Chapter 46 – Conceiving the Instance Card (Part 1)

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Xie Mingzhe returned to his individual space to think about how to make the instance card, leaving club issues to the others.

Xie Mingzhe had learnt a lot from reading Legend Chen’s private notes this afternoon. He wanted to make an AOE card with the Fire attribute. According to the range of card data stipulated by the authorities, the Fire attribute would create the maximum AOE.

When it came to the Fire attribute, the first thing that came into his mind was Zhou Yu from Romance of the Three Kingdoms.

At the Battle of Red Cliffs, Sun and Liu’s allied forces defeated Cao’s army, and then Zhou Yu, the governor of the district on the south of Yangtze River, set fire to more than 100,000 soldiers of Cao’s army, leading to the situation where three kingdoms stood. Zhou Yu distinguished himself at this battle famous for the few defeating the many. The key element used in this battle was ‘Fire’.

Ancient people also spoke highly of Zhou Yu who unfortunately died young. For example, Su Shi, a famous poet, once wrote a poem to commemorate him as well as the Battle of Red Cliffs, “Zhou Yu who just married Xiao Qiao※ was such a heroic figure with great ambitions. He was bold and unconstrained, and he could easily vanquish a large enemy force with excellent strategies.”

Zhou Yu was a great man of wit and intelligence who was also handsome.

After thinking for a moment, Xie Mingzhe decided to portray Zhou Yu as a general who commanded troops in a remarkable war.

Elements such as armor and coat armor could build a more heroic image. On the other hand, he was more of a military officer. As the governor of the district on the south of Yangtze River, he was really an intellectual who would spend time with Xiao Qiao reading books and playing traditional instruments in his daily life. In addition, he was a well-known handsome man in history.

After deciding Zhou Yu’s image, Xie Mingzhe connected his Inner Spirit to the card-making system and tried to make the card, [Zhou Yu].

He didn’t know if he could make it because this was the first time that he tried to make an instance card, so on the basis of saving materials he frugally chose a piece of first-class Nebula paper which was worth 7 gold coins. If he could succeed, he would do it again with more expensive paper.

The card image was finished soon and the skill had already been designed. Xie Mingzhe connected to the database and patiently waited for the examination to end. Five minutes later he heard the voice prompt, “Sorry. The card can’t pass the examination. The skill already exists.”

Xie Mingzhe took a look at the skill that he designed——AOE with the Fire attribute in the range of 20 meters ahead. This kind of skill could easily overlap with other cards.

So he changed the description and sent the card to be examined again.

However, Xie Mingzhe faced unprecedented trouble during this card making process.

Sorry. The card can’t pass the examination. The skill already exists.

Sorry. The card can’t pass the examination. Please change the skill description.


After consecutively being turned down for ten times, Xie Mingzhe finally realized the reason why Legend Chen said “The functionally easier the card is, the more difficult it is to innovate.”

AOE cards with the Fire attribute were the most common instance cards in the game.

The database was already brimming with all kinds of Fire AOE skills, from ‘Fire harm in the range of 20 meters’ he originally designed to ‘straight line Fire harm’, ‘fan-shaped Fire harm’ and ‘Fire harm within an appointed area’——all of those were brutally rejected!

It was easy to make instant death cards in the first place, which gave him an illusion that making cards was easy.

In fact, he was just a lucky boy who happened to make IDE cards right after the IDE card type was added into the database. Since there were not many instant death skills at that time, it was easy for his cards to pass the examination. However, it was a totally different thing to make instance cards and battle cards.

Innovation……Seriously, how to innovate the Fire AOE skill?

Xie Mingzhe was suffering from a headache. After shredding 20 pieces of Nebula paper in one go, he decided to relax his brain and went offline to look for inspiration.

Chen Xiao was offline too, but he was pleasantly cleaning up the second floor’s bedroom and making the bed.

Xie Mingzhe went upstairs and saw him cleaning up that empty master bedroom, so he couldn’t resist asking, “Brother Chen, are you cleaning up the room for your brother?”

Chen Xiao’s eyes were laughing and he looked happy, “I think it’s always right to prepare the bedroom for him in advance, maybe he is willing to come back. My brother’s room has remained the same since he left, including all the decorations.” 

He personally made the bed and turned to Xie Mingzhe, asking, “Any good news about your instance cards?”

Xie Mingzhe gave a painful expression, “I’ve decided the character, but the skill kept being turned down by the system because of repetition.”

Chen Xiao approached him and patted his shoulder, “Take it easy. It’s not easy to innovate as there are a large number of AOE skills in the database. Here is a tip——it’s easier for a dual-skill card to pass the examination than a mono-skill card.”

Xie Mingzhe was surprised, “Why?”

Chen Xiao explained, “The examination of the database is based on the contrast between different cards. For instance, one card has two skills of ‘Water AOE’ and ‘group speed reduction’, and the other card has two skills of ‘Water AOE’ and ‘group freeze’. Technically speaking, this can’t be counted as repetition since they have different skills, so the system will let them pass. The point is that there is a limited number of control and AOE skills, and all kinds of combinations have been used a thousand times before. The real difficulty is to think of a fresh combination plan.”

Xie Mingzhe was suddenly enlightened. All the cards that he had made before were IDE cards with only one skill, and he hadn’t made any dual-skill cards. When the database examined a card, it would search for other similar cards to see if there was repetition. Obviously, the probability of a dual-skill card having the exact same skills with other cards was much lower than that of a mono-skill card.

Nevertheless, it was still not that easy to make a completely new combination of skills. Plus the five attributes couldn’t be carelessly put together, for example, a card with the Fire AOE skill as well as the Water Freeze Control skill couldn’t pass the examination either.

Obeying the essential rule of the five attributes card group and innovating was really hard…….

Xie Mingzhe lowered his head, deep in thought.

He kept pondering how to make the instance card, and still had no ideas in the evening.

In desperation, he went back to his old business by drawing some IDE cards that had been done before to sell in the store tomorrow. The store’s stock should be adequate anyway.

Previously the process of making IDE cards went so smoothly that he ignored the fact that he didn’t know the game’s card-making rule well. Legend Chen’s notes gave him a lot of inspiration, but he was still stuck in making the simplest instance cards.

He thought that he shouldn’t be so impatient. He needed to seriously think about it.


Translator’s Note:

Xiao Qiao was the beautiful daughter of Qiao Xuan, and was taken hostage by Dong Zhuo following the death of her father along with her older sister, Da Qiao. In AD 189, two dashing young men named Sun Ce and Zhou Yu set off to rescue the young girls from Dong Zhuo’s clutches. They did so successfully, and Xiao Qiao married Zhou Yu while her sister married Sun Ce.

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Haruki Natsuyu Posted on3:11 pm - Dec 21, 2019

Aaaaaa go MC! Jiayou!

Wakuseino Posted on5:30 pm - Dec 20, 2019

…You know, I’ve been contemplating this for a while, but… Isn’t this card game too arbitrary to be played by millions of people? I mean, one person has exclusive rights to produce all butterflies, for example, and anyone else that tries to make a butterfly will be unable to make the card because oh this one guy has made every variation of butterfly ever, because he’s weird like that. So even if they do something completely different with the butterfly, it’s rejected because that butterfly already exists.

The skillsets are running into this issue too: A Fire AOE is not unique. The idea that one person has exclusive rights to making a Fire AOE is patently absurd. And yes, there’s a bypass with the dual-skill cards, but that doesn’t actually solve the problem of basic concepts basically being under a stranglehold. How… is this game playable?

    Avis Posted on12:13 pm - Dec 26, 2019

    Not that one person has exclusive rights to making a particular group. After all, it depends on how creative a person is, and the reason why certain cards can no longer be made is because they’ve alr been made before, which would be normal even without one person hogging all the inventions esp if the game has been around for long enough. And you’re viewing this from the point of view of someone who wants to make cards. Most players don’t make cards. They’re players. They collect cards made by others.

    Or at least that’s how I understood it.

    Ria Posted on8:11 pm - Dec 26, 2019

    From what I understood the card designs are copyrighted but the individual skill is not. For eg fire AOE is a skill. It can be designed in many ways. For eg mc makes a character for it. Someone can make, say a dragon with fire AOE and so on.