Chapter 47 – The Modified [Zhou Yu] (Part 1)

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It was already 2 a.m. when he finished [Zhou Yu], but Xie Mingzhe was not sleepy at all. In the situation of the instance card saturation, being able to create a new skill combination and to pass the system’s examination made him gain more confidence in his imagination.

However, there was still room for improvement in this [Zhou Yu]. In order to pass the examination, he had just given all his attention to the skill design and barely noticed the basic data of the card.

According to the theory that Tang Muzhou mentioned to him before, different card groups had different data bias. For instance, disposable functional cards such as [Lin Daiyu] and [Xue Baochai] needed to increase their agility to the maximum to guarantee high speed activation. [Zhou Yu] was not a functional card, instead, it could be counted as an ‘AOE output card’. Agility was not that important for [Zhou Yu], but Attack and Critical Strike Chance were. [Zhou Yu] couldn’t cause high Fire damage until its Attack and Critical Strike Chance were raised.

Xie Mingzhe connected his inner spirit to the card making system and painted [Zhou Yu] again, only this time he chose to use a piece of the most expensive Nebula paper.

The card, [Zhou Yu], was enlarged several times in his spiritual world and every detail was clearly presented in front of him. Xie Mingzhe intricately painted the image, and he also paid attention to the card’s data. Numbers changed continuously, he tried to reallocate his inner spirit……

Five minutes later he finished modifying the card, and its Attack as well as Critical Strike Chance had considerably increased. However, Xie Mingzhe didn’t know whether this modified version could be regarded as perfect.

At that time, his shoulder was patted lightly. Xie Mingzhe took off his helmet and turned his head. Then he saw Chen Xiao standing behind him who asked in a slightly husky voice, “It is midnight. Why are you still awake? Did you manage to make a new card?”

Xie Mingzhe smiled and asked in reply, “Brother Chen, why are you awake too?”

Chen Xiao coughed, “I cannot sleep. Come on. Let’s play the game for a while.”

The reason why he couldn’t sleep was, without doubt, that his brother forgave him today, and he managed to use the excuse of ‘merely being relatives afterwards’ as a blind and thus successfully covered his love announcement, which was a blessed event for him. Of course, Chen Xiao didn’t dare to openly celebrate it, but it was impossible for him to hide the ecstasy existing deep inside. As a result, he had been tossing and turning in his bed all night. Then he heard some sounds from downstairs, so he came out to see what happened, and encountered Xie Mingzhe who was excitedly making his card.

They put on their helmets one after another and logged into the game. Xie Mingzhe directly dragged Chen Xiao to his individual space and passed his new card [Zhou Yu] to him, “Brother Chen, I have already made the new card. But I’m not sure how to perfect the card’s data?”

Chen Xiao’s eyes suddenly shone when he saw the card’s skills, “This card will definitely become a legendary card for farming instances!”

His positive comment made Xie Mingzhe feel very pleasant, then he continued to ask, “Should I further change the data?”

Chen Xiao thought carefully and suggested, “Yes. Increase the base Critical Strike Chance to 30%, and redistribute 200 points from Health to Attack. Try to increase the base Attack to more than 500 points.”

Xie Mingzhe immediately connected to the card making system to change the data.

It was much harder to adjust the data of a dual-skill card than that of a mono-skill one. Previously when he had made an IDE card, he was doing three things simultaneously, the card’s character, the skill and the data; when it came to a dual-skill card, it became ‘doing four things at the same time’, including two skills, both of which needed to be carefully designed, painting the card’s image as well as allocating different data, which was undoubtedly a big challenge of a card-making player’s inner spirit. 

This also explained why high-level card-making masters were so popular——after all, only a small minority of people could combine creative thinking, card image painting and data adjustment while also maintaining high inner spirit.

Xie Mingzhe failed three times consecutively, and every card he made didn’t attain the expected data, either a bit lower in Agility or much lower in Attack.

Chen Xiao encouraged him, “Be patient. It’s very hard indeed to perfect a dual-skill card. Take a break before you try again.”

Xie Mingzhe rubbed his temples. After resting for a while, he restarted.


Half an hour passed. Xie Mingzhe finally heaved a sigh of relief, and then he passed the ultimately modified card to Chen Xiao.

Chen Xiao nodded with appreciation, “Excellent. Now this card is an initial card with perfect attributes.”

Xie Mingzhe said excitedly, “Let’s upgrade it to level 70!”

The two people were teleported using the Galaxy Navigation Map to the Nirvana Club’s territory and opened the warehouse as managers. Then Xie Mingzhe took materials used for upgrading Fire cards.

After feeding [Zhou Yu] a large number of experience stones and evolution fragments, Xie Mingzhe picked [Zhou Yu] up again, which had become a black card with the maximum level.

The pure black card had a metallic texture, and a red flame pattern which looked extraordinarily exquisite appeared on its back. In addition, on the card’s front, the max-level [Zhou Yu]’s basic data had considerably increased——

Zhou Yu (Fire)

Card Level: 70

Evolution Level: ★★★★★★★

Available Times of Use: 7/7

Base Attributes: Health 8000, Attack 40000, Defense 8000, Agility 75, Critical Strike Chance 100%

Additional Skill: Chains of Iron Rings (Using flammable iron chains to interlink the target in the range of 30 meters forward; 10 second cooldown.)

Additional Skill: Burning Red Cliffs (Causing 170% Fire group damage to targets in the range of 30 meters forward. If the target is linked with other targets in any way, the Fire damage will continue to spread and the damage degree will increase as the number of targets increases, and the maximum is 200%; 45 second cooldown.)

Its base Attack had exceeded the qualified standard of seven-star cards at 30,000. 100% Critical Strike Chance meant that it would definitely trigger the critical strike. The two skills’ sphere of influence had raised to 30 meters. More importantly, the skills’ coefficients had substantially increased too; 100% and 130% group damage in the initial card were increased to 170% and 200% respectively.

Chen Xiao was very excited too when he saw the card. Then he immediately grabbed Xie Mingzhe and said, “Let’s try it in a real battle.”

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