Chapter 49 – Instance Time (Part 1)

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That the card, [Sun Ce], could pass the system’s examination was an unexpected surprise. Seeing the ‘月半’ logo was smoothly imprinted on the card, Xie Mingzhe immediately sent Brother Chen a message, “Brother Chen, I just made a character card that can provoke hatred within a particular area!”

“……” He really made it. Yesterday he spent the entire twelve hours on [Zhou Yu]. And today he even made [Huang Gai] and [Sun Ce] without a break. It seemed that he had completely opened his mind and inspiration kept flowing in.

A moment later, Chen Xiao arrived at Xie Mingzhe’s individual space. Xie Mingzhe welcomed him and said, “Brother Chen, I originally thought that this card wouldn’t pass the examination. Is this skill really unique?”

Chen Xiao took a look at the card and said, “The key element is the fine horse. There is no other design of a character riding a fine horse, charging as well as provoking hatred. So the system must regard this as innovation. Plus your skill description is different. That’s why it can pass the examination.”

“Which means that even if skill principles are similar, a card can still pass the examination if there is a huge difference in the card’s design and its description?”

“Yes. And this is for the purpose of avoiding some card-makers holding the monopoly on functional cards, such as stun effect and freeze control. If overlapping with these skills is completely not allowed, the man who makes the first card with these skills can have all the benefits and others can’t make similar cards. In that case, the Arena won’t have various cards. The examining system first checks a card’s design, then it goes to it’s skill mechanism and description. If it is not an obviously plagiarized card which also has some new ideas, it usually will pass.”

Xie Mingzhe got enlightened and realized that it was the horse that had helped him. He passed [Sun Ce] to Brother Chen and said, “Brother Chen, can you check the data for me? I want to know if there is any place that needs changing.”

“I’m going to tell you this.” Chen Xiao brought [Huang Gai] with him too and said, “[Huang Gai] needs to be modified. His skill mechanism is to provide buffs or shields to his teammates always by deducting all of his HP, which means that HP is the most important attribute of this card. You should lower his Defence a little bit and reallocate more points to Health. You need to try to make it to 160,000 since this is the highest limit of a self-harm card’s HP set by the system.”

“Got it.” Xie Mingzhe did what he said immediately by giving a part of Defence to Basic Health.

Chen Xiao looked at the modified [Huang Gai] and nodded with satisfaction. He said, “I’ll have a closer look at [Sun Ce].”

He picked the card up and lowered his head to observe the data.

Theoretically, this kind of charging and provoking hatred card should have very high HP, or it would be easily killed instantly. However, Xie Mingzhe’s [Sun Ce] didn’t need high HP as it was not a reactive card. Instead, Sun Ce proactively rushed into the enemy’s camp. It would be good if he could cause attack damage to the enemy in a large range. Plus there was [Huang Gai]’s shield protecting him and compensating for his low HP and weak Defence.

Chen Xiao thought for a moment and suggested, “How about this, you can design [Sun Ce] as a warrior hatred card which can fight as well as survive attacks.”

Xie Mingzhe thought the same way since ‘Little Overlord of Jiangdong’ had extremely high Attack which would be wasted if he was only used as a tank. He seriously asked, “Brother Chen, you mean that when the first skill raises hatred within a particular area he can also incidentally cause attack damage in this area?”

“Yes.” Chen Xiao nodded, “The skill design of charging and provoking will be wasted without the ability to attack. You give him a weapon, but don’t design it as a metal one or it will be compulsorily classified into the Metal card group. And allocate some data to basic Attack and Agility to strengthen its attacking ability and flexibility.”

“Okay!” Xie Mingzhe thought carefully. Ancient generals’ weapons, spears, lances and swords, would become metal cards in the Star Card World. Based on the fact that [Zhou Yu] was a Fire card, and it would be better if [Sun Ce] was Fire too for the sake of card combinations in the card group later. If cold weapons were out of the question……Would a whip work? The skill ‘galloping’. He could use the whip to flick the war horse so that the horse could run faster and he could also use the whip to attack people.

Thinking of this, Xie Mingzhe immediately changed Sun Ce’s image by giving him an awesome whip to hold in his hand. Incidentally he reallocated the data by reducing HP and increasing basic Attack and Agility.

When Sun Ce rode his war horse and galloped into the crowd, he could not only compulsorily absorb hatred but also wield the long whip to attack the other side’s squishy cards. If the other side attacked Sun Ce together, he could apply ‘Invincible Overlord’ mode. When the invincible time was over, Huang Gai could give him a shield. After the enemy managed to break the shield he would gain an increase of 50% HP……the enemy would be very annoyed!

This kind of attack ability fitted the name ‘Little Overlord of Jiangdong’!

After modifying the card, Xie Mingzhe incidentally upgraded [Sun Ce] to the maximum grade with materials. The black card [Sun Ce]’s basic HP was about 80,000 and its Attack reached 10,000, which couldn’t be compared with [Zhou Yu]’s AOE which caused 60,000 HP damage every time it applied its skill. So [Sun Ce] definitely couldn’t kill cards with high HP, but it could kill those squishy output cards without question.

Chen Xiao looked at the modified [Sun Ce] and said, “Summon Sun Ce, and let’s see what he’s got.”

Xie Mingzhe summoned Sun Ce in his individual space and applied skill one. Out of his expectation, he found……

that Sun Ce was riding his horse and wandering in the room?

Xie Mingzhe looked at the wandering Sun Ce, shocked.

Chen Xiao bursted into laughter and said, “Even if your Sun Ce rides a horse, he is as slow as a walking man. It seems that you must add a moving speed increase to the skill description. Only in that case the system would let your character run.”

Xie Mingzhe freaked out a little bit, “How can a war horse be so slow?”

Chen Xiao was confused, “What is a war horse? I’ve only seen tiny white horses in the zoo before. They’re very tame and it takes 1,000 Crystal coins to ride one.”

Xie Mingzhe, “…………”

He almost forgot the culture gap. Riding a war horse and charging to kill enemies happened thousands of years ago. Nowadays in the high-technology society all military devices were smart mechas and no one knew what Sun Ce was doing riding a horse. People in this world only knew tame domestic pet horses. When a person rode a horse, others automatically thought that he was wandering.

Xie Mingzhe didn’t know whether to cry or laugh, and he had no choice but to redesign the skill.

After a long time, both Sun Ce’s image and skill description were ideally modified——

Skill 1 Galloping: Sun Ce wields the whip in his hand and flicks the fine horse to dart in the appointed direction. Moving speed increases 500%, continues for 8 seconds. Absorbs all the hatred in the range of 23 meters during his route to force the enemies to attack him and causes 100% attack damage within the area; 30 second cooldown.

[Sun Ce] at maximum level reached a hatred range of 30 meters. He could also cause attack damage in this area when he raised hatred.

Chen Xiao looked at the final design and was full of praise for it, “Now the system will increase the moving speed when you use the skill. But since you added an attack attribute, the system doubled the cooldown time.”

Skills could be used every 30 seconds. However, it could raise hatred in a particular range and was invincible, which was strong enough, otherwise other players in the Arena won’t have any chance to beat him. The card was also very useful in instances. A round of group taunts within a particular range could cooperate with Zhou Yu and Huang Gai in killing mobs instantly.

Xie Mingzhe had expectations about seeing the practical effect of ‘Wu’s instance team’, so he immediately pulled Brother Chen to experiment with it in the instance.

This was the third time that they had farmed the instance ‘Purple Bamboo Forest’ today, but everyone was very cooperative and not impatient at all.

Jin Yue gave a look of surprise, “I just said it, but you really made it?”

Pang Yu complimented, “Awesome! In this way the scene will look very harmonious. My ungainly [Rhinoceros] really ruins the beauty of the character card group.”

Chi Qing was quite calm as she usually was. She seemed not so interested in handsome guys and beautiful girls. Then she said, “Try the new card group in the instance.”

Since Xiao Pang was the one who always controlled gaining-aggro cards, Xie Mingzhe let him use [Sun Ce].

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