🌟About Our Cooperation with A Novel Reading APP

Dear All,

As you may have noticed, we put an ad of a novel reading APP on every novel page. You can see it at the end of a chapter. This APP, Novel Tracker (for Android only), is developed by Wong Lei, a programmer as well as novel lover who contacted us a few days ago to seek cooperation. Novel Tracker serves as a directory like NU, which collects as much as possible of 10,000+ CN&JP&KR webnovels. It provides more than one source websites for a novel so that readerscan choose the one they prefer and be directed to the website that holds the translations. 

The APP has collected all the novels from WangMama and provides links directed to our website. What’s more, there will be an exclusive section for novels translated by WangMama on this APP in the future. In return for Wong Lei’s help, WangMama put the ad on novel pages to promote his APP. 

If you want to read novels Offline and get the latest releases, you can give the APP a try. It’s FREE by the way 🙂

PS: Here’s the discord invite link of NovelTracker https://discord.gg/fUqW3CA

Volume10 Chapter 2 - The Princess is Enchanted (Part 2)
Chapter 111: Feel at Ease When with You (1)

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manas Posted on6:41 am - Jan 16, 2020

can you guys please translate Skirt-Chasing Young Monarch: City Lady-Killer and Heavenly Star. The previous translators dropped them but I believe you guys will really like these novels