Chapter 15 – Embarrassing Departure, Gathering of Lu’s

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“Yaoyao! Yaoyao?!” Lin Meifeng knows that she was wrong when she heard what her daughter said. This is not the place for her caprice. When she sees her daughter going away, Lin Meifeng is also panicked, and she hurriedly runs after her: “You, you wicked girl! Wait for me!” She’s still wearing high-heels of a dozen centimeters today. Why doesn’t she know to wait for her? It takes them half an hour to get to the main road. They stop a taxi and come back home. In the taxi, Lin Meifeng is still complaining about Lu’s and that she has spent so much money for nothing. After they arrive at home, Lin Meifeng doesn’t shut her mouth, and she even scolds Chu Yao and her father Chu Wanhai: “Why did I marry Chu Wanhai? He’s such a loser! He has worked so many years and he’s still just a meaningless secretary! The people who pursued me now own companies and have become bosses! And you! You look at yourself! Didn’t you say that Lu Anran has been nailed? Didn’t you say that Lu Anran is an innocent fool? Hum!”

“Bang!” After Chu Yao smashes the glass that’s filled with water to the ground, the whole world is quiet for a moment. Chu Yao looks coldly at Lin Meifeng: “You better shut up immediately!”

The cold and fierce look makes Lin Meifeng stun involuntarily: “You…I…I’m your mother…”

“You’d better go to your room immediately. I don’t want to see you!” Chu Yao says coldly picking up the broken glass on the ground.

“I…I …” Lin Meifeng freezes for a moment and hurriedly runs to her room on the second floor. She closes the door firmly and she still feels that it’s not safe enough, so she locks the room inside.

“…” Squeezing the piece of broken glass in her hand, Chu Yao calms down with the pain in her palm. Drops of her blood fall on the floor, Chu Yao grits her teeth and says: “Lu Anran, I will double the pain of me today for you one day!”

As soon as Chu Wanhai, who has worked in the company for half of a day, enters the door. He sees Chu Yao sitting on the sofa drinking tea, and that her hand is wrapped in gauze.

“Yao Yao, what’s wrong with your hand?” Chu Wanhai asks: “Where’s your mother?”

“Nothing, I accidentally cut it. Dad, I want to talk to you.” Chu Yao puts down her tea cup and looks at Chu Wanhai.

“Okay, come into the study with me!” After he puts on his slippers, Chu Wanhai leads his daughter into the study.

After closing the door of the study, Chu Wanhai sits on the boss chair behind the one-foot desk: “What’s the matter? Do you want more allowance or more money for your remedial classes?”

Chu Yao looks directly into his eyes: “When are you going to take out Lu Anran?”

Chu Wanhai freezes for a moment and looks up at Chu Yao: “What are you talking about?”

“I heard you talking over the phone. I just want to know when will you break Lu Anran’s hand tendons!” Chu Yao doesn’t want to beat around the bush anymore, and she just wants to get back at Lu Anran fiercely now.

“This is not something that you kids should be involved in!” Chu Wanhai snaps.

“But you need my help!” Chu Yao can’t wait to cut off Lu Anran’s hands and feet in person: “Lu Anran trusts me, so it’s not difficult for me to lie to her! I can provide you a good opportunity!” Chu Yao has a feeling that the emergencies that happens in these days are nothing and that Lu Anran is still a stupid fool.

 “…” Chu Wanhai bows his head and meditates for a moment and says: “I have already arranged people into the gardeners who regularly trim the courtyard of Ji Rou’s house, and they plan to abduct Lu Anran next week. But Ji Rou recruits Aunt Rong’s son and daughter-in-law to take charge of her gardening…”

“So, you need my help!” Chu Yao looks down at Chu Wanhai with her both hands supporting the table. “Early next month, the school will organize outings to relax the third-year students in order to cope with the final 100-day sprint before the exam! That would be the best time to do it!”

 “…”Chu Wanhai frowns and meditates.

“You can arrange your people to the designated location, and I can bring Lu Anran there!” Chu Yao now wants to kill Lu Anran with all her heart: “I must break Lu Anran into pieces!”

“No!” Chu Wanhai pats the table hard and stands up: “It is enough for you to study hard! You are strictly forbidden to participate in these things!” Chu Yao is his last hope, and he will never bring her into this.

“Dad!” Chu Yao doesn’t expect Chu Wanhai to reject her. In her opinion, this is a perfect proposal!

“Go back to your room to study! You must be admitted to the First High School of S city! Do you hear me?” Chu Wanhai orders.

“Dad!” Chu Yao bits her lower lip, and when she sees that Chu Wanhai’s attitude is so determined, she turns around and leaves the study. However, anyway, Lu Anran! You are definitely dead!

“Achoo!” Lu Anran, who’s about to eat sitting at the dinner table, suddenly sneezes.

“What happens?” Ji Rou asks: “Do you catch a cold?”

“It shouldn’t be that…” Lu Anran spits out her tongue, “someone is missing me?”

“You!” Ji Rou shakes her head helplessly. Lu Anran is so narcissistic. Ji Rou doesn’t know whom she gets that from…

Just as they are chatting, the other members of the Lu family return. Lu Anran’s second uncle, Lu Junfeng, and his wife come in first, and then comes the Lu Junan family.

“Dad, we are back.” Lu Junfeng says.

“Second uncle, second aunt, here you are.” Lu Anran’s impression of the Lu Junfeng’s family is quite good. In the memory of her previous life, they were nice and treated her well. The two sons of them looked after Anran as well.

“Anran is getting more and more beautiful!” Lu Junfeng’s wife, Xu Lianxin, touches Lu Anran’s head and smiles.

“Haha!” Lu Anran’s smiles, and her eyes shape like crescents: “Where are Brother Shuo and Brother Ming?”

“They are still busy at the company!” Lu Junfeng replies: “So we come here first, and they will come before dinner today.”

“They are so hard-working!” Lu Junan says with envy: “Anhua, Anxin, I should let you work harder at the company and come over before dinner too!”

“Dad, I have been working overtime this week and I finished the work last night. Of course, I don’t need to work overtime today.” Lu Anhua says.

“Tomorrow is Grandpa’s sixtieth birthday, so we must work hard to get things done before today!” Lu Anxin looks disapproved.

“What kind of work that requires working overtime from Monday to Friday? Is there really so much stuff to do or you are incapable?” Lu Anran disgusts Lu Junan, and she dislikes even Lu Anhua and Lu Anxin. It’s so obvious that they want to frame them.

“You…” Lu Junan can’t understand why Lu Anran suddenly becomes a different person.

“Let’s all take a seat!” Lu Jianhao says suddenly, preventing the conversation from developing into a more unpleasant direction.

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