Chapter 50 – Jiangdong Instance Team (Part 2)

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The instance began and they swiftly walked to the mob respawn point.

This was the first time that Xie Mingzhe saw Brother Chen being so sincere and he was also impressed by this man’s excellent skills!

[Sun Ce] briskly wielded the whip in his hand, then sent his horse into a gallop. The handsome ‘Little Overlord of Jiangdong’※ shot into the crowd of mobs and rushed in a delicate S curve, directly pulling 6 groups to the centre of the area without missing one of them!

The skill in pulling mobs was really amazing!

Brother Chen made a full display of [Sun Ce]’s high speed and flexibility!

Being surrounded by innumerable mobs, Sun Ce’s HP started to considerably decrease. When he had only 50% HP left, he was suddenly on fire——Invincible Overlord Mode※! Being invincible for 8 seconds and immune to all damages!

Chen Xiao said, “Now!”

Chi Qing, Pang Yu and Jin Yue briskly used [Zhou Yu]’s skills——’Chains of Iron Rings’, ‘Burning Red Cliffs’!

Then they saw many iron chains connecting together all the mobs within the range ahead. Since the mobs’ aggro was completely focused on [Sun Ce], these mobs didn’t panic. Instead, they kept calmly surrounding [Sun Ce]. In this situation, []Zhou Yu]’s flame started to spread crazily. It burnt more and more furiously and soon the sky was bright!

Fire damage continued to increase and all the mobs were burnt to ashes!

[Sun Ce]’s invincible effect had only just ceased with 50% HP and a shield was covering him.

Chen Xiao didn’t even gasp and then he continued to the next destination.

At that moment, including the time for walking, pulling and killing mobs, they had already used 1’11’’ in the instance.

[Zhou Yu] had just burnt a group of mobs and was cooling down his AOE. Chen Xiao did mental arithmetic and waited for [Zhou Yu]’s CD while he was walking forward.

At 1’35’’, they arrived at the next mob area.

[Sun Ce] rode his war horse and rushed into the mob crowd again. The man wielded the whip and galloped, rapidly charging on a snake route to pull the rest of the mobs to the centre area. The shield was broken, regenerating 50% HP. Then [Sun Ce] had full HP again. Three [Zhou Yu]s CD was just over, then they immediately applied ‘Chains of Iron Rings’ to connect all the mobs together!

Next, [Huang Gai] self-destructed and emptied all his HP to greatly increase one [Zhou Yu]s Attack!

[Zhou Yu]’s fire burnt again. This time it became more furious!

At 1’43’’, [Sun Ce] was surrounded and attacked by 60 mobs, his HP reduced crazily. Soon he was dying!

If [Sun Ce] died and all the mobs’ aggro was released, all of their previous efforts would be wasted.

The moment that [Sun Ce]’s HP was reduced to almost nothing, he applied the Invincible Overlord mode. What a life saver!

Seeing the red light surrounding him, his teammates breathed a long sigh of relief since the 8-second invincible effect was long enough to kill all the mobs.

The fire burnt brutally, and the numbers representing the damage caused by the fire spreading effect continuously jumped on the mobs’ heads. A few seconds later, the mobs were burnt one group after another. As the last bamboo mob fell, the flame in front of them finally went out.

At the same time, the announcement in the whole game server——

Congratulate the Nirvana Club on breaking [Purple Bamboo Forest]’s world record. The new record is 1 minute 55 second 33!

In holographic games, most authorities would normally mail ads to players. But when it came to big issues like breaking world records and important notifications such as the finals of professional league matches, the announcement would be hung over players’ heads for 5 seconds.

Even if it was just five seconds, all online players saw the announcement since this was shown in the whole game server!

Everyone was confused and started to gossip, “Purple Bamboo Forest? Is it the daily instance? The simplest experience instance without a boss but full of mobs?”

“Nirvana? Don’t know that one!”

“I remember that the instance record was held by Adjudication’s Fire Beast cards!”

“They can break Legend Nie’s record, holy shit! I want to see what kind of card group they used……”

Innumerable curious people clicked on the announcement list.

Then, they saw the names of the instance team’s members: Brother Chen, Uncle Chubby, Qingqing Grass, Galaxy Stars and Gold.

Card group used: [Sun Ce], [Huang Gai], [Zhou Yu], [Zhou Yu], [Zhou Yu].

Everyone’s brain was full of question marks.

Sun Ce? Huang Gai? Zhou Yu?

They had never heard of these character cards!

A gossiping thread immediately appeared on the forum——“Purple Bamboo Forest record was broken. [Sun Ce], [Huang Gai] [Zhou Yu], the card group can conquer the instance?!”

So many curious players followed the thread and responded——

“Three [Zhou Yu]s. Obviously [Zhou Yu] is the core of this Fire AOE team!”

“Earth [Huang Gai] should be a support card, Fire [Sun Ce] is for pulling mobs. Can [Sun Ce] compete with [Black Rhinoceros] in pulling mobs?”

“I want to watch the instance video. I’m very curious about how they broke the record!”

 “The strongest Fire AOE card is [Flame Dragon]. What is [Zhou Yu]’s skill mechanism? It even can break Flame Dragon card group’s record?!”

The forum was very hopping.

The Adjudication Club was a real mess. The president, Huan Yue, was extremely vexed since there were so many people talking about this thing in the club’s chat room. He was helpless, so he went to talk to Legend Nie, “The Purple Bamboo Forest’s instance record was broken by a new club called Nirvana! Uncle Chubby is one of the instance team’s members. He must be the one making cards!”

Nie Yuandao arched his eyebrow, surprised, “Flame Dragon card group’s record was broken?”

This was the record set ten years ago. [Flame Dragon]’s AOE data was really extreme. Originally when he had made this card, he had added the set of ‘Penetrating Damage’ to Fire AOE. Penetrating Damage would ignore the other side’s Defence, assuring Flame Dragon’s AOE achieving the maximum damage. As a result, the three [Flame Dragon]’s sudden explosion could directly kill all mobs instantly. If [Black Rhinoceros] could pull 12 groups of mobs every time, [Flame Dragon] could instantly kill them too. But the distances between the mobs were too long and [Black Rhinoceros] could only pull 4 groups every time at most, they needed to divide them into three batches.

According to the time, since they managed to shorten so much time, they shouldn’t have divided the mobs into three batches but two. It is impossible to instantly kill two batches of mobs. The official data has the maximum data limit of AOE skills. There is no way that his card could have the exact same data as his [Flame Dragon]’s.

Unless, his AOE was continuous damage with the special mechanism……

Nie Yuandao was interested and said, “Find out Uncle Chubby’s card group data as soon as possible.”

No wonder that recently the amount of 月半 Card Store’s IDE cards obviously decreased and they didn’t publish new cards either. Legends in the league were so bored that they wanted to know the reason why Uncle Chubby didn’t make more cards targeting them. It turned out that he was studying instance cards!

In the next second, a familiar person suddenly appeared in the League group……

Ye Zhu, “HAHAHAHAHA, [Sun Ce], [Zhou Yu], [Huang Gai]! They broke Purple Bamboo Forest’s record! Uncle Chubby started again. Guys, any ideas?”

Many players who had been targeted by Uncle Chubby before immediately came out to give their feelings an outlet.

Zheng Feng, “I am wondering when [Cao Chong] will finish weighing my elephant. I really want to help this kid by giving him an electronic scale.”

Gui Sirui, “Won’t Uncle Chubby target us? He was so quiet for the past few days. Now he goes to target instance mobs? I kind of miss him.”

Qiao Xiao, “I feel sorry for instance mobs! They didn’t do anything wrong.”

Nie Yuandao said calmly, “You guys don’t prepare for the game but start talking about Uncle Chubby. It seems that all of you like this Uncle Chubby very much.”

Ling Jingtang laughed and said, “I like him so much that I want to catch and hit him.”

Everyone echoed one after another, “Legend Ling is right!”

Hearing their discussion, Tang Muzhou didn’t say anything in the chat group. He was just very confused——He didn’t instruct Uncle Chubby this time since he was busy with helping his apprentices pair card groups for one-on-one races. Being able to break the instance record meant that Uncle Chubby had reached the card’s data limit obviously. Who was instructing him exactly?


In the game, Xie Mingzhe was too excited to say anything. He didn’t expect that Brother Chen’s strategy would really break the record, even with a dramatic improvement mainly caused by the cooperation between [Sun Ce], [Zhou Yu] and [Huang Gai]!

[Sun Ce] that could pull mobs quickly, [Zhou Yu] that triggered continuous exploding damage and [Huang Gai] that self-harmed to add the Buff of regenerating HP——Wu’s Instance Team that he personally created broke the experience instance’s time record held by Beast cards for so many years. They really distinguished themselves because of this battle!

Pang Yu and Jin Yue were so excited that they jumped as well as danced, “We just broke the record aaaaa! I’d never thought that one day my name would be hung on the world notification board!!” 

Jin Yue also said, “Xiao Xie, your card group is an instance predator. No kidding!”

Chen Xiao was in good humour too, his voice was full of happiness, “It seems that Yingying’s promotion draft needs some changes. Now our Nirvana is the club that can break the world record using the character card group!”

Chi Yingying was very happy when she heard about the news, “You guys are awesome!! We must have a great meal to celebrate!”

Chi Qing said calmly, “Now this name, ‘Uncle Chubby’, is really famous. You can make IDE cards as well as an instance card group. There must be a lot of people in 月半 Card Store tomorrow, I think.”

Chen Xiao turned to Xie Mingzhe and said, “Don’t sell [Sun Ce], [Zhou Yu] and [Huang Gai] tomorrow. We have something more important at that time. You know what I mean, right?”

Xie Mingzhe gave an assuring smile, “I know! Let’s take the three cards and visit Legend Chen!”

Translator’s Note:

1. Here ‘Little Overlord of Jiangdong’ refers to Sun Ce instead of his skill.

2. The author always uses ‘Invincible Overlord Mode’ to refer to [Sun Ce]’ s skill 2 ‘Little Overlord of Jiangdong’. 

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