Chapter 42 – Two Slaps

Ye Xinghe walked step by step to Liangyu.

With his current level, Liangyu was no match for Ye Xinghe. Liangyu knew that even if he tried his best, he just couldn’t escape.

Both of the two strong men of the sixth heavenly layer were defeated by Ye Xinghe. How could Ye Xinghe’s strength grow so fast!

In the past, Liangyu had an absolute confidence and pride when facing Ye Xinghe, but now, this confidence and pride had been trampled underfoot.

A loud slap!

Ye Xinghe gave Liangyu a slap on the cheek, and said in a deep voice: “This is for Senior sister An! You are asking for it!”

After being slapped across the face, Liangyu’s cheeks swolled immediately. But he was too frightened to speak a word. He was afraid that Ye Xinghe would kill him!

Liangyu grew up in a comfortable environment. He had never received a death threat.

It was not until this moment that he knew how horrible death was!

Another loud slap! Ye Xinghe slapped Liangyu’s face again, and said with anger: “This is for me and my family. We had been humiliated for a long time. If you dare to do things that you should not do, I will kill you regardless of the Dark Moon family behind you!”

Hearing Ye Xinghe’s words, Liangyu responded with a voice that was barely audible. He noticed that there were death in Ye Xinghe’s eyes.

If he say anything, Ye Xinghe would really kill him!

Ye Xinghe’s gaze swept other students and teachers, coldly saying: “Believe it or not, I didn’t kill those students. If I were the culprit, you all would have been dead!”

No one dared to have an eye contact with Ye Xinghe. They all nodded with fear.

Ye Xinghe glanced at An Xueyun and said, “Senior sister An, let’s go!” Then he turned round and left.

An Xueyun looked at Ye Xinghe’s back for a moment. Then she quickly stepped up and followed him. In her mind, Ye Xinghe had always been a very gentle person who had never had any disputes with anyone. But just now, Ye Xinghe’s behaviour made her sit up and take notice.

Ye Xinghe was totally different from students like Liangyu!

The two figures moved quickly.

Lin Yi and another tutor picked themselves up.

“Lin Yi, what should we do? Should we turn to the principle to arrest both of them?” asked another instructor.

Lin Yi looked at the direction of where Ye Xinghe and An Xueyun left, saying: “As Ye Xinghe said, if those students were killed by them, they would not care to kill more people including us. But when we fighted with Ye Xinghe and An Xueyun, Chu Xian ran away!”

The tutor widened his eyes and looked at Lin Yi incredulously: “What do you mean? Chu Xian is the culprit?”

“I guess so.” Lin Yi nodded and recalled Chu Xian’s strange behaviour. He sensed something was wrong.

“What is his purpose?”

“His purpose is just Xia Yuning!”

“The daughter of North Guardian Lord? God, if Xia Yuning has any accident, all of us will be punished! The North Guardian Lord is very determined. If Xia Yuning died, we all would be killed!” The instructor was chilled to the marrow.

Lin Yi kept silent for a moment, and said in a husky voice: “Search for Xia Yuning’s trail immediately! We have to find Xia Yuning at all costs!”

Liangyu gradually recovered from fear. He had never imagined that one day Ye Xinghe would become so powerful and crush him underfoot. In just a few months, Ye Xinghe had raised his strength to such an amazing level. As time went on…

Liangyu couldn’t imagine it.

Liangyu recalled that he had angered Ye Xinghe again and again – he was just like dancing on the tip of knife. If Ye Xinghe really wanted to kill him, then he would have been a corpse on the ground! When he thought of it, he couldn’t help but sweat.

“Young master Liang, what should we do now? Should we turn to our clansmen?” Wu Long, next to Liangyu, asked.

“What’s your problem? Are you insane? Ye Xinghe was the Vice-Principal’s disciple. If we harm a hair on Ye Xinghe’s head, Vice-Principal Xu won’t leave the matter at that. Ye Xinghe is so talented that he will get stronger and stronger – if we continue to anger him, we will be killed!” Liangyu said toward Wu Long coldly.

Liangyu was terribly scared. He just got a black eye from Ye Xinghe, which scared him out of his wits. He didn’t want to go through the same fear anymore! Liangyu appeared to be combative, but deep down he was cowardly. Knowing that Ye Xinghe was not someone to be trifled with, Liangyu dared not provoke Ye Xinghe again.

Seeing Liangyu was so angry, Wu Long didn’t dare to speak.

In the dense forest, Ye Xinghe and An Xueyun flitted toward. They found the marks left by Xia Yuning, and followed the marks along the way.

About an hour later, they heard a girl’s shouts from a distance.

It was Xia Yuning!

Ye Xinghe and An Xueyun exchanged a pleasantly surprised look and flitted in the direction of Xia Yuning. They thought that Xia Yuning had been caught, and didn’t expect that Xia Yuning was still fighting!

Flitted through the vast woods, Ye Xinghe and An Xueyun landed on an opening, only to see the traces left after the battle. The ground was covered with potholes, gravel and fallen trees.

In addition, there were two corpses who should be the two teachers leading the team. Both of the corpses were covered with deep scratches.

In the distance aura Qi kept bursting, and Xia Yuning was fighting with a horrible red beast. This red beast was a bit like a bear, but its forelimbs were particularly large, and its sharp claws made their blood run cold.

Xia Yuning was badly hurt, leaning against a big tree and gasping. She was worn out.

After leaving the cavern, Xia Yuning traced the Black-robed man to the vicinity of this opening, but then she was ambushed by this beast. This red beast was called Bloodthirsty Ghost Bear which was of the fifth heavenly layer. But it was stronger than a man of the same layer.

Xia Yuning was almost killed by this Bloodthirsty Ghost Bear. Fortunately, the two teachers appeared and saved her. But this Bloodthirsty Ghost Bear was so strong that it then killed the two teachers of the fifth heavenly layer, leaving Xia Yuning in danger.

Xia Yuning felt that she was exhausted and reached the limit.

Bloodthirsty Ghost Bea was going to scratch in her face with its claws were.

“Am I going to die?” Xia Yuning sighed softly.

Chapter 41 - Tough
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