Chapter 52 – Breaking the Record Again (Part 1)

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The news that Purple Bamboo Forest’s record was broken had been widely spread. Almost everyone who had been paying attention to the game had heard about it. So it was not surprising that Chen Qianlin knew too. The problem was what did he mean when he talked about the so called evidence against them?

Chen Xiao responded quickly, “Brother, you mean that me having a smurf account may implicate Xiao Xie?”

“Yes.” Chen Qianlin turned to Chen Xiao, “You were not cautious enough. In-game, all accounts are connected to players’ ID cards. The name, ‘Brother Chen’ can easily remind people of you. If Shao Bo becomes suspicious and started to investigate the instance team, he would find your real identity and the fact that you built the studio with your smurf account during the contract and broke Purple Bamboo Forest’s world record. Then he can sue you for violating the contract and negatively playing games. Do you understand?”

“……” Chen Xiao’s hair stood on end. Last night he hadn’t given it a second thought when breaking the world record. Now thinking backwards, he did leave adverse evidence everywhere.

“I’ll help handle this.” Chen Qianlin said briskly, “You immediately enter the game and delete all roles bound to your ID card. And I’ll use a smurf account to farm Purple Bamboo Forest with Xiao Xie again to cover your instance record.”

In game, every instance’s time record only displays the top three teams. Right now the first one was the record set by Brother Chen and Uncle Chubby last night at 1’’55’33. The second and the third were set by Nie Yuandao at about 2’’25’ when he was studying the Flame Dragon card group. If Chen Qianlin wanted to cover the ID ‘Brother Chen’, he needed to break Purple Bamboo Forest’s record three times in a row.

If he could make it and Chen Xiao deleted his smurf account, then the ID ‘Brother Chen’ would completely disappear from the world without any trace. Even if Shao Bo was suspicious of the relation between Brother Chen and Chen Xiao, he wouldn’t be able to find any evidence at all.

Chen Xiao’s fingertips slightly trembled. He hadn’t expected that his brother would voluntarily help him in person.

Originally he thought that the reason why his brother had left that year was that he hated him so much. Now he realized that he had left not simply because he was disappointed in him having concealed the whole contract thing, but more importantly, because he had wanted him to grow up and be independent and mature as soon as possible. His brother had always been the person who loved him most. In these years he had been paying attention to the league matches and left so many materials for him. The purpose of his hard-work was to wait for the day when his younger brother realized his mistakes and returned as a new person……

Chen Xiao really failed Chen Qianlin and his sincere brotherhood towards him.

Chen Xiao’s eyes turned red and was on the edge of crying, unable to say anything. Seeing this, Chen Qianlin sighed slightly and patted him on the shoulder, saying, “Don’t feel bad. Since you have realized your mistake, what you should do is to fix it quickly by erasing all of your traces in the game. Then you can sign the termination agreement and restart. Don’t leave any loopholes for Shao Bo. Do you understand?”

“Yes!” Chen Xiao nodded vigorously.

There were several helmets at Chen Qianlin’s place, including the commemorating helmet from the first season.

Chen Xiao put on the helmet and entered the game. There was only one role in his login interface, ‘Brother Chen’, because the roles that he had originally created in the Sanctuary Club belonged to the club. So they were separated from him when he left.

Chen Xiao clicked on the delete button without hesitation.

The system prompted, “Once you delete the role, all cards and materials in your individual space’s display cabinet will be completely deleted. Are you sure that you want to delete the role [Brother Chen]?”

There was no card in his study’s display cabinet and the materials had already been transferred to the club’s warehouse.

In game, a player’s power completely depended on cards which were tradable. The role itself didn’t have any devices. Plus the role was bound to the ID card, which meant it couldn’t be stolen. Hence, as soon as the cards in the role’s individual space were emptied, it was very easy to delete the role.

Ten minutes later, the system examination was completed, the role ‘Brother Chen’ disappeared from the world completely.

Chen Xiao breathed a sigh of relief at that time, and he turned to his brother, “I’ve already deleted the role. But if we want to erase the name ‘Brother Chen’ from the world record, we need to break the record three times in a row. Yesterday when we were farming the instance, all of our plays have reached the limits……Can you even shorten it further?”

Chen Qianlin nodded, “Yes. Since Xiao Xie’s three cards can be strengthened.”

He opened the database on his optical tablet and checked the row of display cabinets belonging to Fenghua. Then he pulled out two card materials and said, “Since I have made Xiao Xie my apprentice, I’ll give you some tips today. There is a really key factor in the design of a card group, which is called——Linkage Skill.”

Xie Mingzhe was surprised, “Linkage Skill?”

Chen Qianlin patiently explained, “I developed Linkage Skill in the fourth season and the inspiration was the grafting of plants in reality. By grafting one plant’s sprout on another plant’s root, the two plants’ characteristics could fuse together and generate a cross. This is the most common artificial reproduction method. Applying it to the Star Card world, it will turn into the Linkage Skill. The principle is that two or more connected plant cards have linkage skills in a particular circumstance. In that case, they can inherit some of the other’s features, or add buffs to each other.”

He zoomed in on a vine card and a flower card in front of them and said, “Take these two cards as an example. The flower card’s effect is blinding and the vine card’s is garotting within a particular area. Once the flower card is killed and triggers the linkage skill, the vines will be like the same flower and thus obtain the flower’s blinding effect, becoming the invisible vine that couldn’t be observed by the enemies——This is a group of Plant Linkage Skill that your senior fellow apprentice, Tang Muzhou designed under my instruction.”

Xie Mingzhe, “……”

This was so eye-opening!

Legend Chen was certainly a botany expert. He had even used the principle of plant grafting in reality and designed it as the Plant card group’s Linkage Skill in the game! Tang Muzhou’s design was very excellent too; the flower with the blinding effect gave its skill to the vine after being killed. And the vine could apply the invisible attack with the blinding effect!

How could this be possible?!

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