Chapter 40 – Frame-up

Boom! A loud noise.

Ye Xinghe hit a punch in Teacher Chu Xian, and Teacher Chu Xian’s body was covered with ice.

The horrible cold penetrated into Teacher Chu Xian’s body, making his movements slow.

“What is this?” Teacher Chu Xian didn’t even see the way Ye Xinghe attacked. He couldn’t understand at all. Why did Ye Xinghe’s attack have the power of ice?

Is this the power of Star martial artist?

Teacher Chu Xian was shocked, and the cold made his movements slow.

Who could expect that in just a few months, Ye Xinghe’s strength improved so much!

Ye Xinghe was very surprised after the punch. He did not expect that [Frost Dragon Halberd] could be used in this way!

Ye Xinghe did not summon [Frost Dragon Halberd]. When he attacked, the cold air produced by [Frost Dragon Halberd] was gathered around his fist, which produced a powerful effect.

This blow caused Teacher Chu Xian to lose some of his fighting capacity.

After he hit a punch in Chu Xian, Ye Xinghe was also hit and sent flying by the aftermath of [Dragon Aura Explosion], with his mouth overflowing with a trace of blood.

Teacher Chu Xian retreated quickly because of the cold air, but then his right hand clenched into a fist. A spiral of storm formed above his right fist, and then he beat Ye Xinghe.

“Now that you refused to follow me, then go to hell!” Teacher Chu Xian yelled and gave Ye Xinghe a punch.

This punch contained a horrorible strength of Qi.

Ye Xinghe once saw that Teacher Chu Xian hit a huge stone and made a deep spiral pit.

With his current level, Ye Xinghe couldn’t fight against such a powerful strength!

There were limited combat skills for Ye Xinghe to choose now. Heavenly Killing Smash and Star Flame Blade could not be used to deal with a Dragon martial artist of the fifth heavenly layer.

He could only use his strength to fight!

Feeling the overwhelmingly horrible power, Ye Xinghe raised his eyebrows and quickly stimulated the power of Frost Dragon Halberd, a wave of cold air coming out of his body.

The cold air instantly formed an ice wall in front of Ye Xinghe.


But the ice wall quickly disintegrated under the spiral-shaped aura Qi attack of Teacher Chu Xian.

While the ice wall collapsed, Teacher Chu Xian’s strength also reduced to a certain extent, and Ye Xinghe slammed against Teacher Chu Xian’s fist.


The aura Qi burst and dispersed in all directions.

Two figures were sent flying by the aura Qi.

Ye Xinghe slammed into a big tree and fell down. His clothes were broken and his right arm, covered with scars, dangled because of weakness.

Dragon martial artist at the fifth heavenly layer was so strong!

Ye Xinghe felt a horrible pain with the broken bones of his right arm. He got down on one knee and gave a big gasp of pain.

No better than Ye Xinghe, Teacher Chu Xian’s right arm was completely frozen into ice, which was covered with cracks. He sat against a big tree.

Boom Boom Boom!

The intensive flame fell on Teacher Chu Xian, and he was hit hard in an instant. He was so badly hurt that he couldn’t move. But An Xueyun did not kill Teacher Chu Xian.

Ye Xinghe and Teacher Chu Xian fought so fiercely just now that An Xueyun couldn’t find an opportunity to attack the latter. When their fight ended, An Xueyun immediately made an attack, not giving Teacher Chu Xian a break.

“Xinghe, are you all right?” Seeing that Teacher Chu Xian lost his fighting capacity, An Xueyun landed beside Ye Xinghe, asked anxiously.

“I’m okay!” Ye Xinghe shook his head, endured the horrible pain, and began to condense the Star Power to heal the wounds.

Teacher Chu Xian was lying there weakly. He had completely lost his power, looked at Ye Xinghe and sneered: “Still want to save Xia Yuning? It’s too late!”

Ye Xinghe looked at Teacher Chu Xian and said in a low voice: “I can tell you that you didn’t want to kill Xia Yuning, but to seize her and blackmail the North Guardian Lord! In that case, I’ll trade you for her!”

Teacher Chu Xian hesitated for an instant and then laughed wildly: “You are right. It’s true that we did not hunt Xia Yuning for killing her, but to blackmail her father. But do you really think you can exchange me as a hostage to get Xia Yuning back. Am I worth as much as the daughter of the North Guardian Lord?”

Ye Xinghe frowned. According to Teacher Chu Xian, he had joined a secret organization. In order to achieve its goal, the organization would stop at nothing, even to abandon Teacher Chu Xian like a chess piece!

If they just wanted to capture Xia Yuning, then she must be still at the place of Smelting Trial. As the bridge was destroyed, it would be very difficult to get Xia Yuning out in a short time.

So they still have a chance.

At this moment, whoosh, whoosh, several figures flew over quickly and landed not far away.

These people were teachers and students of Heavenly Star Academy, and Liang Yu was among them. There were a dozen of people, including two teachers. They looked at Teacher Chu Xian and Ye Xinghe, and were slightly stunned. Both Ye Xinghe and Teacher Chu Xian were injured, as if a very intense battle took place.

“What happened?” A teacher named Lin Yi stepped out, frowning.

Teacher Chu Xian sighed, “I don’t know why. I just found two students, Ye Xinghe and An Xueyun. I was about to look for you guys with them, but I did not expect that Ye Xinghe suddenly attacked me…”

“You liar, this is not the case at all!” An Xueyun pointed at Teacher Chu Xian with anger. “It was you plotted against Xia Yuning to stop us from saving Yuning!”

“Xueyun, I don’t understand what you are saying!” Teacher Chu Xian frowned and looked confused.

Liang Yu pointed at Ye Xinghe and An Xueyun and said furiously: “I know it was your two bastards! All the attacks were planned by you. I saw that you killed three students and now you even attacked Teacher Chu Xian. Where is Yuning? Say, what did you do to her?”

All the instructors and students looked at Ye Xinghe and An Xueyun with an expression of hostility.

Chu Xian was also surprised. He didn’t expect that the slander works. He never thought that Liang Yu would stand on his side. Although he disdained the behaviors of the noble family, he had to say that this time Liang Yu had been a great help.

“Ye Xinghe, An Xueyun, I didn’t expect you to do such ugly things! How can you live up to the teaching of Vice-Principal Xu? Drop your weapons and go back with us! The punishment is waiting for you.” Teacher Lin Yi said with a cold voice.

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