Chapter 759 – Heavenly Favorite (Part 2)

Staring at the ten people sprinting towards him, Tang Xiu had an awful intention to kill them. He could tell the enemy’s eyes spelled death and they came with evil intent.

Feng Yang said, “ Boss, I am a Soil Talented Adept.”

Tang Xiu was surprised and looked at Feng Yang, then he nodded and said, “Feng yang you cooperate with Xue Sha. I’ll capture the Soil Talented Adepts in the underground. Remember, catch them alive, killing them is always your last choice.”

Feng Yang replied with confidence, “We guarantee to fulfill the mission.”

Tang Xiu continued to say, “If them fight with us, they will enter the Four Phenomena Formation first. You know well the Four Phenomena Formation and you have the advantage over them in it. Do flee away if you are injured, I don’t expect anyone of you to be killed.”

Mo Awu and others didn’t talk. Their mission was to kill the enemies. They couldn’t decide whether or not they could survive the battle. However, what their boss had said made them feel really warm. Having been working for their boss for a long time, they understand his disposition of being cruel to the enemy and caring about his men. They were willing to follow Tang Xiu even sacrifice their lives.

“Kill them!”

Siou’s talent was to control the electricity. As they launched the attack, streams of electric currents emerged in the sky and lased towards Tang Xiu and others like the burning arrows.

Beside Siou, one man and two women were using their unique talents. Countless Glittering ice arrows, golden metal arrows and rolling fire dragons were flying towards Tang Xiu, Mo Awu and others.

“Seven Star Formation.”

Jin Shi growled and instantly formed a seven-star sword formation with other six people. The layers of sword shadow covered the whole world, with overbearing and fierce power, those electric currents, ice arrows, metal arrows, and fire dragons made a violent collision.


The seven people’s body shook so that the Seven-star Sword Formation had become a little messy, the array was almost blasted. However, the Siou’s array also spewed out blood and flew backward. The strength of them was incohesive, but the power of the Jin Shi’s seven people array overlapped, so for the beginning, the Siou’s four people array took the disadvantage.

“Array set.”

A cold light shone in Tang Xiu’s eyes, and without any hesitation, he activated the Four Phenomena Formation. When the Siou four people were flying backward, their back hit heavily on the invisible energy shelter. The Four Phenomena Formation had four characteristics: Siege, Attack, Illusion, and Buff. Unless the one who was proficient in the Four Phenomena Formation, anyone else got in it not only would suffer from two forms of attack but would be trapped in it and unable to withdraw from the array. And more importantly, if the one who manipulated the Four Phenomena Formation would make a shot, he could make his own person in the array get a buff.

Such powerful Four Phenomena Formation, which was common in the Divine Realm, but quite distinctive on Earth. The Four Phenomena Formation on Earth, Tang Xiu once studied, was weak and rough. In the formation, usually, only four people join hands, according to the change of orientation, to take charge by shifts, going back and forth. So the mystery was endless, and the power was supreme (in common people’s eyes).

“The mystery was endless, and the power was supreme!”

This opinion of modern common people was extremely ridiculous for Tang Xiu.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Suddenly, the ground was torn apart by six figures. Flashes of soil arrows smashed, formed a lot of weapons, instantly attacked toward Feng Yang, Mo Awu and Xue Sha. And the sharp wind blade, water sword, fire snake… mixed among the weapons.

“Strike back.”

Feng Yang’s muscles trembled, and as the battle based on manipulating the thick soil began, those soil arrows suddenly became static, and the other soil-formed weapons also stopped momentarily. In an instant, those arrows changed their direction, and the other weapons also attacked toward other directions.

The wind blade was destroyed, the water sword was broken, and the fire snake was distorted and almost dissipated.

Excavator, Mo Asi and the other four Talented Adepts, who rushed out from the ground, were distracted by this accident in an instant. At this moment, Mo Awu and Xue Sha started attacking aggressively, and their wielding swords were as fast as a meteor. When the six people were in a muddle, Mo Awu and Xue Sha had already wounded them.


Excavator and Mo Asi roared together, and suddenly a wall of soil appeared in front of them. While the other four men were not so lucky. They utilized their power defense in a hurry, but it was penetrated in an instant. Two flying swords pierced their chests and swept their necks in a hundredth of a second. These four people were killed on the spot.

Tang Xiu stood in the Four Phenomena Formation’s eye and looked at Siou and his people who suddenly became like headless flies, a smile appeared on his face. Regarding their own strength and mysterious talents, these people were very powerful. Without the Four Phenomena Formation, they were even more difficult to handle than those vampires.


They didn’t pick the right enemy this time.

Tang Xiu took a glance at the four Talented Adepts who were slaughtered, then said in a low voice: “I’ve changed my mind. These Talented Adepts are all enemies, just kill them all!”

Just finished.

He incanted and gestured quickly. The attacking power of the Four Phenomena Formation was activated by him right now.

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