Chapter 48 – The New Instance Play (Part 1)

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After having lunch, Xie Mingzhe went online and rapidly copied the ultimate version of [Zhou Yu], then he sent every partner one of this card.

Everyone’s eyes shone——this character card was really handsome!

Chen Xiao said, “Five people team up to farm instances. Let’s see what this card can do.”

Xie Mingzhe said, “You guys go. I want to stay here and think about a new card.”

Chen Xiao looked at him, a little surprised, “You’ve got a new idea?”

Xie Mingzhe said, “I don’t know if I can make it. I want to make a card to protect Zhou Yu.”

Chen Xiao nodded and didn’t ask any further questions, then he and the other four people went to farm instances.

While Xie Mingzhe stayed in his individual space to continue making the card.

He conceived of the card, [Huang Gai], as a protective card to assist [Zhou Yu]. Based on this conception, first he designed [Huang Gai] as a tank card with high HP. If its Health attribute was not high enough, it would probably die before [Zhou Yu], not to mention protecting it. In that case, it would be really awkward.

He defined [Huang Gai] as an Earth card since generally it was Earth cards that could achieve the maximum HP in the database. For instance, Legend Zheng Feng’s [White Elephant] with Earth attribute that had 200,000 HP. It had made a lot of professional players vexed, and was called the ‘Blood Bull’.

In terms of data, undoubtedly it was about increasing Defence and HP.

The real important thing lay with the skill design.

Protective cards were legion in the game. In case of repetition, he needed to think about how to innovate and pair skills.

Xie Mingzhe lowered his head, deep in thought, and he had some thoughts in his mind.

Since Huang Gai and Zhou Yu cooperated with each other in the self-torture ruse and Huang Gai was beaten black and blue, why didn’t he design [Huang Gai] as a self-harm card, for example, proactively dropping HP to trigger such and such effects. He assumed that this kind of self-harm support card must exist in the game before, but there must not be many of them.

After deciding his design, Xie Mingzhe opened the card making system.

As his Inner Spirit permeated throughout the Nebula paper, an image gradually appeared on it——

This was a topless old general with welts all over his body which had torn his skin apart. Blood saturated his skin and his body was disastrous. The old general’s hair was a little tangled, and the wrinkles on his face showed his great experience. Nevertheless, the expression on his face was extremely bold and courageous. It seemed that even more physical pain couldn’t break him down at all and he still straightened himself up.

The card was complete.

Xie Mingzhe connected to the system’s database and was crossing his fingers that he wouldn’t hear ‘Sorry’. A moment later, the voice prompted in his ears, “Congratulations. The card passes the examination!”

As expected, this kind of skill was rare in the database!

Xie Mingzhe excitedly picked up the new card that he had just made.

Huang Gai (Earth)

Card Level: 1

Evolution Level: ★

Available Times of Use: 1/1

Base Attributes: Health 2000, Attack 0, Defense 1500, Agility 5, Critical Strike Chance 0%

Additional Skill: Self-torture (Huang Gai flogs himself, causing 20%/40%/60%/80%/100% damage to his basic Health, and increasing 20%/40%/60%/80%/100% Attack of an appointed teammate; 10 second cooldown.)

Additional Skill: Loyalty (Huang Gai proactively drops 20% of his HP and provides the appointed target with an Earth Shield of the same amount of HP; During the existence of the shield, the target is immune to every control. If the shield is broken, it will add 50% of the target’s basic Health to the target; 30 second cooldown.)

Xie Mingzhe, “………………”

Self-harm assistance plus the protective healing skill, his design was presented on the card again!

Covering a teammate with low HP with the shield could not only protect the teammate for a period of time, but also help the teammate regain 50% HP when the shield was broken!

If they took [Huang Gai] to farm instances, they wouldn’t be concerned that [Zhou Yu] would die at all.


At the same time, Chen Xiao and the other people in his studio were using [Zhou Yu] for farming a daily instance.

That day’s daily instance was Jupiter’s ‘Purple Bamboo Forest’ which was pretty easy. It had no Boss but a great amount of mobs, which made it a popular ‘experience instance’ among players. And there were many experience stones dropped by mobs.

The small-scale experience instances like this would have a card number limit of five cards per team.

Normally when farming instances, because the mobs were densely arranged, in order to protect their cards from being besieged and attacked to death, a team would bring a healing card, a charge card with high Defence and three AOE cards used for pulling mobs together to rapidly kill them.

Today Chen Xiao’s team applied the same card allocation, Pang Yu’s [Rhinoceros] was responsible for pulling mobs, Chi Yingying’s [Cure Goddess] was used for regenerating HP, and the rest used [Zhou Yu] for launching group attacks.

[Zhou Yu]’s Fire attack was really strong and thus the instance was rapidly finished.

Chi Yingying said, “It is a lot faster than usual! Previously we needed five minutes, today we only used four minutes.”

Pang Yu said, “Fire spreading AOE is indeed awesome! Especially when mobs are densely distributed, the more targets were burned, the bigger the fire was!”

While Jin Yue paid more attention to the data issue and said, “An instance mob at the maximum level has at least 100,000 HP. [Zhou Yu]’s Critical Strike can reduce their 40,000-50,000 HP at once, and could basically burn all of them to death after the fire spread three times. This card will definitely make us a fortune!”

At that time, Chen Xiao was sent a PM, “Brother Chen, I made a new card again. Have you finished the instance? Come back and help me check it!”

Chen Xiao immediately led his partners to Xie Mingzhe’s individual space.

Xie Mingzhe showed him the card, [Huang Gai], “Earth high-HP card. It can protect [Zhou Yu] during instances.”

Chen Xiao was surprised inside, “The self-harm version of support?”

This kind of self-harm type card was scarce, and the most famous one was made by the founder of the Deathrattle School, the Flowing Frost City Club’s Fang Yu. He had the strongest Sacrifice Cure card in his hand which could make the whole team immediately heal back to full HP when it committed suicide.

Actually, the [Huang Gai] that Xie Mingzhe made could commit suicide too.

The first skill ‘Self-torture’ proactively deducted a particular proportion of HP and proportionally increased the teammates’ Attack, which could be considered as a self-harm buff. If [Huang Gai] proactively deducted 100% HP to maximize the teammates’ Attack, this behaviour was equivalent to committing suicide.

The second skill ‘Loyalty’ was producing an Earth shield by deducting its HP. The shield could protect the teammates from control and also regenerate HP if it was broken. This skill was very helpful when it came to protecting their team’s core card!

Chen Xiao couldn’t resist saying, “Your card could be used both in instances and in arenas. In the arena it could protect its team’s core output. The skill combination of self-harm and shield is really excellent.”

Xie Mingzhe chuckled, “I originally designed the card for protecting [Zhou Yu] in instances. After all, [Zhou Yu] is so squishy that it can be killed easily. In that case, [Huang Gai] can also be used in protecting other targets in our team in arenas, which means its application range is larger.”

Chen Xiao nodded, smiling, “Actually, [Zhou Yu] can also be used in the arena. However, normally the enemy won’t be so dumb to let your [Zhou Yu] easily interlink his cards in an individual race. But when it comes to the group race with a large number of cards, maybe [Zhou Yu] can create powerful magic at that time.”

Xie Mingzhe asked out of curiosity, “How many cards can exist simultaneously in a group race?”

Chen Xiao said, “At the top-level group race, there are four players and each player can control two to three cards, so there are more than eight cards existing at the same time. If you summoned your [Zhou Yu] with perfect timing when the other side gathers together and used the skill ‘Chains of Iron Rings’ to set fire, the damage would be devastating.”

Xie Mingzhe said excitedly, “Brother Chen, when I finish my card group one day, please take me to the arena!”

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