Chapter 41 – Tough

Chu Xian framed them, plus Liangyu’s testimony, An Xueyun and Ye Xinghe were unable to give a convincing explanation for self-defense!

No matter what An Xueyun and Ye Xinghe would say, the teachers and students would not believe them!

If they allowed themselves to be arrested without offering any resistance, they would miss the best time to save Xia Yuning!

An Xueyun frowned. She looked around and thought about what to do. However, Ye Xinghe was injured. With her and Ye Xinghe’s current strength, they couldn’t beat two teachers of the sixth heavenly layer and other students!

What should they do?

Ye Xinghe constantly condensed his [Power of Stars]. After fighting with Teacher Chu Xian, Ye Xinghe was badly hurt, but the healing effect of [Power of Stars] was so strong that he was almost fully recovered.

In addition, the battle with Teacher Chu Xian helped Ye Xinghe have a better understanding of martial arts and the use of [Power of Stars].

Liangyu pointed to Ye Xinghe and An Xueyun, and said angrily: “An Xueyun, Ye Xinghe, you finally reveal your true features! From the very beginning, I know that you are a bitch couple joining in a conspiracy. I’m now wondering about how the Eternal Heaven family will protect An Xueyun! You’ve got engaged, but you still have an affair with Ye Xinghe!”

An Xueyun was so angry when she heard Liangyu’s dirty words. She had never been humiliated by others!

Seeing that An Xueyun didn’t speak a word, Liangyu smiled smugly and said: “Oh, I got you, right? So you didn’t say anything. On the surface, you are pure, but in fact you are a slut!”

Ye Xinghe’s [Power of Stars] violently rioted. He slowly stood up, glanced at Liangyu coldly, and snorted: “Shut up!”

“Ye Xinghe, you are worried about An Xueyun?” Liangyu laughed. “Even if you are extremely talented, you are still a member of the lowest social group. You are willing to work yourself to the bone for An Xueyun once seduced by her! What a wimp you are! If I were you, I would have committed suicide!”

Liangyu said with heavy sarcasm.

Teacher Lin Yi frowned. He obviously didn’t like shouting abuses. Instead, he snorted: “An Xueyun, Ye Xinghe, you two go back with me to receive punishment. If you resist, we will resort to violence.”

The students in the back began to whisper.

“I didn’t expect An Xueyun to be such a person!”

“Is it because someone knew An Xueyun had an affair with Ye Xinghe, so they killed the witness?”

“Maybe you are right!”

An Xueyun felt deeply offended by their words, eyes turning red. The teachers and students wronged her! The real culprit just stood in front of them, but An Xueyun and Ye Xinghe couldn’t prove it!

Ye Xinghe stood up straight, his gaze sweeping Teacher Chu Xian, Lin Yi, Liangyu and others. Then he said in a low voice: “I know that you will not believe me whatever I say, but I don’t need your trust. I’m going to take An Xueyun away. Who can stop me?”


A wave of [Power of Stars] with Ye Xinghe in the center bursted and the grasses on the ground within a radius of two meters were instantly torn apart.

At this time, the teachers and students felt the endless pressure.

“What a strong strength!” Teacher Lin Yi frowned. He never imagined that Ye Xinghe’s strength was so powerful!

It was not a fluke that Ye Xinghe could beat Chu Xian!

“Ye Xinghe, are you really determined to rebel? If you dare to resist, don’t blame us!” Teacher Lin Yi said with a cold voice.

“What can you do to me? If anyone stops me, I’ll fight back!”Ye Xinghe said angrily.

Teacher Lin Yi did not expect that a commoner like Ye Xinghe could have such determination. He glanced at another teacher next to him and said, “Let’s go together!”

“OK.” The instructor nodded.

Whoosh, Whoosh!

The two teachers rushed toward Ye Xinghe at the same time.

A few months ago, neither these two teachers nor this group of students could have imagined that one day in a few months’ time, Ye Xinghe would force two teachers to fight him at the same time!

Seeing the two mentors swoop down, Ye Xinghe snorted. The golden light in his eyes exploded, and some ice was condensed on his right fist instantly, which then turned into sharp ice thorns.


Ye Xinghe threw a heavy punch at one of the teachers. The teacher was knocked out, vomiting blood, and fell heavily on the big tree in the distance. Almost at the same time, with a formidable aura, Ye Xinghe kicked Teacher Lin Yi on the chin. Lin Yi was kicked more than two meters high, fell heavily on the ground, twitching and almost fainted.

Teacher Lin Yi still struggled and wanted to stand up, but Ye Xinghe said in a deep voice: “Do not move, or I’ll kill you!”

Teacher Lin Yi hesitated for a moment and stayed on the ground.

Who could have imagined that Ye Xinghe had such strength. He completely defeated them with only one attack!


How could that be!

How could Ye Xinghe be so powerful!

Those students stared at Ye Xinghe as if they had known him the first day.

In just a few months, Ye Xinghe’s strength had reached a level they could only look up to!

The students were terrified. They thought that these two teachers could guarantee their safety, but the teachers were defeated by Ye Xinghe with just one attack.

Ye Xinghe didn’t know what’s going on. Every time he battled, his strength was soaring at an alarming rate. The key was the [Star Eyes], which gave him a superb learning ability. In addition, the [Power of Stars] increased extremely fast.

Ye Xinghe looked back and saw the Teacher Chu Xian already gone. He escaped when the two teachers were attacking Ye Xinghe!

Damn, Chu Xian ran away! Blame these indiscriminate people!

Liang Yu was extremely regretful. He had never thought that Ye Xinghe could be so strong, even stronger than when they fought before. Thinking of what he had just said, Liang Yu turned to run away. If I stay here, I may be killed by Ye Xinghe! Liang Yu thought.

“If you want to go, you can try it!” Ye Xinghe’s voice sounded like the God of Carnage from Hell.

The cold voice made Liang Yu shudder to his heart, and he stopped. The other students who wanted to run stood trembling where they were. No one dared to move.

“Ye Xinghe, you can’t kill me. I am the legal son of the Dark Moon family. If you kill me, my clansmen will definitely not spare you Azure Feather family!” Liang Yu said. His heart still shuddered with fear, but still hoping for a close shave.

Ye Xinghe looked down coldly on Liang Yu. Looking at the frightening eyes of Ye Xinghe, Liang Yu shut up immediately.

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