Chapter 13 – Take A Taxi, Present Gift

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Lu Anran runs to Ji Rou and says: “Mom, Chu Yao said that she and her mother want to go to grandpa’s house with us.”

“Okay!” Ji Rou nods. She’s okay with it. After all, Lu Anran always takes Chu Yao to any party, which she is already used to.

After hearing Ji Rou’s approval, Chu Yao’s expression eases significantly. There appears also a smile in Lin Meifeng’s eyes.

“But our car can’t hold so many people!” Lu Anran looks distressed: “I had a car accident before. The car was sent for repair and it hasn’t been returned yet! Now this car can only contain four people including Uncle Zhang. If Chu Yao and her mother both go, there will be one more person for this car! “

“Eh…” Chu Yao hesitates, looking at Lin Meifeng. The meaning in Chu Yao’s eyes is very clear. It’s telling Lin Meifeng: Don’t go!

How could Lin Meifeng not go? She still wants to show off among her relatives and neighbors! So, Lin Meifeng comes up with a “plan” for “best of both worlds”. She smiles and says: “It’s alright. I’ll take a taxi with Chu Yao and follow you behind!”

As soon as Lin Meifeng’s words come out, Lu Anran almost bursts into laughter. But she holds it back, glances at Chu Yao, and she notices that Chu Yao’s face darkens. Instantly she becomes happy inside:”Okay, that will do!” Then she holds Ji Rou’s hand and they leave the room together.

Chu Yao stares at Lin Meifeng with a dark face when she passes by her. But Lin Meifeng looks bewildered. Isn’t her proposal good? Otherwise the car can’t hold all of them! How can she walk to the banquet?

Watching the mini black BMW launch in front of her, Chu Yao squeezes her fist vigorously, cursing Lu Anran word by word in her heart: Lu Anran, if I get you in my hand one day, I want you to die like a dog!

Although Lu Jianhao’s birthday is tomorrow, Lu’s starts to prepare for it about half a month ago. The mansion of Lu’s is located in the suburb of S city. It covers an area of ​​23 acres and it takes nine years to build. The whole house faces east. The three-meter-high black grooved gate isolates the house from the outside world. After entering the gate, it’s a smooth avenue. Maids on both sides of the avenue are sweeping and gardening. At the end of the avenue is a fountain pool. A vivid angel statue stands in the middle of the pool. Behind the fountain pool, there are nine-step stair, which is the main entrance to Lu’s main house. Lu Jianhao’s wife is a mix of Chinese and English, so the architectural style of the entire mansion is also European. The exterior wall is white, and when you enter the door, you can see the translucent marble floor reflecting the giant crystal chandelier on the ceiling. It’s chilly and luxurious, but also a bit lonely.

Lu Anran and Ji Rou have this feeling when they arrive at the mansion of Lu’s. Although the maids are busy cleaning and organizing methodically, the whole house is very quiet.

“Madam, Miss, you are back!” Uncle Lu, who has served grandpa for more than forty years, greets them.

“Yeah! Where’s dad?” Ji Rou asks Uncle Lu.

“Master is in the study on the second floor!” Uncle Lu sighs: “He has been thinking of his dead wife, and his missing son…”

“Well…” Ji Rou frowns slightly: “I’ll take Anran upstairs to see him!”

“Well! OK! OK!” Uncle Lu says with a smile.

“Uncle Lu, I think that your eyes are a little weird.” Lu Anran hesitantly says: “You’d better go to the hospital to check on it. Do not delay it…”

“Well?” Uncle Lu doesn’t understand what she means instantly and he hesitates for a moment. But Lu Anran already follows Ji Rou upstairs. After hearing Lu Anran’s words, he really feels that recently his eyes do have trouble seeing things clearly. And also sometimes he feels dizzy. He thought that’s a normal phenomenon when people get old. But if Miss thinks they look weird, he should take some time to go to the hospital for a medical examination.

“What’s so weird with Uncle Lu?” Ji Rou doesn’t understand what her daughter said. She thinks that Uncle Lu is still strong and tough!

“It just feels weird…Eh…he’s not young. It’s no harm going to the hospital for a physical examination!” Lu Anran vaguely says. She can’t tell Ji Rou that there is a tumor in Uncle Lu’s eyes. Now it’s still benign, but after five years, it will become malignant. He will become blind and be tortured to death. Anyway, Uncle Lu has been serving for grandpa for so long. Lu Anran is just being kind to remind him. She doesn’t want Uncle Lu to be miserable like in the previous life.

“You are right! A physical examination can’t hurt!” Ji Rou thinks that Lu Anran is right so she doesn’t think much about it. She follows Anran, after a few turns, they arrive at the door of the study.

“Dong Dong Dong” After three knocks on the door, Lu Jianhao’s voice comes from the room: “Who is it?”

“Dad, Anran and I are here to see you!” Ji Rou replies.

“Come in!” Lu Jianhao answers.

Ji Rou gently opens the door, and Lu Anran steps in first. As soon as she enters the door, she sees Lu Jianhao sitting behind the desk. On the desk are placing several original English books that Lu Anran couldn’t name. He has a photo frame in his hand, and there seems to be a bit of tears left in the corner of his eyes.

“Here you are!” Lu Jianhao looks at Ji Rou and then glances at Lu Anran.

“Yes!” Ji Rou echos: “How are you doing recently?”

“Not bad.” Lu Jianhao puts down the photo frame on the desk.

“Grandpa, I have prepared a birthday gift for you!” Lu Anran takes the gift from her small bag and puts it on the desk in front of Lu Jianhao: “Open it and see if you like it!”

“How can you give someone his birthday gift the day before his birthday?!” Ji Rou raps Lu Anran’s head lightly.

“Tomorrow there will be so many people. My gift isn’t precious or valuable!” Lu Anran shrugs. After all, she doesn’t have too much allowance: “Grandpa, take a look at it. If you like it, praise me! If you don’t like it, just blame mom! It’s her choice! “

“You little traitor!” Ji Rou raps Lu Anran’s head again: “You are definitely not a chivalrous person! It’s your idea! I just help you choose the style!”

“Grandpa! Look! My mother bullies me!” Lu Anran’s cheeks shape just like a balloon and she discontentedly runs to Lu Jianhao: “Open the gift!”

“Okay! Okay!” Lu Jianhao unpacks the gift box and finds that there is a crystal ball inside. Inside of the crystal ball, it‘s the Paris Tower in snow. And there is a picture of a woman in the middle interlayer. She has beautiful long brown hair on her shoulders. And she is holding a one-month-old baby boy in her arms. She smiles and looks at the person who photographs them in the front. Her eyes are full of love. It’s obvious that she’s a very happy woman…Shaking the crystal ball gently, and the “white snow” flows inside the ball, and her smile becomes gentler…

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