Volume10 Chapter 2 – The Princess is Enchanted (Part 2)

“Linda, don’t dirty your hands!”

As he spoke, Aiwa grabbed a soldier who had rushed over him and pinched him hard. The soldier breathed his last immediately. Then another soldier who rushed up was stuck by him. This time, Aiwa mixed his obscene skill with Effeminacy Arts, and suddenly a huge force gathered in his hand, which made the soldier look pale immediately. Quickly turned into a white bone!

Linda was frightened by this scene. She had never seen such a vicious martial art before, but she was very happy to see it again because the man who was killed was the one who just said to fuck her!

There were forty or fifty people on the other side, but seven or eight of them had been knocked down by Aiwa. The other soldiers did not notice the tragedy of the fellow soldier just now. They just kept rushing over Aiwa. They all wanted to chop Aiwa and get the beautiful girl next to him.

Aiwa did not come forward, but stood beside Linda, handled them one after another, and if he could not suck their energy, he would kill them; if he could, he would suck the soldiers into bones.

Aiwa was addicted, and it could not satisfy him by standing and waiting for the attack. He simply rushed into the enemy’s battlefield, strangled the Wolf Kingdom soldiers and sucked up their energy. Several soldiers saw the horrible situation and ran away. Linda saw them and immediately chased up.

With previous experience, Aiwa knew Linda was skilled, so he left those guys to her and rescued the girls strapped on horseback.

But the girls were shocked by the sight. In their eyes, the teenager who helped them kill their enemies was more terrible than the devil. When Aiwa was going to save them, they cried, “Don’t kill us!”

“Who’s going to kill you!”

Aiwa strode forward, lowered them from horses and said, “Go home!”

These girls are far less than Linda and Aiwa has no desire to look at them.

Several girls ran gingerly towards their homes.

Linda chased those soldiers very far, and he found Linda had been missing when Aiwa was trying to see the situation.

Aiwa caught up and saw that she had fallen into a trap!

In fact, those guys deliberately led Linda to the trap. When she caught up with the trap, they stepped on the organ together and let her fall, but instead of taking the opportunity to escape, they sprayed a big bag of powder into the trap.

It’s still a long way from Aiwa. If they’re handy, they can take Linda away. But they didn’t expect Aiwa’s speed to be amazing. To them, he’s just flying!

When Aiwa caught up with less than a dozen steps, he suddenly hit a ball of fire, and the men immediately caught fire all over.

As they ran, they beat the fire on their bodies, but in vain. After a series of howls like killing pigs, they were burned to death in extreme pain.

If Linda saw this situation, she would feel terrible, but Aiwa had no compassion at all, because he thought these guys were really evil, and it’s too good for them if he didn’t torture them like that!

Aiwa was not a broad-minded person. Anyone who had scorned him would come to no good end.

“Aiwa… Help me…”

Then Aiwa remembered Linda, who had fallen into the trap.

Generally speaking, there are extremely sharp bamboo sticks in the trap, and they are dense, once someone falls, he will be pierced and nailed to death.

But now the trap is full of smoke. Aiwa doesn’t know what powder those guys spread into it. He just feels that there’s a pungent smell, maybe a love potion or something like that.

If it was really love potion, Aiwa was not afraid, because he was a master of obscene skill and had resistance to all love potions, but Linda was not able to do it. However, Aiwa’s chuckling to himself. If Linda really got ecstasy, he would be able to take the advantage.

“Did you get hurt?”

Aiwa couldn’t see her condition.

“No… But… I’m so dizzy…

Hearing Linda’s answer, Aiwa was more certain.

“Wait a moment, I’ll save you!”

Aiwa fell very lightly.

When Aiwa fell to the bottom, he was quite sure that the ingredients of the smoke were aphrodisiacs. No wonder Linda just said that he had fainted.

Aiwa searched Linda in the smoke and saw her lying on the ground. He reached out and touched her. Fortunately, there was soft grass in the pit. It seemed that it was a trap for women. Otherwise, the Wolf Kingdom soldiers would not have spent so much time on it.

“Linda… Are you all right?”

Aiwa was still worried. After all, Linda was the princess, and she’s with him. If something really happened, even if the Queen didn’t care, he couldn’t afford that.

“En… Ah… I’m so sad…”

Linda had been fascinated by the powder as if in a dream, murmuring. She lay on the ground as if waiting for someone to fuck her, her body kept twisting.

Aiwa thought, “The princess is usually beautiful and dignified, and now she wriggles so provocatively.”

Aiwa could not help reaching out and touching Linda’s delicate face.

The princess’s skin was really different from that of ordinary girls. Just touching it with his fingers made his blood boiled, not to mention a pair of steamed buns standing upright under her thin skirt.

“Oh… Please, no…”

Linda seemed to be drunk, her eyes closed and her mouth whispered. As she rolled several times, her clothes were already untidy, which further aroused Aiwa’s sexual desire.

“Princess… Are you okay? How can I help you?”

Asked Aiwa, touching Linda’s shoulder.


Linda just kept moaning and couldn’t answer Aiwa’s question at all.

Aiwa suspected that Linda was now so insane that she couldn’t even hear him.

Looking at this touching beauty, Aiwa’s dragon blood arose up. 

“Ah… I’m too uncomfortable…”

Linda began to tear at her clothes.

Linda first tore open the clothes in her breast, revealing a large white snow skin, her face was so delicate that no one can match, and her snow skin was unparalleled. Aiwa believed that if Linda’s clothes were all taken off, the smoke in the cave would slowly dissipate. Aiwa could clearly see Linda’s beautiful appearance. She was still whispering softly and twisting slightly, which exposed more snow skin to her breast.

It’s so tempting. Is that God’s reward? Aiwa sighed infinitely. It seemed reasonable for the Queen to obstruct his marriage with Princess Linda. How could the Queen easily marry such a delicate girl? She would never marry such a daughter if she was not quite sure of the strength of the man.

“Well… darling… Take it easy first, and I’ll make you comfortable in a moment…”

Aiwa’s hand could not help sliding down Linda’s cheek and touching a snowy skin, which was an extension of Princess Linda’s low cleavage. That part was already quite lethal for a man who had not seen her body. Even if he touched her body, he would lose all his martial arts, he would not hesitate to touch her!

“Oh… Ah…”

Linda was still moaning, and the voice proved that she was in a deep state of confusion, and her desire for sex was even stronger, tearing at her clothes.

Aiwa feared that Linda would scratch her skin and had to untie his belt and tie her hands, but it was more like he was going to rape Linda.

“Princess, please don’t think I’m going to rape you. Your face is so important that if you injured your face, I can’t afford it!”

Aiwa chattered as he tied Linda’s hands. Actually, what he said now doesn’t matter, because Linda can’t hear anything, she just feels burned by a flame of desire, and she doesn’t even know where she is.

“Ah… Oh… Ah…”

Linda’s moans were getting louder and louder. A normally dignified girl who suddenly shouted so lewdly was more likely to stimulate men’s sexuality.

Aiwa had taken off his belt and put his hand into his crotch. The dick was already high and made his trousers up as a huge tent.

When Linda’s hands were tied, she was even uncomfortable. But in a drug-obsessed situation like this, Aiwa can’t solve it with a spell. The only way is to make love with Linda! And also what he wanted to do.

Aiwa reached out again and touched Linda’s snow-white jade breast. His finger slid down the gap and into Linda’s shallow cleavage…

Although Linda’s breasts are not big, Aiwa’s fingers can still feel the wonderful elasticity of her breast wall. On both sides of the cleavage are the hillsides that are climbing slowly. The two little jade hills that are gradually rising have already revealed half of them. The snowy skin in the light of that half already makes Aiwa excited.

Aiwa’s fingers climbed up against the elastic snowy skin and soon reached the summit. When his hand touched Linda’s breast wall, Linda’s body shook involuntarily. Unexpectedly, she was unconscious, she was even so sensitive to his touch!

Aiwa gently clipped Linda’s pointed nipples with two fingers.


Linda’s breasts immediately straightened up and her response to Aiwa’s finger was so strong that Aiwa was even more excited. He gently scratched his finger on Linda’s areola and kept sliding, pulling the shirt that still covered her breast to both sides, exposing all the snow-white breasts!

Just a snowy white nipple wall, it was enough to make Aiwa burned, not to mention the fact that both breasts were exposed in front of his eyes, the sharp nipples were touched by him for a few times, then stood up, round, so full; hard, like mulberry that not ripe.

Aiwa had an urge to suck Linda’s nipples. He took a deep breath, bent over and opened his mouth to hold a nipple of Linda…


Linda’s upper body suddenly straightened up again!

Aiwa then opened his mouth and put Linda’s breasts in it…

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