Chapter 122-The Decisive Battle Ⅰ(Part 2)

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“Sha! Sha! Sha!! ”–slaves


The slaves fell into complete madness and started charging towards our heavy infantry.

They had lost their sensitivity to pain and there’s no fear of death in their eyes.

Facing those living dead, our soldiers got scared.

”What the hell is wrong these soldiers?”–Allied Force

Disgusting!”–Allied Force

It seems that our heavy infantry is going to be engulfed by Rozel’s.

Although we defeated nearly 1/3 of the slaves, these soldiers similar to the living dead were still charging nonstop.

It was at this time when the slaves suddenly fell into panic.

”Shit! Little bitch…”–Mari

Mari sweared. She and her sorcerer army remotely controlled the mental situation of the slaves.

 But the connection was broken It was obviously interfered with.

(Actually, I heard the Allied Forces has a good sorcerer called Julia.)  

“Pay more attention. It’s impossible for my pupils to be defeated by a nameless sorcerer! Class B, C, and D, continue to maintain the connection. Class A and me will start to attack the enemies.” –Mari

”Well, it’s harder than I thought.”–Julia

It’s difficult to cut down the connection between the enemies and the slaves, but Julia set her connection to the slaves quickly.

 Julia felt a little upset at her lack of experience.

”That’s enough, Julia. It’s already good that we were able to interfere with the enemy. Almus will do the rest.”–Tetra

Tetra encouraged Julia. Tetra also participated in the attack as a sorcerer.

Although, her magic is more suitable for weapon production rather than fighting in the frontline.

”We fight as a team! Come on everyone!”–Allied Forces’ Sorcerers

Our sorcerers cheered themselves in a loud voice.

Sorcerers are not less important than soldiers in the frontline.

”Julia-sama! The enemy’s counterattack is coming!”–Lulu

“All right, Lulu, prepare!” –Julia

“Got it! Go to hell!”–Lulu

 Lulu held her head high and said.

However, due to the fierce attack of the enemies, our sorcerers, including Lulu, were gradually cursed and fell down.

”Unn…I’m dizzy. Julia-sama, we cannot hold on for more than 5 minutes.”–Lulu

“It’s getting ready soon! Come on girls, let’s fight with our husbands!”–Julia

Julia also fought back with the headache and smiled to the sorcerers.

Including herself, most sorcerers here have already married.

For their husbands who were fighting in the frontline, they won’t fall easily.

The didn’t know how much time has passed. When Julia and her teammates nearly fell down, Soyon arrived and shouted. She worked in reconnaissance.

 ”They moved! The elephants in the center have moved.”–Soyon

Finally, the headache disappeared. Which means that the enemy’s sorcerers have lost control of the slaves.

“Ahh…am I dying?”–Allied Force Sorcerers

All of them fell into the mud.

”Calm down! No matter what they are, separate their head from the body and they will die!”–Almus

I shouted and encouraged my soldiers.

Divine Blessing of Royalty stabilised and improved my soldiers’ mental situation.

Fear comes from uncertainty of the unknown. It happens to all of us. 

For them, those fearless soldiers who were like the living dead were unknown.


I beheaded an enemy. He still smiled even though he had died.

How disgusting!

”My king, are you charging to the front too much?”

A soldier was surprised, as well as worried.

I smiled and answered.

”No, you guys are too slow! Everyone, follow me! I am the son of the warlord! We are unstoppable!”–Almus

Hearing that, and with my Divine Blessing, our Allied Forces have never been more excited.

”This feeling!! Don’t forget!!”

“Follow our king!!!”

“God is with us!!”

Our soldiers raised their weapons again and the formation that was pushed back is now reformed.

”Well done, my king!” 

“Well, contribution belongs to everyone.”–Almus

I saw that even the enemies were getting sluggish.

For the fear of death, they began to get rid of the drug’s effect.

More like a human rather than a monster.

It’s the evidence that Julia broke off their control from the enemies’ sorcerers.

Out of all the difficulties, a messenger came to me.

”What happened?”–Almus

“Rozel’s elephants have moved! It seems that they’re going to charge toward our middle.”–the herald

Curiu finally took action.

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