Chapter 48 – The New Instance Play (Part 2)

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Legend Chen had only asked him to make an instance card, but he ended up making a card that could be used in both instances and the arena, which could be considered as an extra achievement.

Chen Xiao said, “Upgrade [Huang Gai] to the maximum level, and then we’ll take it to farm the instance.”

Xie Mingzhe instantly gave the card to Brother Chen to upgrade it to the highest level.

[Huang Gai] at the maximum level reached 150,000 HP, which meant that a mere 20% shield could add 30,000 HP.

Daily small-scale instances could be farmed five times a day. And Xie Mingzhe replaced Chi Yingying to farm the instance this time so that she could keep her mind fixed on writing publicity materials for their club.

Pang Yu continued to use his [Rhinoceros] to pull mobs and three [Zhou Yu]s launched a group attack. [Huang Gai] was responsible for providing shields to the [Zhou Yu]s when he saw any of them getting lit up, and in a safe situation he could also proactively drop his HP to add to [Zhou Yu]s’ Attack.

A support card which could provide shields as well as buffs was absolutely more useful than a mono-skill healing card.

This time the instance only used 3 minutes 30 seconds, which was even 30s faster than the last one. The main reason was [Huang Gai], which could protect teammates from being killed and simultaneously increase teammates’ Attack to speed up the process of the instance.

Seeing all the plants that had been burnt into ashes in front of him, Chen Xiao couldn’t resist laughing out loud, “[Zhou Yu] and [Huang Gai] are undefeatable when they farm instances together. Especially in experience instances full of mobs like this, they are awesome.”

Pang Yu said, “I think that my [Rhinoceros] looks really odd among them!”

The scene in front of them was disharmonious indeed.

The three [Zhou Yu] holograms were tall and upright handsome men. Though [Huang Gai] was an old general covered with welts, he was a human. It looked weird that an ungainly and bulky rhinoceros stood in the middle of them.

Jin Yue couldn’t resist suggesting, “Xiao Xie, since you have so many ideas, why don’t you make a character card for pulling mobs? In that case, when we farm instances later on, all of our cards will be character cards, which must be a comparatively harmonious scene.”

Chen Xiao worried that Xie Mingzhe would get too tired, so he immediately said, “Xiao Xie didn’t sleep until 4 last night, and made a new card this morning right after getting up. His Inner Spirit has been drained. It’s just an instance and using [Rhinoceros] to pull mobs is exactly the same thing. He doesn’t need to make a new card.”

Jin Yue realized that his suggestion was a little inappropriate, so he hurriedly withdrew his previous remark, “Brother Chen is right. [Rhinoceros] is very common in instances and most of the players have it. It is speed that matters in instances anyway. And the appearance of a card is secondary.”

Pang Yu echoed, “Exactly. You can use any cards in daily instances. The most important thing is to pass them. So far we have reached 3 minutes 30 seconds, which is faster than most players.”

However, Xie Mingzhe took Jin Yue’s suggestion seriously.

He was also thinking that the five instance cards, one [Huang Gai], three [Zhou Yu]…… and one [Rhinoceros], were really inharmonious!

If only all the five cards would be character cards.

If he could make a full set of character instance cards, would Legend Chen be impressed by him and then apprentice him to instruct him to do a complete card group?

Thinking of this, Xie Mingzhe started to lower his head to meditate.

Seeing him standing by himself and deep in meditation, Chen Xiao helped him gather up the experience stones dropped from instances. Then he asked, “Xiao Xie, do you have any new ideas?”

Xie Mingzhe collected himself, “I think that Brother Jin Yue made a good point. Since instance card group involves five cards and [Huang Gai] and [Zhou Yu] have occupied four of them, why don’t I just make a character card which can pull mobs. In that case, the whole scene will be more harmonious and we can sell five character cards together in the future.”

Chen Xiao laughed and said, “Of course you’re right. The best selling product in the business street is complete card sets, such as the five-plant-card group and five-beast-card group. If you can make a five-character-card group, it would be very popular.”

Xie Mingzhe had already realized the fact that card groups are popular when he was in Brother Chen’s store.

Normally, a store owner would sell a card group involving five cards that were used in the Arena, which would bring the suit attribute increase. Strictly speaking, Xie Mingzhe’s five cards couldn’t be counted as a card group since it had three [Zhou Yu]s and the Arena didn’t allow repetitive cards. But it was totally fine in instances.

There must be so many teams that only farmed instances everyday in the game. If he just sold the five cards as one to those teams, he would make a fortune. Moreover, in the future if his club’s instance team could use their own instance cards to farm instances, they would be proud of themselves.

The problem was how to make a character card used for pulling mobs?

Xie MIngzhe came out of the instance and returned to his individual space, then he started to ponder about the problem.

Both Zhou Yu and Huang Gai were famous people in the state of Wu during the period of the Three Kingdoms(220-265). How about making another character in the state of Wu, so that he could make a Wu instance team.

The person who was close to Zhou Yu……Sun Ce※!

They were bros!

In history they were called ‘Two treasures in the Jiangdong region※’.

They were at the same age and they immediately became good friends when they first met each other as teenagers. They had so many common interests and similar purposes, so they usually talked to each other all night about their future and the world. They were like brothers. Then they met Da Qiao and Xiao Qiao※. Unlike other bosses, Sun Ce didn’t marry both of them. Instead, he and Zhou Yu married them respectively. And they became even closer because of their marriages, which was a beautiful story.

Unfortunately, Sun Ce died young at 26. In his last moments, he completely entrusted Sun Quan, his younger brother, to Zhou Yu. He said to his younger brother, “If you meet something that you don’t know how to deal with, you should ask Zhou Yu”, which showed his complete trust in Zhou Yu. And his behaviour amounted to giving the foreign military power of the Jiangdong region to Zhou Yu.

These two people were really tragic heroes. They met each other at 16. Sun Ce died at 26 and Zhou Yu died at 36. Since Sun Ce died, Zhou Yu did live up to his expectations during the ten years by assisting Sun Quan with all his strength.

Sun Ce and Zhou Yu could be regarded as the founders of the early state of Wu. With Sun Ce unifying the Jiangdong region and Zhou Yu’s Red Cliffs Battle, Sun Quan was able to compete with Liu and Cao as well as becoming one of the three strong powers in the world after he came to the throne.

Sun Ce was really good at making enemies. He was young and arrogant, offending a lot of people. As a result, he was assassinated. What a pity.

In that case, Sun Ce was responsible for making enemies and Zhou Yu set fire, with Huang Gai’s protection beside them. It must be very effective to farm instances.

After deciding the characters, Xie Mingzhe started to think about their images.

Sun Ce and Zhou Yu were at the same age. Concerning his appearance, there were historical records. They said that Jiangdong’s people were fascinated by him, which may be a little extravagant. But Sun Ce must be very handsome for sure. Besides, Sun Ce was a man with excellent fighting skills. People called him the ‘little overlord in Jiangdong’.

His face should be masculine with thick eyebrows and deep eyes. He was a bright and open-minded handsome guy.

Xie Mingzhe decided to give Sun Ce a set of war robes to wear and a fine horse to ride.

The little overlord in Jiangdong rode a horse. He terrified his enemies no matter where he went!

Since he was designed for provoking hatred, he must make every person his enemy. So one of the skills should be designed as group taunt within a particular area, and riding a horse would speed up the skill. In addition, Sun Ce’s force point was extremely high and he could defeat anything in this world. So he should also have an invincible overlord skill, say, ‘Jiangdong’s Little Overlord’.

A card like this would be useful in instances as well as in the Arena since it could be used for upsetting the other side’s tempo!

Xie Mingzhe had so many good ideas. After considering characters and skills, he connected his Inner Spirit to the card making system and started to paint [Sun Ce].

As his Inner Spirit permeated throughout the whole Nebula paper, a handsome and heroic young man appeared on the paper. He wore the war robe and rode a fine horse with arrogance between his eyebrows, as if he wouldn’t be afraid of anyone no matter how strong the other side was!

Sun Ce (Fire)

Card Level: 1

Evolution Level: ★

Available Times of Use: 1/1

Base Attributes: Health 1500, Attack 200, Defense 1500, Agility 5, Critical Strike Chance 10%

Additional Skill: Galloping (Sun Ce rides his horse and galloped into the enemy’s camp, and absorbed all the hatred in the range of 23 meters during his route to force the enemies to attack themselves; 15 second cooldown.)

Additional Skill: Little Overlord in Jiangdong (Sun Ce goes into the state of overlord and becomes immune to all controls and damages, continues 8 seconds; 60 second cooldown.)

This was the undefeatable little overlord in the Jiangdong region who rode his war horse and charged to kill the enemies, and finally unified Jiangdong.

From now on, the card group consisted of five cards, [Sun Ce], three [Zhou Yu]s and [Huang Gai]——it was named ‘Jiangdong instance team’!

Translator’s Note:

1. Sun Ce(175-200) was a military general and warlord who lived during the late Eastern Han dynasty of China.

2. The Jiangdong region refers to the south of the lower reaches of the Yangtze River

3.The Two Qiaos of Jiangdong (traditional Chinese: 江东二乔) were two sisters of the Qiao family who lived during the late Eastern Han dynasty of China. They are simply referred to as Da Qiao (literally “older Qiao”) and Xiao Qiao (literally “younger Qiao”). They were famous beauties in history.

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