Chapter 122-The Decisive Battle Ⅰ(Part 1)

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“The hill has been occupied by our enemies.”–Almus

“Well, they planned to wait at ease till we are exhausted.”–Almus

I looked at Rozel’s army, which is deployed on the hill. Although it is a hill, there’s no distinct difference in altitude.

Still, in warfare, it is obviously more advantageous to take the higher position.

Gravity will bring enormous impact force with them, which is nearly unstoppable.

“Almus, we have finished investigating the military structure of our enemies.–Lulu

Lulu handed me the report.

“With the addition of the soldiers who were previously defeated by us, the overall force of Rozel will reach 32,000 men, 30,000 of which are infantry and 2,000 are cavalry. Nearly 7000 of the infantries are slaves. Besides those, they have 60 elephants.”–Lulu

As expected, Rozel has more soldiers. Moreover, compared to us, they, Gallians, are stronger and more valiant.

That means Rozel’s infantry is stronger than ours.

We have 13,000 infantry and 4,500 cavalry.

Stronger cavalry but weaker infantry.

For the final victory, we have to deal with their elephants first.

“My king, I will come back with a victory and erase the disgrace from last time!” –Bartolo

“I’m counting on you, Bartolo. Waiting for your good news.”–Almus

The war started with the emissary exchange.

Both sides tried to make the other side surrender..  

Obviously, that’s impossible.

The standoff lasted for three days.

Both forces attempted to find the weaknesses of the other until rain fell.

There is little rain in the Adernia Peninsula. 

Because of that, soldiers have no experience fighting in such bad weather.

Just like how we won’t play baseball on a rainy day, it is better to avoid fighting in the rain.

But General Curiu won’t think so.

“Prepare! The war is going to start! Coat your skin with oil. ”–Curiu

“It has started.”–scout

I read the report from the sorcerers.

 Fortunately, we didn’t let our guard down even on a rainy day. However…

”Why did Curiu choose a rainy day to start the war? There must be some special reason.”–Almus

Fighting in such bad weather would be harmful to both forces. Normally, such a risky strategy would be avoided.

“My king, they started to move.”–Bartolo

“I know. Have you figured out why Curiu chose to move on a rainy day?”–Almus

Bartolo fell into silence.

There must be a special reason.

 ”What do you think,  king?.”–Bartolo

“I have no idea.”

 I answered quickly. Bartolo smiled and pointed at the ground.

 I turned my vision to the ground. The heavy rain turned the ground into mud. It’s difficult for us to pull our boots out of the mud.

 En? Something is strange.

Oh! I’ve got it.

 ”Countermeasure for our cavalry?”–Almus

“Yes. In such bad weather, it is already hard for a human to walk on mud, even more so for those heavier horses. It’s a good chance for Rozel to decrease our cavalry’s mobility. Although it’s also bad for their elephants, they are using the elephants as a tool for defense and their main force is the infantry. Obviously, compared to the cavalry, there would be less influence to the infantry. And Rozel has stronger infantry.”–Bartolo

 Ah! This is General Curiu.

What an excellent strategy!

 ”The other reason…”–Alexios

Alexios interrupted me with a smile.

Well, normally, it’s impolite to interrupt a king.

But I don’t care.

“Do you have another idea?”–Bartolo

“Well, besides that, there’s another reason.”–Alexios

Although a little impolte, Alexios is also an excellent commander.

At such an urgent time. We need more suggestions.

Bartolo and I turned to Alexios.

 ”The other reason?”–Almus

“The explosive spears. On such a rainy day, the gunpowder will be drenched and won’t ignite. In this way, we can’t use the explosive spears.”–Alexios

The detonators of the explosive spears were produced by Tetra’s magic. Gunpowder is sealed inside perfectly and can’t be drenched by the rain.

In the first place, I have created a weapon that won’t be influenced by the weather.

However, General Curiu has no idea about this.

It’s not surprising for him to think like Alexios.

”Of course, it’s just my guess. I don’t think General Curiu will do a risky move just because of these speculations.”–Alexios

“No, it’s a great guess. I see. We also have to start our preparation right away.”–Almus

We won’t fail this war just because a sudden rain.

Our Allied Forces is formed by arranging the infantry in the center in order to prevent General Curiu in attacking the middle.The Equus cavalry is divided equally on the left and right wings for surrounding our enemies.

A formation for surround and annihilate.

On the other hand, for maximizing the impact force, Rozel put their 40 elephants in the center. The whole formation was like an arrow.

The rest of the elephants were arranged on both wings for defense. Behind the elephants were light infantry and cavalry.

As usual, both forces started with spears, arrows, and stones.

Both the Allied Forces and Rozel sent thousands of soldiers. They are having a desperate fight under the heavy rain.

Soldiers raised their shields and defended against most of the stones.

But the heavy shield can’t be used to defend against arrows and spears. Those soldiers who lost their shields have to move back slowly.

After that, the main force began to move. 

Allied Forces’ cavalry first clashed against Rozel’s elephants, cavalry and light infantry.

Our heavy infantry stopped Rozel’s drug-using slave army. The two sides exchanged fires fiercely and our heavy infantry gradually gained the upper hand.

By this time…

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