Chapter 124 – the decisive war(3) (Part 3)

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“Let’s fight it out!”

“……No, I will stop here. I won’t be able to win right now.”

Marin said then retreated hastily. Alice saw her and began to retreat too.

Meanwhile, a gong rang.

It’s the sign of retreat in Rozel.

Hearing the sound, Rozel’s soldiers started retreating simultaneously.

What happened……

“Almus-sama, you worked hard. It seemed that the wings had been successful in surrounding enemies.”

Bartolo reported.

That means, we won!

“Chase them quickly!”–Almus

“Everyone! Follow them! Let no gallian return alive!”–Bartolo

In this war, Rozel had nearly 4,000 soldiers dead, 8,000 wounded and 10,000 captured. In total, the loss of Rozel is nearly 20,000 in this war.

From our side, there are 1,000 dead and 4,000 wounded.

A huge victory for our Allied Force.

“Ouch, that hurts! –Almus

“Don’t move! Almus. I can’t put on your medicine.”–Julia

“Do you have any other medicine?”


Julia’s ruthless words made me desperate.

“Hey! Stay still! Don’t escape! Tetra, catch him.”

“Got it!”

“Wait, wait, wait! Let me go! Ouch!”

I nearly wept, but Julia still cruelly applied the medicine to me.

“I will die! Die!”–Almus

“You look happy.”

Bartolo took a sip of wine and said.

He even smiled.

“Wonderful. No major injuries.”–Bartolo

“Well, most are bruises…..Ouch, that hurts!”–Almus

“Don’t move!”–Julia

During the time the medicine was applied, I was nearly crying.

Next time, please use a medicine that won’t make it worse……

“Now for the report of the battle outcome, we have approximately a thousand soldiers dead and four thousand who are wounded. The situation of the enemy is still uncertain, but there are approximately eight thousand gallians dead. There could still be some left but their morale is terribly low because of the defeat. It will be difficult for them to organize a counterattack.”

In a word, we won the decisive war.

Although it wasn’t a complete win, that’s enough for me.

“We captured two lieutenant generals and five major generals. It’s a great outcome.”–Bartolo

“Where are Curiu and Marin?”–Almus

“No clue to their whereabouts had been found. Maybe they escaped…”–Bartolo

Curiu left the battlefield midway. It’s possible that Marin had realized they were going to be surrounded.

Therefore she ordered Curiu to escape the battlefield while she fought against me to buy time.

Perhaps, if I had continued to fight against both Curiu and Marin, I would likely die first.

“Oh, I nearly forgot it. We captured the blondie. She seems to be called Alice.”

“Really? How?”

“She was captured for protecting the Alde prince. She kept silent after that. Would you like to have a talk with her?”

En, I want to invite her to join us.

She is an excellent assassin. It would be a pity to kill her. But what should I do?

It seemed she has a strong loyalty to Prince Alde, how about taking him hostage?

“Anyway, let’s leave aside that question. How about the recovery of ivory?”

“En, finished. I had done it without Demorgal knowing. Is it worth any money?”

“Probably worth a lot. Galician merchants may buy it at high prices.”


I heard the voice of Raymond.

“Come in.”

“Excuse me.”

Raymond walked straight towards me.

In his hand was a letter inside a cylinder.

“What is that?”

“A letter from Rozel.”

I take it from Raymond, opened the cylinder and took out the letter.


“What was written?”

“They want to make peace with us.”

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