Chapter 51 – Becoming Legend Chen’s Apprentice (Part 1)

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After breaking the world record, Xie Mingzhe returned to his individual space to make cards without a break.

Since the name ‘Uncle Chubby’ was on the announcement of the whole server, his email box was brimming over with emails. Except for the several club presidents that he had known before politely asking about the card group, there were many strangers that sent him emails. Some of them even said, “Uncle Chubby, I’m your fan. I love your character cards soooo much!”

Xie Mingzhe was a little surprised that he even had fans?

His card store hadn’t published new cards for days and had kept selling the 10 IDE cards made before. As a result, there had been a downward trend in popularity. Naturally, players who didn’t care about IDE cards wouldn’t come again after checking the card display cabinet on the first floor. And every big club had already collected the full set of IDE cards so they didn’t need to crazily buy them like they did before, which meant that presidents wouldn’t come to his store. The data that Chi Qing gave him proved this——the customer traffic had been decreasing continuously.

It was time to excite everybody with new cards.

Of course, they needed to wait until meeting Legend Chen. But preparing in advance wouldn’t be wrong anyway.

Xie Mingzhe didn’t go to sleep until it was late.

At seven the next morning, he was awoken by the alarm clock. When he went downstairs, Chen Xiao had already been ready. He even woke up earlier than him.

Chen Xiao was wearing casual clothes today. When he first visited Chen Qianlin, he wore a suit like he had an interview. He looked more handsome and younger in casual clothes. Obviously he was super happy and he couldn’t even hide the smile on his face.

Xie Mingzhe approached and asked, “Brother Chen. Should we leave this early?”

“My brother’s place is so far. We’d better hit the road early.” Chen Xiao thought in his mind that he could spend more time with his brother if they got there early.

Other people in the studio were still sleeping. They set off after having breakfast and smoothly arrived at Chen Qianlin’s place at 10am.

Chen Xiao approached the gate and rang the bell, followed by Xie Mingzhe.

Chen Qianlin directly opened the door for them without a word. They walked into the room and found that Chen Qianlin was painting in his studio.

Sunlight flooded into the room through the curtains and bathed his profile. The elegant man was so white that his skin was almost transparent. His pale eyes seriously stared at the drawing board in front of him and his long and thin fingers were holding the brush to carefully paint a plant.

He was so serious when painting, so Xie Mingzhe and Chen Xiao stopped at the same time since they didn’t want to break the silence in the room.

Chen Qianlin continued staring at the painting and said, “One minute. I’ll finish soon.”

His cold voice was so calm, from which you couldn’t feel any emotion, but it was very comforting, like drinking a glass of cold water on a hot day which made you happy and relaxed.

Chen Xiao stood outside the studio and watched his brother painting, just like a fan. The scene where his brother sat in warm light and seriously painted always appeared in his dreams in recent years. Now he could see it in person, Chen Xiao’s mind was full of all kinds of emotions. For a few moments he even felt that he had gone back to the period of time when he and his brother were teenagers and only had each other.

Seeing that Chen Xiao didn’t want to move, Xie Mingzhe had to stay there with him, watching.

There was a vivid plant on the canvas. Luxuriant and green leaves were surmounted by a flower which Xie Mingzhe had never seen before. He didn’t know its name but thought the white overlapping petals were very beautiful.

Chen Qianlin didn’t put his paintbrush down until he coloured the last leaf. Then he stood up and took the canvas to the balcony to dry. He turned around and went back to the living room, saying, “Come and sit.”

Chen Xiao and Xie Mingzhe walked to him immediately.

Chen Qianlin looked at Xie Mingzhe, “It seems that you have already made the instance card.”

Chen Xiao took out the optical tablet that he always brought with him and said, “Brother, have a look. You won’t be disappointed by Xiao Xie’s cards.”

As the optical tablet was opened, three cards appeared on the holographic screen in front of them.

The first one was [Sun Ce]. He was a handsome and great-hearted man riding a fine horse, and his skill design was group taunts within a particular area and temporary invincibility; the second card was [Zhou Yu], who was also a handsome man, his skill design was ‘Chains of Iron Rings’ plus Fire AOE; the third was [Huang Gai] who was an old man covered in weals, and his skill design was self-destruct support.

There was a tinge of surprise in Chen Qianlin’s cold eyes.

Originally he had asked Xie Mingzhe to make an instance card in order to see if this guy could innovate the simplest instance cards. It turned out that Xie Mingzhe exceeded expectations——he had directly made a card group!

It was like a student had solved three questions when his teacher had only given one question.

Chen Qian was finally impressed by the teenager in front of him.

The three cards had proved that Xie Mingzhe had reached the standard of an excellent card maker in terms of creativity and skill design.

It was rare for a card maker to expand and convert his way of thinking. If you just stuck to the system database’s skills and tried to pair and design new skills, you would never make good cards. But if you could understand the characteristics of the skills in the database and have your own creative ideas for cards, then you would have innumerable inspiration and of course various cards.

Seeing Chen Qianlin observing the three cards carefully, Xie Mingzhe said humbly, “Legend Lin, [Sun Ce]’s first skill was modified at the suggestion of Brother Chen by increasing moving speed and expanding Attack range. [Zhou Yu] and [Huang Gai]’s skills are my ideas. In the aspect of data, Brother Chen helped me with the three cards.”

He didn’t make the three cards on his own, so he didn’t want to take all the credit.

In fact he didn’t need to say this because Chen Qianlin knew that Chen Xiao must have helped modify some data and details, otherwise the card group wouldn’t be so perfect.

His younger brother’s talent for making cards could compete with Tang Muzhou. If the contract issue hadn’t happened at all, maybe Chen Xiao would be one of the card masters standing at the top of the Professional League’s pyramid nowadays. Chen Xiao had wasted five years because of the contract……

Thinking of this, Chen Qianlin slightly sighed inside and asked gently, “Xiao Xie, are you willing to be my apprentice?”

Xie Mingzhe and Chen Xiao were frozen.

They had thought that they needed to beg him big time and thus prepared a lot of things to say. Unexpectedly, Chen Qianlin even voluntarily asked if Xie Mingzhe wanted to be his apprentice before they said the lines prepared before.

Chen Xiao regained his consciousness and immediately stabbed Xie Mingzhe in his arm. Xie Mingzhe finally woke up and he was so excited that his voice was trembling, “Yes! Yes! It would be such an honour to be your apprentice!” 

He stood up and walked in front of Chen Qianlin, then he bowed at an angle of 90 degrees and said with a ringing voice, “Shifu!”

Meeting the teenager’s shining and smiling eyes, Chen Qianlin smiled, which was really rare. He thought Xie Mingzhe was likeable.

Compared with Tang Muzhou, clearly Xie Mingzhe was more innocent.

Tang Muzhou was spiteful. He always smiled mildly, however, he was a deep person and a smile was just his mask. To be honest, Chen Qianlin didn’t like Tang Muzhou when he said things with a smile since he always felt that every time he narrowed his eyes and smiled, someone would have misfortune.

But, on the other hand, this little apprentice was pure and exuberant. He was a kind person without any bad ideas. It was hard not to like the straightforward and open-minded teenager.

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