Chapter 1 – Broken Tongue and Disfigurement, Perish Together

Painful… With blood spreading from her mouth, the white wedding dress that she’s wearing has been a mess…

Lu Anran stares at those two people who have grown up together with her since childhood: one is the adopted son of the family of Lu, and also her husband who has made their wedding vows before God today, the other is her most trusted bestie who had grown up with her. It’s really unexpected that…Just an hour ago, she thought she was probably the happiest woman in the world…But now the pain on her face, the pain in her mouth, and a severed tongue on the floor remind her that she is the stupidest woman in the world!

“Lu Anran, don’t keep staring at me.” Playing with the Swiss Army Knife in her hand, Chu Yao with her pitiful small face and an innocent smile on it, wears high heels of 13 centimeters and very ruthlessly steps on the back of Lu Anran’s left hand: “The person who cuts off your tongue is your Haosheng, not me!” Finally, she could trampel Lu Anran underfoot. She has waited too long for this moment! It’s been so long! Thinking of this, she couldn’t help crushing the sharp heel in excitement.

“Ah…”On the back of her hand spreading the pain of the fracture of her hand bone, tears trickle down her cheek along with the blood that flow together with them into her mouth. The pain of her broken tongue that encounters salty tears hurts like hell and Lu Anran nearly passes out. It also weaks up Lu Anran thoroughly, who has been living an unexamined life for 22 years.

She thought that even if her father was missing and her mother encountered a car accident, she was still happy, because by her side stood still her bestie who had grown up with her since childhood, and an uncle who looked after and cared about her. And furthermore, Lin Haosheng, her lover, who adored her with his full heart! Even if the tendons of her hands were cut off, even if she was expelled from high school for fighting therefore became the joke of the whole city and the blot of her family, even if she was drugged to sleep with someone leading to the wide spread of her erotic photos in the university…Chu Yao and Lin Haosheng had always accompanied her, comforting her and encouraging her all through those times! But just now, she learns that her mother has not died of a car accident, and that her fight with her schoolmates were also led and urged deliberately by Chu Yao step by step. As far as those erotic photos, Chu Yao joined hands with her close uncle to frame her…Should we say that, because of her blindness, she gets herself in this position and now ends up like this! From the very beginning, her life is completely manipulated by Chu Yao and her uncle!

Lu Anran now thinks of herself as a complete idiot!

The most ridiculous idiot in the world!

The three people that she trusts most in her life pushed her to purgatory together, but she still naively thought that they were people that loved her the most! She had even prepared a gift to thank Chu Yao for setting her and Lin Haosheng up…

“Yaoyao, don’t be so boring! Just get rid of her!” Lin Haosheng impatiently wipes the blood on his hand with a tissue, he’s a neat freak! Who would know that cutting out a tongue would cause so much bleeding? It’s so dirty! Thinking of this, Lin Haosheng glares at Lu Anran lying on the floor, looking like staring at a disgusting cockroach.

That icy cold look in his eyes is like a knife, mercilessly plunging into the heart of Lu Anran, cutting a big wound in it. In her memory, Lin Haosheng always had been an elegant gentleman. From childhood, every time she saw him, there was always an affectionate smile on his face. She never saw him looking at her in such a way. Yes, today Lu Anran completely comes to realize the truth. It turns out that all of this has been planned before! When she was 15 years old, she was kidnapped and they broke off her hand tendon resulting that it was impossible for her to lift heavy weights during all her life. And it forced her grandpa to teach all his cooking skills to the foster son of Lu’s – Lin Haosheng. Now that his purpose has been achieved, there is no need to play a gentleman, so he naturally shows his face of heinousness.

Lu Anran really wants to ask him: why? But her tongue has been cut off, and once she opens her mouth, the blood gushes. The wound on her broken tongue, when it touches the air, stings painfully.

“Hahahaha!” Seeing that Lu Anran ends up like this, Chu Yao almost laughs her head off: “Anran, you don’t know how funny you look! ” And then Chu Yao lightly puts her head against the shoulder of Lin Haosheng with her innocent, soppy and slavish face: “Haosheng, the reason that I have said too much is that I want her die knowing the truth. After all, she’s your half-blooded sister!!”

Suddenly, Lin Haosheng looks grave, and he’s about to get angry. Seeing this, Chu Yao nestles up against the arms of Lin Haosheng: “Now the whole Lu’s is yours. And I also carry your child, you are the only leader of Lu’s! Lu’s becomes Lin’s completely from now on! Not bad, huh? Dad has finally get paid off after all these years of investment!” His expression softens a little. Only by turning Lu’s completely into Lin’s can he rest his mother’s soul in heaven!

That conversation shocks Lu Anran out of the blue. Lin Haosheng is her half-blooded brother?! And grandpa’s most loyal henchman, unexpectedly, is the culprit who has actually planned all of this behind his back! It’s unbelievable! But…Chu Wanhai is only a secretary of her grandfather. How could he manage to begin planning all these from a dozen years ago ?

“Anran, don’t hate us!” Chu Yao throws up her hands innocently: “It’s not hard for you to imagine that only relying on my father’s strength to set up such a trap is possible! My family is doing what we’re told! Your family is to blame for messing with the wrong people.”

Who is it? Lu Anran can barely breathe, let alone thinking. She really can’t think of whom wants to harm the Lu’s.

“Anran, your old grandfather and your mother are waiting for you!” Wearing white gloves, Chu Yao takes out a lighter from the limited edition shoulder bag of the LV that Lu Anran gave her as a gift complaining: “I keep sending the poisoned chicken soup with your name all the time. It’s really hard to conceal secrets from that old thing!” Having studied biochemistry at the university, how can Chu Yao not know how to compound a colorless and tasteless poison? With a twist of her wrist, the lighter is thrown in the big bed that is full of roses behind her.

Grandpa…Lu Anran’s heart suddenly twitches a little. After her mother died, it had been grandpa who was taking care of her all the time…She didn’t expect that grandpa died miserably because of her…Her uncle said that grandpa suffered a sudden death. She didn’t know that was because of her…All of a sudden, with regret, self-accusation and annoy filling her mind, Lu Anran stares fiercely at these two standing in front of her.

“It’s so hot in here!” Chu Yao looks at the growing fire and says: “Haosheng, let’s go! I am afraid that the high temperature will affect our baby!”

“Ok! ” Lin Haosheng wraps his arm around Chu Yao’s waist with a smile on his face. He takes her to leave the main bedroom that Lu Anran has chosen as the marriage room.

The figures of these two people are particularly dazzling. After the rapid spread of the fire, it’s devouring her wedding dress,  inch by inch burning her skin.

“Even if I die, I’ll perish together along with you two!!!”

Lu Anran’s bloodshot eyes are popping. Right now hatred has become her only backbone. She struggles to reach the silver white box under the bed and takes out a sealed tube. Thanks to Chu Yao! If it wasn’t Chu Yao who saw the report and said: “A little powder can cause such a big explosion! It’s so interesting! Unfortunately, in Z Country it is completely banned to use! It couldn’t be found even in the National Institute of Biochemistry where I work! “she would not have tried everything possible to get a few grams to give her as a gift! Now just seize the chance that’s exactly  given to her! She hurls it into her bed on fire. Followed by a huge burst of sound, raging flames instantly devours the whole house along with those two people that hasn’t got enough time to walk out of the house…

Followed by a scornful thunder, a sudden lightning across the sky lights it up in darkness. A strange lightning hits the burning villa engulfed by raging fire. Then it starts pouring rain as expected, as if all the evil and the unbearable memories have been washed clean.

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