when seriously reading a book.

Chen Qianlin gave a chuckle and left him alone, then he went to the kitchen.

In the kitchen, Chen Xiao was cooking, with his sleeves rolled up. He had grown into a tall adult man whose temperament had changed completely. But he could still recognize his infant appearance from his eyes and other features, which were familiar to him.

Noticing that Chen Qianlin was behind him, Chen Xiao immediately became nervous, “Brother, what are you doing here……”

Chen Qianlin camly said, “There is no other people. You don’t need to find an excuse to see me. You came today not only for Xie Mingzhe, right?”

Chen Xiao’s back went slightly rigid. A moment later he finally said, “Over the years I have been regretful. I was drunk and lost my reason. I want to apologize to you in person for all the ravings, to say ‘I am sorry’ formally……”

“You thought that’s what I only care about?” Chen Qianlin’s voice was cold, “You also did a dumb thing behind my back. Do you need me to remind you of it?”

“……” Chen Xiao showed an embarrassed look.

“Why did you sign with Shao Bo?” Chen Qianlin frankly asked.

“……”Chen Xiao awkwardly withdrew his eyes and wished he could go back to the past and slap his face hard. Being stared at by his brother’s calm eyes, his cheeks flushed. He took a deep breath and said in a low voice, “Brother, I was naive at that time. You’re the most outstanding player in the Star Card League and I had always admired you. Shao Bo told me that if I signed with Sanctuary, I could debut in advance and thus we could participate in-game together.

“The League added the doubles race programme to the fifth season. At that time you still didn’t have a good partner. So I thought if I joined Sanctuary I could play the doubles race with you, and we must be tacit in the arena as brothers……”

“So you signed the player contract and kept the whole thing from me?” Chen Qianlin interrupted him unpleasantly.

“……” Chen Xiao regretfully lowered his head. When he signed the contract, his brother and Shao Bo were still friends. He never expected that the contract could be a trap. He had flung himself into the plan to participate in the game with his brother. Shao Bo was his brother’s best friend and he was eloquent, so he signed with him without a second thought and didn’t tell his brother since he wanted to give his brother a surprise.

He didn’t expect that his so-called ‘surprise’ would cause great trouble to his brother, which partially led to his brother’s retirement. Chen Xiao was too embarrassed to tell Xie Mingzhe that it was his naivety and ignorance that landed his brother in a passive position.

Not only was he cheated, but his younger brother also signed the contract——Chen Qianlin’s disappointment at that time was beyond description.

The double attack from his childhood friend and his younger brother made him hopeless. As a result, he chose to leave.

Chen Xiao realized that he had made a big mistake to have made a decision without letting his brother know, but he didn’t know how to fix this. After his brother left, he hated Sanctuary’s guts and secretly swore that he wouldn’t even earn a penny for the Sanctuary Club.

At the outset of the fifth season, Shao Bo ordered him to participate in the game on the basis of the contract. He deliberately lost races in the arena. His acting skill was so flawless that no one perceived that he had lost the races on purpose. The spectators just thought that he constantly couldn’t seize the opportunity and was so erratic at a critical point.

Losing ten races in a row, Chen Qianlin’s fans became furious. As a result, a torrent of criticism and abuse came to him, “You’re Legend Chen’s brother? You’re so weak!”

“Seriously, you can’t hold a candle for your brother!” 

“This dumb-ass man even signed with the Sanctuary Club. If I were Legend Chen, I would be pissed off!” 

“Legend Chen is so great. How come he has such a dumb brother? Are they really brothers?”……

After a string of failures, Chen Xiao ran into Tang Muzhou in the arena.

Both of them were novices debuting in the fifth season. Tang Muzhou was an overwhelming as well as talented teenager, while Chen Xiao was only a dumb player who could do nothing but to shame his brother. Tang Muzhou’s 10 successive wins compared with Chen Xiao’s 10 successive defeats, the competition between them became extremely ironic. As expected, Chen Xiao couldn’t keep pace with the tempo at the critical point and was completely defeated by Tang Muzhou in 0:2. A competition without any suspense.

After the race, Tang Muzhou walked in front of him and said in a voice that could only be heard by them, “Your acting was excellent. I’m the only one in the league who knows your real strength. In my mind, today’s race doesn’t count. When you come back one day, the real game is on.”

Chen Xiao didn’t answer him. They were very close in private. Tang Muzhou knew him well and had already seen through his scheme for trying to leaving Sanctuary as soon as possible.

However, most spectators and Shao Bo didn’t know his real capability, and all of them regarded Chen Xiao as a complete loser. Consequently, Shao Bo didn’t spend much time on him. Chen Xiao seized the opportunity to make a request, “Boss, it seems that I’m not cut out for participating in the game. I should go back to school, and you don’t need to pay me any more. What about we directly terminate our agreement?”

Shao Bo gave a cold smile and said, “It’s okay that you go back to school, but there is no reason to cancel our contract……Since your brother and I have been friends for so many years, I’ll still pay you 1500 basic salary a month, which you can live on in university.”

Even though Chen Xiao was not good at races, he was somewhat fearful of the teenager because Chen Qianlin always mentioned that his brother’s talent was as good as his.

Chen Xiao tried hard to stifle the urge to punch this man, and then he calmly said, “Okay. Then please keep the contract for me.”

He intended to camly leave the Sanctuary Club and go to university.

During the contract, he didn’t want to make even a penny for Sanctuary, and he didn’t want to win fame by winning games neither. When the contract expired and he reclaimed his card copyrights, he would return to the arena which he loved very much with his real capability.

He had planned to officially participate in the game during the next season, and the appearance of Xie Mingzhe just accelerated his plan. 

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