Chapter 49 – Instance Time (Part 2)

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The ‘Purple Bamboo Forest’ instance opened.

They saw bamboo mobs jumping in every place in the bamboo forest ahead the moment they entered the instance. Every ten mobs gathered together and they looked very energetic. Instance mobs dropped nothing but a large amount of experience stones and the lack of a boss made the instance easy. As a result, ‘Purple Bamboo Forest’ was the most popular experience instance in the game. Almost every normal player farmed it everyday.

The instance was opened and Pang Yu summoned [Sun Ce] as usual to pull mobs.

The handsome ‘Little Overlord of Jiangdong’ wielded his whip and rushed out, riding his fine horse. He was as quick as lightning.


Soon the system prompted, “The card has disengaged. Sun Ce died.”

Everyone who followed him, gasping, “……”

Pang Yu showed an upset face, “Holy shit. Sun Ce runs really fast!”

Xie Mingzhe didn’t know what to say either. Was this a runaway horse that couldn’t be controlled? It turned out that quintuple speed was so fast that Sun Ce just got disengaged.

Chen Xiao laughed loudly, “Xiao Pang, you are used to the ponderous [Rhinoceros]. But [Sun Ce] is not merely a tank card, he is also a charging warrior. If you don’t control him in time, he would disappear immediately. So you need to respond quickly and don’t make him run in straight lines but in curved lines.”

Pang Yu nodded, “Got it!”

Just now Sun Ce’s speed was out of his expectation, hence Pang Yu lost him because of a momentary lapse. After being warned by Chen Xiao, Xiao Pang was much more cautious and summoned [Sun Ce] again. This time he didn’t want to blow it again since it took a large amount of money to repair a dead card. Besides, in instances a card could be summoned again after its first death in 10 seconds, the second was 1 minute, and the third was 10 minutes.

This time Xiao Pang wanted to ensure Sun Ce’s safety, so he kept staring at him and changed his route by Inner Spirit so that Sun Ce would be able to quickly pull mobs in front of him——he was so awesome at pulling mobs. He ran really fast and his ability to gain aggro was steady!

After mobs were gathered in front of them, Chen Xiao ordered, “Fire!”

Xie Mingzhe, Jin Yue and Chen Xiao’s three [Zhou Yu]s immediately used skills——Chains of Iron Rings, Burning Red Cliffs!

Seeing innumerable bamboo mobs, Xie Mingzhe was extremely happy.

[Sun Ce] was really good at farming instances and pulling mobs, which was 100 times better than the ponderous [Rhinoceros]!

Because of their good teamwork, they killed all the mobs from different batches and they completed the instance in no time.

They used 3 minutes plus one second. Chi Qing said, “If Xiao Pang had not made that fault, we could have made it within three minutes.”

Xiao Pang was very embarrassed, “It’s on me. I’ve never used a mob-pulling card that ran so fast.”

Chen Xiao smiled, “It’s just an instance. Don’t feel bad. We can try again.”

And in this round Xiao Pang did a perfect job and the teamwork was good. They completed the instance in 2 minutes 45 seconds, which was enormously higher than the average time of most players.

Chi Qing thought of one thing and said suddenly, “Right, I remember that this little instance’s world record is 2 minutes 25 seconds?”

Hearing this, Jin Yue immediately opened the instance information list to check it, then he said, “Purple Bamboo Forest’s time record is held by the Adjudication Club at 2 minutes 33 seconds. They used a card group consisting of one [Black Rhinoceros], one [God Turtle] and three [Flame Dragon]s. According to the time, they should have used the strategy of three batches and one batch involving 40 mobs.”

Xie Mingzhe asked, “[Black Rhinoceros]? Is there any huge difference between this one and our [Rhinoceros]? How could it be so fast and pull 40?”

Chen Xiao explained, “[Black Rhinoceros] is one of Nie Yuandao’s master cards. It is an all-black rhinoceros with one horn and its skill ‘Brutal Bump’ is a group taunt within a particular range. It is large and has a moving speed of 400%, which is a little slower than your [Sun Ce]. But [Black Rhinocero]’s skill design is quite special, it can accumulate aggro after being damaged. The more anger it has, the higher its Attack becomes. So it can cause great damage, which could considerably shorten the mob-killing process.”

Chi Qing said, “In Xiao Xie’s card group, we can also increase [Huang Gai]’s Attack. If we took this seriously, our time would be shorter.”

Xiao Pang said excitedly, “[Zhou Yu]’s Fire AOE damage is extremely high and [Sun Ce] can pull mobs quickly. Why don’t we give it a whirl to try to break the record!”

Jin Yue said, “In principle, this card group is as good as that one from Adjudication in instances.”

Everyone looked very excited and happy, and Chen Xiao didn’t have anything urgent to deal with. So he said “Cool. Let’s go break it!”


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