Chapter 39 – Controversy

“I have nothing to say to you! Coming from the noble families, you are out of touch with reality! Eminent noble families like you killed so many people, including those coming from various auxiliary families – you regarded the clansmen of auxiliary families as pigs and dogs!” Teacher Chu Xian’s eyes turned red.

“You are the legal daughter of the Eternal Heaven family, so you can lead a peaceful life. But all the beautiful girls of our auxiliary families were brutally raped by the clansmen of the superior family, and you call it by the sounding name of ‘right of the lord’! It’s ridiculous! You have no right!” Teacher Chu Xian glared at An Xueyun coldly.

An Xueyun was about to speak, but saying nothing. She couldn’t decide issues of her family, though she thought her clansmen were inhumane. She had no power to change that.

Ye Xinghe was also silent. He remembered his aunt who suicided after being raped and the elders starving to death in his family.

Ye Xinghe was next to An Xueyun. Teacher Chu Xian glanced at him and said in a gentler tone: “The war between the commoners from auxiliary families and noble families has already begun! Ye Xinghe, I know that you also have a bitter feud with the Dark Moon family. According to my recent observation, you are very talented. If you join us, you will become peerless. When you come back, you will have enough strength to take revenge on the Dark Moon family! Isn’t that what you want?”

Ye Xinghe clenched his fist. He was desperate to destroy the Dark Moon family to revenge the death of his aunt and other clansmen!

Seeing that Ye Xinghe bowed his head without a word, An Xueyun said anxiously: “Xinghe, don’t listen to his inflammatory speech!”

“This is not demagogy!” Teacher Chu Xian said coldly. “You guys of the eminent noble families, damn you all to hell! Why should the auxiliary families worked themselves to the bone for noble families? Ye Xinghe, as long as you follow me, you can be the master of yourself. If you love An Xueyun, I can tie her hands and give her to you as a present now. Then you can do whatever you want!”

“Ye Xinghe, don’t you want to overthrow these eminent noble families and take control of the whole Grand Zhou Empire with us?” Teacher Chu Xian continued.

Tears welling up in her eyes, An Xueyun didn’t know how to convince Ye Xinghe. She suddenly found that there seemed to be a big gap between her and Ye Xinghe.

For a long time Ye Xinghe had kept silent, but then he became resolute. He looked up at Teacher Chu Xian and said: “What are you going to do after overthrowing the eminent noble families? You brutally insult others, which is no different from those of eminent noble families! In your eyes, those who are unimportant to you can be killed casually!”

“Ye Xinghe, listen to me! You have a promising future, so don’t go astray and don’t die unworthy for those eminent noble families!” Teacher Chu Xian said in a hurry.

“I won’t die for anyone else. I only follow my heart and do what I think is right. Although many of the eminent noble families are damn, there are some very good people in the eminent noble families, just like An Xueyun and Xia Yuning! An Xueyun, let’s go. We shouldn’t talk nonsense with him here!” Ye Xinghe said in a low voice.

Hearing Ye Xinghe’s words, the dismal thoughts occupied in An Xueyun’s mind were completely dispelled. She looked at Ye Xinghe in profile with an unspeakable touch in her heart at the moment.”

A shadow passed over Teacher Chu Xian’s face. He sneered: “With your strength, do you think you can safely leave here? You’re too naive! And even if you can leave, you can’t save Xia Yuning, because she is no match for him!”

Who is he?

Teacher Chu Xian was the strongest person among the team, followed by Xia Yuning. Was there anyone in the team who was even stronger than Xia Yuning?

Since Teacher Chu Xian dared to attack them in this place of Smelting Trial, they must be fully prepared!

Ye Xinghe suddenly found out that he was underestimating them.

Thinking that Xia Yuning might die, Ye Xinghe recalled the two days’ getting along with Xia Yuning: when he turned back to the cavern, Xia Yuning shouted at him and asked him to be responsible for her.

As a man, how could he just leave Yuning in danger?

“If I want to leave, do you really think you can stop me?” Ye Xinghe stood firmly, a majestic [Star Power] was rolling wildly around him, just like a strong hurricane.

What a formidable power!

Teacher Chu Xian felt a suffocating pressure and was deeply shocked. He was unwilling to stand opposite to Ye Xinghe. Genius like Ye Xinghe, if he could receive sound cultivation, his future would definitely be extraordinary, and he could definitely become the ultimate force against the noble family!

Damn it!

Why was Ye Xinghe so stubborn!

Teacher Chu Xian was full of resentment. He said with a cold voice: “If you want to stop us, come on! I definitely won’t let you leave here!”

[Star Eyes, Open!]

Ye Xinghe snarled, a golden light bursted from his pupils. Suddenly, he rushed out and slammed into Teacher Chu Xian.

Teacher Chu Xian roared, his body broke out with an unparalleled power and he threw a punch at Ye Xinghe.

Boom Boom Boom!

The strength of aura Qi blasted in the air.

An Xueyun also condensed the power of the flames, tied seals immediately, and slammed the flames toward Teacher Chu Xian.

Two shadows(Ye Xinghe and Teacher Chu Xian) kept attacking each other, and Teacher Chu Xian got more and more upset: Ye Xinghe’s cultivation should be the third heavenly layer, but he could still against the fifth heavenly layer(Teacher Chu Xian). Although Teacher Chu Xian felt that he could obviously suppress Ye Xinghe, he still could not hit Ye Xinghe with his fists.

According to the competition experience with An Xueyun, Ye Xinghe had a thorough understanding of his advantages and disadvantages comparing to the stronger martial artists of the fifth heavenly layer. He evaded the attacks of Teacher Chu Xian by quick movement, while stimulating the [Dragon Seal] on his right arm quietly. [Frost Dragon Halberd] was ready to shoot!

I had to defeat Teacher Chu Xian right now, otherwise Xia Yuning would be in danger! Ye Xinghe thought.

Teacher Chu Xian found that he couldn’t beat Ye Xinghe with ordinary martial arts skills, then he yelled in a cold voice:

[Dragon Aura Explosion!]

This is exactly the movement that Xia Yuning used to defeat Ye Xinghe,

A majestic aura, centered on Teacher Chu Xian, blasted out in all directions.

Just at the moment when Teacher Chu Xian used [Dragon Aura Explosion], the Dragon Seal on Ye Xinghe’s right arm suddenly burst into a dazzling light. An ice dragon appeared in his arm.

What the hell is this? Teacher Chu Xian was shocked, then he saw a beam of frosty light came straight to his face.

Chapter 40 - Frame-up
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