Chapter 51 – Becoming Legend Chen’s Apprentice (Part 2)

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Chen Qianlin stood up and gave Xie Mingzhe a brand-new optical tablet and said, “This is a gift for you.”

Xie Mingzhe was flattered——he hadn’t expected that he would get a present after becoming Legend Chen’s apprentice.

Chen Xiao winked at him, “Accept it.”

“Oh.” Xie Mingzhe quickly received it, “Thank you, Shifu!”

Xie Mingzhe still had memories of the previous life, so he knew the optical tablet was very expensive at a glance. The tablet was similar to an iPad on Earth in size, but it was as thin as a piece of paper. It could be put in between pages without being noticed, which meant that it could be brought conveniently.

The optical tablet could be bound to the ID card and then could link to all the chat apps, so you could make holographic video calls. Besides, it could download its exclusive app to connect to Star Card Storm’s individual space and look up card materials.

It would be really weird if you hung out with your friends to drink cups of coffee and both of you were wearing helmets. The existence of the optical tablet meant that all Star Card players were able to open their individual spaces to show their cards to friends whenever they want and optical tablets had become a requisite in the meetings of every big club.

An optical tablet like this one cost 100,000 Crystal coins in reality. Brother Chen had one and Xie Mingzhe had wanted to buy it since a long time ago, but he had delayed his plan because he had been too busy making cards to buy one. He hadn’t expected that his Shifu would give him one, which was indeed an unexpected surprise.

Xie Mingzhe scratched his head and, feeling embarrassed, said, “Your gift is so expensive, but I didn’t prepare anything for you……”

Chen Qianlin said, “You don’t have to. The best gift that you can give me is making good cards.”

Xie Mingzhe felt warm inside and didn’t know what to say. He just thought that it was so right to be his apprentice.

Chen Qianlin said, “Come with me.”

Then he took them to his study and opened his smart optical tablet to enter the data center.

Xie Mingzhe and Chen Xiao were impressed by the scene in front of them——the data center had row on row of card display cabinets and it was as spectacular as a library. There were more than 10,000 black cards at maximum level in the cabinets which were classified according to club.

Xie Mingzhe had never seen so many black cards!

The Adjudication Club, the Flowing Frost City Club, the Fenghua Club……even many second-class clubs that he had never heard of before!

Chen Xiao asked, shocked, “Brother, what’s this?”

Chen Qianlin said, “I copied all the cards that had been used by all the players in the league’s Arena from the first to the ninth season and kept them.”

Xie Mingzhe, “…………”

Chen Xiao, “…………”

They hadn’t expected that Chen Qianlin could even collect such a massive database!

In the whole nine years, there were so many players, innumerable races as well as cards. However, Chen Qianlin even managed to record them all?!

He was a professional player during the first four seasons, so it was reasonable for him to record the materials to study. But in the fifth season he encountered the copyright dispute, losing the case, being betrayed by his most trusted friend, being forced to pay a thumping penalty and then he hopelessly announced his retirement……

He should be completely disappointed by the world.

If all these had happened to a normal person, he maybe wouldn’t want to be related to cards any more. So why had Chen Qianlin been persisting in recording all the materials from the fifth to the ninth season? He hadn’t missed even one race in all these years? And he was still paying attention to every professional player? What was the reason anyway?

Xie Mingzhe couldn’t figure it out. Chen Xiao couldn’t either.

However, Chen Qianlin gave them the answer in the next moment. He looked at his brother and said, “I prepared the materials for you.”

Chen Xiao’s back suddenly became stiff and he opened his eyes wide, unable to believe, “For, for me?”

Chen Qianlin calmly looked at him, “I have always been waiting for your contract to expire and for the day when you completely figure out what you really want to do in the future. If you didn’t want to play the game any more, I would just keep the materials as memories. If you decided to seriously play the game with your real strength, then the materials would be my gift for you.”

“……” Tears suddenly welled up in Chen Xiao’s eyes. He awkwardly withdrew his eyes and tried hard to stifle the urge to cry. Then trembling, he asked, “Brother, don’t you…blame me?”

“I only blamed you for making a decision behind my back and hadn’t talked to me in advance. Actually I was at fault about the contract. We should let the past go. Now what is most important is that you need to terminate the contract with Shao Bo as soon as you can.”

“Yes.” Chen Xiao’s voice choked.

“??” Xie Mingzhe was confused, unable to follow their conversation. Did Chen Xiao have a contract dispute with Shao Bo too?

Meeting his confused eyes, Chen Xiao’s face flushed in embarrassment and he explained, “I was too embarrassed to tell you that day. In fact, originally I was so dumb to sign the player contract with Shao Bo. And like my brother, my contract didn’t clearly indicate who owns the card copyright either.”

“…………” Shao Bo was such a douche. It was not enough for him to only trap Chen Qianlin and he even trapped his younger brother! Xie Mingzhe said, “What about now. Does your contract expire?”

Chen Xiao nodded, “I’ll talk to him in Sanctuary tomorrow and officially sign a written termination agreement.”

Xie Mingzhe was a little worried, “Won’t he deliberately make things hard for you?”

Chen Xiao, “Don’t worry. He doesn’t know my real strength.”

Xie Mingzhe always thought that it wouldn’t be that easy. Mercenary people like Shao Bo were not so innocent. If he discovered that Chen Xiao was deliberately hiding his strength and made a countercharge, Chen Xiao would have to pay a penalty again!

Xie Mingzhe suddenly thought of the boosting contract that he originally signed with Chen Xiao. They both used their real identities in the contract. If Shao Bo found it, he would know that Chen Xiao had built a boosting studio during the contract behind his back. What’s worse, Xie Mingzhe could be counted as Chen Xiao’s employee. If Shao Bo seized this evidence, maybe the cards that Xie Mingzhe made during the month in the boosting studio would possibly be grabbed by the Sanctuary club!

Thinking of this, Xie Mingzhe’s hair stood on end, so he hurriedly said, “Brother Chen, we’ve signed a boosting contract too. We need to destroy it quickly!”

Chen Xiao said, smiling, “Relax. I’ve thought about this thing earlier. All contracts in my studio were not entered into the online contract center. I was just going through the motions to reassure you guys. I burnt them earlier.”

Had already burnt them? Brother Chen was so smart!

Xie Mingzhe just set his mind at rest when Chen Qianlin suddenly said, “Yesterday’s ‘Purple Bamboo Forest’ world record might leave evidence against you.”

The two people were astounded and looked at each other.


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