Chapter 52 – Breaking the Record Again (Part 2)

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Chen Qianlin continued to say, “After the convention in the fourth season accepted the proposal for the Linkage Skill, the authorities issued a few regulations to avoid the abuse by professional players. First, linkage cards must belong to the same kind and the same attribute; Second, two cards with linkage skills must have a bond. For instance, [Black wolves] and [White Wolves] belong to the same race linkage, while wolves and sheep belong to the natural enemy linkage. Players can design specific skills freely, but the data is controlled by the authorities so each skill’s increase couldn’t exceed 50%.”

The linkages within the same race could strengthen Attack; the linkages between enemies could trigger special effects. The principle could also be used between any two similar breeds in the animal kingdom and the plant kingdom to make linkage cards; since they could create the linkage effect through all card groups, such as Ghost cards, God cards, Butterfly cards as well as aquatic beings, professional players could make their imagination work at full capacity. Of course he could make all kinds of linkage skills according to this way of thinking in character card groups!

Shifu’s explanation enlightened Xie Mingzhe so much.

Sun Ce and Zhou Yu had been good friends since they were teenagers. After Sun Ce died, Zhou Yu had protected Eastern Wu※ for him for ten years. In that case, was it possible to follow a design in which [Zhou Yu] increased [Sun Ce]’s Attack when it was alive and [Sun Ce] did the same thing when dying?

Thinking of this, Xie Mingzhe immediately put on his helmet and entered the game to connect to the card-making system, putting [Sun Ce] and [Zhou Yu] together to modify them.

With the penetration of Inner Spirit, the cards, [Sun Ce] and [Zhou Yu], both belonging to Fire type cards, gradually changed in his mind.

A mark symbolizing [Linkage] appeared in [Sun Ce]’s and [Zhou Yu]’s lower right corners at the same time. [Sun Ce]’s was half a flame and [Zhou Yu]’s was the same. Combining them together was the whole flame.

——[Sun Ce], additional skill 3: Jiangdong Hero Duo (Linkage Skill), when [Zhou Yu] exists in the Arena, [Sun Ce] enters the sprited zone※ and increases moving speed 50%.

——[Zhou Yu], additional skill 3: Jiangdong Hero Duo (Linkage Skill), when the teammate [Sun Ce] dies, [Zhou Yu] enters the state of anger and grief and permanently increases his Attack 50%.

Seeing the ultimate skill, Xie Mingzhe was very excited!

The principle of allowing the appearance of card linkage in the game was bonds between cards which was the key issue in designing cards in the high-level arena. And when it came to characters with bonds, he had an immense number of materials in his mind!

Xie Mingzhe took a deep breath and took off the helmet. Then he imported the just finished [Sun Ce] and [Zhou Yu] into the smart optical tablet that he just got and showed them to Chen Qianlin.

Chen Qianlin nodded and said, “Your design can improve the instance efficiency by 50%. And the data conforms with the official regulations too. Now you can take them to examine.”

Since cards with linkage skills were rare after all, the examination didn’t make things difficult for Xie Mingzhe after he added the linkage skill to [Sun Ce] and [Zhou Yu]. The linkage skill “Jiangdong Hero Duo” appeared on [Sun Ce] and [Zhou Yu] soon.

In that case, [Sun Ce] and [Zhou Yu] each had two independent skills and shared the linkage skill “Jiangdong Hero Duo”. Linkage meant that the skill could only be triggered when both of them were present, which also showed Sun Ce and Zhou Yu’s close friendship of many years’ standing.

Chen Qianlin sat near him and entered the game too to friend Xie Mingzhe’s account, Uncle Chubby.

Chen Qianlin was totally okay with the fact that his little apprentice named himself “Uncle Chubby”. Even though he was an old man in the game, it was just a game image. He sent Xie Mingzhe a PM which said, “Take the set of new cards to cover Purple Bamboo Forest’s records. Do you know how to do it?”

Xie Mingzhe excitedly said, “Yes! If Zhou Yu is in the Arena, Sun Ce’s speed will increase, which will definitely shorten the mob-pulling time; in the second round of attacking the mobs, Sun Ce dies in due course and triggers the state of anger and grief, namely Attack buff, to save more time!”

Xie Mingzhe was so smart! Chen Qianlin smiled with appreciation, which was quite rare, and said, “You’re ready. Take the cards with the Linkage Skill and break the record again.”

After deleting his smurf account, Chen Xiao made Chen Qing and the other members enter the game and group with Xie Mingzhe. Chi Qing directly joined Xie Mingzhe’s team without asking any questions. Then everyone surprisingly found that there was a stranger in their team whose ID was “A Withered Tree Coming to Life”.

Pang Yu was frank, so he briskly asked, “Xiao Xie, where are you and Brother Chen? And who is this “A Withered Tree Coming to Life”?”

Xie Mingzhe laughed, “This is my Shifu!”

Earlier Brother Chen mentioned that he would take Xie Mingzhe to find a master. Now it seemed that the master had agreed to apprentice Xie Mingzhe. Everyone was happy for Xiao Xie and they respectfully greeted Chen Qian: “Hello, Legend!”

“Legend, we’re Xiao Xie’s friends.”

They had thought that the legend was a venerable master. However, the voice ringing in their ears was very young, clean as the flowing water, “Hi, guys. I’m Chen Xiao’s older brother.”

Everyone looked at each other and didn’t know what to say——they had originally thought that Chen Xiao’s older brother had passed away.

Feeling confused, they followed Chen Qianlin and Xie Mingzhe into the instance, Purple Bamboo Forest.

Chen Qianlin’s operation was extremely calm. His excellent skill plus [Sun Ce]’s 50% moving speed increase made the process of pulling mobs too quick to be seen clearly by everyone——all of a sudden, a bunch of mobs just appeared in front of them!

Chen Qianlin, “Go.”

His command wasn’t as passionate as Chen Xiao’s, or rather, was emotionless and calm.

They immediately started attacking, the process was the same as yesterday. However, with the increase in [Sun Ce]’s speed, the efficiency of the whole instance had been improved. In the second round of pulling mobs, Chen Qianlin deliberately made [Sun Ce] receive damage and he finally died when the mobs had about ¼ HP left.

The linkage skill was triggered. Zhou Yu entered the sprited zone and acquired the extremely strong Fire Attack!

Not to mention that there were three [Zhou Yu]s in the sprited zone at the same time……

Xie Mingzhe was stunned. Mobs were killed instantly!

——Congratulations! The Nirvana Club breaks the instance [Purple Bamboo Forest]’s world record at 1’’50’31!

Brother Chen was not on the passing list this time, but “A Withered Tree Coming to Life” was instead. The online players were so confused, “A new record again?” 

“The Nirvana club again?” 

“Uncle Chubby’s team again?”

When they farmed the instance the second time, Chen Qianlin released the linkage skill at the proper time and made [Sun Ce] die when mobs had ⅓ HP.

——Congratulations! The Nirvana Club breaks the instance [Purple Bamboo Forest]’s world record at 1’’49’31!

A moment later, an announcement popped out in the world again.

——Congratulations. The Nirvana Club breaks the instance [Purple Bamboo Forest]’s world record at 1’’48’31!

All the online players, “……………………”

Breaking the record three times running. Where did these legends come from? Show some respect for the instance in the game!

In the professional league group, Ye Zhu appeared again, “Holy shit! Uncle Chubby has been breaking the “Purple Bamboo Forest” records like crazy. Why does he hate the mobs in the Purple Bamboo Forest?”

Zhengfeng, who had joked that his elephant was still being weighed, popped out too, “Uncle Chubby must be studying card groups? Maybe he’s got some development in his cards’ data. The record time is only a few seconds less than yesterday.”

They were discussing animatedly.

Xie Mingzhe was extremely stunned inside. He didn’t know how to describe his Shifu’s operation. Every time he increased 1 second. The tempo was amazing. He was indeed the founder of the Wood attribute. As a pioneer who had affected the whole Wood card group, he was inspired by the plant grafting and originated the design of card linkage. Xie Mingzhe sincerely respected him.

Three new records were written on the system’s ranking list.

The passing team: Uncle Chubby, A Withered Tree Coming to Life, Green Grass, Galaxy Stars, Golds.

In this way, all the players would credit the “Purple Bamboo Forest” records to Uncle Chubby. After all, all the character card groups used were designed by him. As for the previous member “Brother Chen”, no one would noticed him if they didn’t pay attention to him. Even if someone tried to investigate him, Brother Chen had already disappeared.

Chen Xiao had deleted all the information in the game, and therefore the ID and the role, “Brother Chen”, completely disappeared from Star Card World.

Everything had been reset and it was time to restart.

He believed that Xiao Xie could make rapid progress with his brother’s instruction.

And the club that completely belonged to themselves and didn’t have any copyright dispute would be set up soon!

Translator’s Note:

1. Wu (222–280), commonly known as Dong Wu (Eastern Wu) or Sun Wu, was one of the three major states that competed for supremacy over China in the Three Kingdoms period (220–280).

The territories of Wu (in light greenish grey), as of 262 A.D.

2. The sprited zone

When Sun Ce went into the sprited zone, he became extremely energetic and his speed increased by 50%.

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