Chapter 46 – Conceiving the Instance Card (Part 2)

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It was late at night and Xie Mingzhe went onto the balcony, dreamily staring at a pot of E. aureum※ hung on the wall.

The E. aureum was flourishing well, maybe because it had grown for so many years. It sprawled from the wall to the ground and kept moving forward to circle the whole balcony and finally stopped under the window, then it climbed upwards again and gave a lap of the rooftop, decking the whole balcony with its green leaves, which was a really pleasant scene.

Chen Xiao really took good care of these plants that his brother had left and this pot of E. aureum was so energetic that people could almost feel the soul inside of it!

When he looked at it, an idea suddenly popped out——

That’s right! If a flame ran into this kind of plant, would there be any chance that fire would run all the way along the branch?

Originally the Wood group instance ‘Night Forest’ which made them frustrated and agitated had so many vines like this one. Every time Xie Mingzhe took a few steps, he would be bound by the vines. And he was bound several times during an instance. He could still remember that at that time Brother Chen had arranged him to apply [Ice Goddess]’s Freeze skill to restrict the vines. The vines temporarily lost the ability to move after being frozen. Then everyone took advantage of this interval and swiftly bypassed the area of vines to kill treants.

But what if they didn’t bypass the vines? Wouldn’t these vines precisely provide a method to spread fire?

The reason why Zhou Yu could win the Battle of Red Cliffs was that Cao Cao’s army was not familiar with water wars and thus linked all of his boats together. As a result, Zhou Yu could burn more than 100,0000 soldiers all at once by dint of wind and fire.

——That was right!

——A medium was really important for a fire to burn.

If he designed a Fire skill that could spread fire, maybe he could reproduce the spectacular scene of burning Cao’s warships at the Battle of Red Cliffs!

Thinking of this, Xie Mingzhe immediately ran downstairs, excited, then directly sat on his seat and put on the helmet.

Though it was already 2 o’clock in the morning, Xie Mingzhe was currently energetic. He rapidly logged into the game and connected his inner spirit to the card making system. As his inner spirit permeated through the Nebula paper, the image on the paper gradually became clear——

The man wore a suit of smart armour with the cloak rustling behind him. He was a young general with strong handsome features as well as sharp and firm eyes. He straightened himself up and looked into the distance with the corner of his mouth curving up. He was unhurriedly commanding his army at this legendary battle.

“Congratulations! The card is complete. Please connect to the database to examine your card……”

The familiar sound rang out and Xie Mingzhe immediately connected to the database to examine his card. He was crossing his fingers that his card could pass the examination this time. He really didn’t want to hear ‘sorry’ again since the word had haunted him for the whole afternoon and he couldn’t bear more!

Three minutes passed……

Five minutes passed……

After ten minutes, he finally heard the sound prompt and the familiar and friendly voice said, “Congratulations. The card passes the examination!”

Xie Mingzhe was exulted and on the edge of weeping for joy——at that moment this sound was sweeter than anything else in the world!

Previously, all of his IDE cards were done within half an hour, while [Zhou Yu] made him rack his brains for a straight eight hours.

From 6pm to 2am.

He felt that his head was about to explode, and finally he thought of a good idea.

Xie Mingzhe’s fingers slightly trembled and he carefully picked up the card from the card console, looking at the data on the card——

Zhou Yu (Fire)

Card Level: 1

Evolution Level: ★

Available Times of Use: 1/1

Base Attributes: Health 500, Attack 300, Defense 150, Agility 10, Critical Strike Chance 10%

Additional Skill: Chains of Iron Rings (Using flammable iron chains to interlink the target in the range of 20 meters forward; 10 second cooldown.)

Additional Skill: Burning Red Cliffs (Causing 100% Fire group damage to targets in the range of 20 meters forward. If the target is linked with other targets in any way, the Fire damage will continue to spread and the damage degree will increase as the number of targets increases, and the maximum is 130%; 45 second cooldown.)

The description was really, really long.

The examination took so long, and it was obvious that the smart database was helping him scrutinize some details of the data, such as the cooldown that was added at the end.

Instance cards and battle cards’ skills were limited by CD, which meant that after the release of a round of skills, the next round was banned until the CD was satisfied. As long as players protected the card from being damaged, its skills could be recycled. As for skills such as ‘Daiyu Burying the Flowers’, ‘Cao Chong Weighing an Elephant’, they belonged to functional card skills which could only be used once. Hence, there was no need to design their CD.

The skill, ‘Chains of Iron Rings’, was just used to link the target without causing any damage, so its CD was short. It could be used again in ten seconds.

While the other skill, ‘Burning Red Cliffs’, its AOE was pretty high and could even increase as the damage was spread, so its CD was accordingly pretty long, 45 seconds.

Seeing the two skills separately, none of them could be counted as a powerful skill. 

But that was just one [Zhou Yu] right now.

What if he put more than five [Zhou Yu]s together?

Everyone applied ‘Chains of Iron Rings’ at the same time and they could interlink all the mobs in the arena in no time!

On top of this skill, they could release ‘Burning Red Cliffs’, then a blaze would be widely spread. As the fire burnt more and more furiously, maybe they could instantly kill all the enemies!

Xie Mingzhe’s heart rate accelerated.

He’d made it. He had created an original dual-skill instance card with Fire attribute!

Would he qualify when he brought the card to Legend Chen?

Translator’s Note:

Epipremnum aureum is a species of flowering plant. It is also called devil’s vine or devil’s ivy because it is almost impossible to kill and it stays green even when kept in the dark. E. aureum is an evergreen vine growing to 20 m (66 ft) tall, with stems up to 4 cm (2 in) in diameter, climbing by means of aerial roots which adhere to surfaces.

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