Chapter 45 – The Establishment of the Club (Part 2)

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Seeing the regretful expressions on his brother’s face, Chen Qianlin’s voice became less strict, then he said, “Today you brought Xie Mingzhe to see me. Have you finally made the decision to return to the league with Xie Mingzhe next year?”

“Yes.” Chen Xiao paused for a few seconds, then he added, “Brother, you may rest assured. I was afraid that my card copyrights would be stolen by Sanctuary, so I didn’t make any cards during these years. Sanctuary didn’t get any chances to take advantage of me, instead, they have to pay me 1500 a month. So I basically didn’t suffer losses in the contract. Shao Bo is pretty cautious, but I hid my light under a bushel too. I secretly thought of many plans to make cards, and I have designed the whole set of a card group in my mind. I will make them all as soon as the contract expires.”

“You’d better sign a written termination agreement with him, in case he holds something on you again,” Chen Qianlin suggested.

“Of course. I have already hired a lawyer and I will meet him next week.”

They kept silent for a moment, and Chen Xiao quickly changed the subject, saying in a gentle voice, “Brother, I respect you all the time. In that year I was only 18 and I was a total idiot, em, in terms of love. Please don’t take my words seriously. Can we just be relatives please? I promise that I won’t say any of those stupid things any longer. Please forgive me.”

He looked at his older brother with his heart palpitating. The last time he saw his brother was five years ago and now their relationship couldn’t be worse. Chen Xiao hoped to gradually improve it. It was always better to be brothers than not being able to see each other. Originally he was too impetuous. Anyone would be angry in that situation with his sudden love announcement. As long as he had the opportunity to see him, he could try to change his brother’s mind, and maybe there was still a glimmer of hope, who knows?

It seemed that Chen Qianlin chose to trust him, or he just didn’t want to embarrass his younger brother. He slightly narrowed his eyes and said, “After getting the termination agreement with Sanctuary, make a card group set and bring it to me.”

Chen Xiao was surprised and pleased, and even his fingers were trembling, “Okay. I’ll come here with Xiao Xie next time!”


After the lunch, Chen Xiao reluctantly left with Xie Mingzhe.

On their way home, he was radiant, like a kid being praised by his parents for good grades. Obviously, his relationship with his brother was eased, which made him excited. Xie Mingzhe didn’t know what had happened between them before, but he was happy for him as now their relationship had thawed out.

Chen Qianlin’s house was so far away that they didn’t arrive back at their studio until nightfall. Chi Qing came and reported the situation that all cards in Xie Mingzhe’s store had been sold, amounting to 10,000,000 game coins. In addition, the materials that had been accumulated during this period were too many for the warehouse.

Chen Xiao heard this and said, “How about this. Since it causes so much trouble to place all our materials in A’Qing’s place, we should build a club ourselves. In that case we can have the club’s territory and get a building exclusively used for storing materials.”

Everyone was on board.

Xie Mingzhe asked, “What’s our club’s name then?”

Xiao Pang raised his hand and proposed, “How about Nirvana? Our studio is named Nirvana, we should keep using it since the name is simple and easy to remember.”

Chen Xiao turned to Xie Mingzhe, “What do you think, Xiao Xie?”

Xie Mingzhe nodded briskly, “Excellent. I like the name!”

The studio ‘Nirvana’ was named by Chen Xiao. He couldn’t make up for the mistake in his early years, so he expected a Nirvana, which means to dump the past and to restart. As for Xie Mingzhe, his life on earth had already culminated. He was reborn in a different world, which could be regarded as a new beginning.

They immediately reached a consensus and went to the Aquarius galaxy’s service centre together to pay a fee for building the club Nirvana.

Chen Xiao originally wanted Xie Mingzhe to hold the post of president, but Xie Mingzhe transferred the position to Chi Qing. He explained, “I don’t have much time to manage the club. Let Sister Qing do it.”

His trust touched Chi Qing. She nodded in earnest, “I, Yingying, Xiao Pang and Jin Yue, we can manage the club together. They can be vice presidents.”

As for the color of their territorial star, they decided white after considerable discussion.

Currently none of the big clubs’ colors was white: Adjudication was red, Fenghua was green, Capital of Darkness was deep purple, Ghost Hell was pure black, Flowing Frost City was ice blue, and it was said that Pantheon was gold which represented the Metal card group. Moreover, Xie Mingzhe thought that white could embrace everything, which was also the symbol of resetting.

In Xie Mingzhe’s galaxy navigation map, the sixth territorial star appeared.

The pure white planet was surrounded by a fascinating as well as soft light.

This was the club territory that really belonged to himself——the Nirvana Club! 

It felt so good to have a club and everyone could be directly teleported back to their territory from the galaxy map.

However, a club was just a vast patch of wilderness when it was built, and players needed to design their buildings in person. Fortunately, Chi Qing was adept at decorating. With her sister Chi Yingying’s help, the decorating work went smoothly. They went to the mall to buy all kinds of building materials, then they started to floor rooms, build houses as well as green the place……

The two girls were busy and had a good time.

Chi Yingying asked, “For now there are six people in our club. Should we recruit new members and perform club tasks?”

Pang Yu said, “Normally club tasks are large group instances including more than ten people. Although this kind of task is difficult, its reward is bigger than daily instances’. The most important thing is that club tasks can drop strengthening cards, which are pretty rare in the market!”

Jin Yue also said, “If we start to perform club tasks, Xiao Pang and I could take charge of instances. Each of us leads a group, then we don’t need to worry about strengthening cards later.”

Chi Ying said, “I’ll take charge of recruiting.”

Xie Mingzhe questioningly looked at Chen Xiao since he had not expected that each member in Brother Chen’s boosting studio has his or her merits. It seemed that he was trying to build a club in the first place. In that case he really picked up a great bargain by accidentally joining the Nirvana Studio.

Chen Xiao nodded briskly and said, “Yingying, you go write the publicity plan first. We only recruit players with the maximum level who also can farm instances, and elite players in the arena. The first batch shouldn’t be more than 50 people. When we recruit enough players, we’ll start to perform club tasks.”

Every club was supported by big clans, otherwise players wouldn’t even have enough materials when they study cards. Big clubs, such as Adjudication and Fenghua, have the perfect management system as well as member benefits. Chen Xiao advanced his plan to build a club because the relationship between him and his brother was eased. In addition, with the aid of the powerful partner, Xie Mingzhe, he finally could carry out his ‘Go Back to the League’ plan without any concerns. 


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