Volume 1 – Chapter 10

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Although Lu gonggong was old, he articulated clearly. After hearing his words, the entire viewing garden was silent.

The Empress was slightly surprised, while Ye Tianqing frowned, and the Fourth Prince looked at Li Yun with disbelief. It seemed that everyone didn’t understand why Rong Jing, who had never walked out his mansion in the past ten years, would send such a message especially at this moment. Couldn’t he go to the Yun Royal family by himself? Why did he want Yun Qianyue as his companion? Obviously, he intended to protect Yun Qianyue, wasn’t it?

Those girls who were originally complacent about this result saw that the general manager of His Majesty personally came to convey Prince Jing’s words, every one of them got so envious. When Prince Jing was seven years old, he beat both civil and military top scorers of that year and was praised by His Majesty as the child prodigy of Heavenly Saint Dynasty. However, later a serious illness almost took away his life. Therefore, he had been staying in the Rong Royal family to recuperate and never walked out. Every year, the new civil and military top scorers would be assigned to the Rong Royal family to compete with Prince Jing by His Majesty. Each time, they walked in with high spirits, but came out hanging their head dispiritedly. In the past ten years, countless people had failed, none of the civil and military top scorers in the Heavenly Saint Dynasty had defeated Prince Jing ever. He therefore remained as the first genius of the Heavenly Saint Dynasty.

While after this godly person of Heavenly Saint Dynasty finally went out of his mansion after ten years, the first thing he did was to protect the notorious Yun Qianyue; those girls felt so irritated and jealousy.

People in the viewing garden did not understand why Yun Qianyue was so lucky that both young Lord Ran and Prince Jing came forward to protect her. The two were both extraordinary men: about ten years ago, one had been famous as a seven-year-old boy, the other had messed the whole Heavenly Saint Dynasty up. In other words, the two had a critical status in HSD. Now they showed up to save Yun Qianyue together, which was really absurd.

“Hehe, it seems that today sister Yue’er will be free from imprisonment anyway!” Ye Qingran chuckled.

Ye Tianqing didn’t look good, and he looked at Lu gonggong, asking, “Does fuwang have any words to us?”

“Your Highness, knowing that today Prince Jing walked out his mansion and young Lord Ran returns to the imperial city, His Majesty is so happy that he cancelled court this morning and has been playing the game of Go with Prince Jing till now. Prince Jing is really amazing, as ten years ago, His Majesty couldn’t win Prince Jing, now he still cannot. His Majesty has been praising Prince Jing, saying he really deserves the title of the first genius of our Heavenly Saint Dynasty!” Mentioning Rong Jing, Lu gonggong smiled his eyes into two crevices, apparently, he also felt quite proud of Rong Jing.

Ye Qingran curled his lips and muttered, “That ‘Frail Beauty’…”

“His Majesty knows that Prince Jing has assigned you to send a message to Yue’er?” The Empress took a look at the Crown Prince and Li Yun who was still being held, asking.

“His Majesty naturally knows that. And His Majesty also said that Miss Qianyue should act as a good host and not bully Prince Jing when losing temper. And Miss Qianyue doesn’t have to come to the palace these days, just take good care of Elder Lord Yun.” Lu Gonggong lowered his head and reported honestly.

The Empress nodded and her expression also became soft. She looked at the Crown Prince and asked, “My boy, what do you think of this?”

“Now that Prince Jing wants to go to the Yun Royal family with sister Yue to visit Elder Lord Yun, fuwang also agrees, ercheng won’t insist, of course. Ercheng are just trying to give sister Yue a small lesson and to warn other people not to follow her behavior. If sister Yue is really put into the prison, ercheng will definitely feel pitiful. I believe muhou can understand my situation as the Crown Prince. Now ercheng can find an excuse to comfort those court officials eventually.” All the emotions of the Crown Prince dissipated, he gave a sigh and looked at Li Yun with warmth, “I believe sister Yue can understand my heart as well.”

Li Yun snorted and neglected his words: this guy totally sucks.

Ye Tianqing waved at those secret bodyguards, and the latter quietly retreated. He seemed not seeing Li Yun’s disdainful look and walked in front of her, reaching out to tidy her wrinkled sleeves.

“Get lost!” Li Yun pushed Ye Tianqing’s hand away and stepped back in disgust. Looking at his frozen face and thinking that she was not the original Yun Qianyue now, Li Yun felt it necessary to explain things clearly. She announced seriously, “Today, the affection between you and me has gone, and I hope that there will be no more entanglement. I will never marry you or enter the palace. If I betray my oath, let the lightning strike me to death. You keep that in mind.”

The ancient people value the oath most, so Li Yun wanted to use this way to eliminate all possibilities.

Ye Tianqing was dumbfounded, and he looked at Li Yun incredulously. Her gaze was resolute and indifferent, no more timidity or obsession. He trembled and suddenly felt that something precious but he had never cherished quietly flew away.

“Yue’er!” the Empress exclaimed but it was too late to stop her.

Turning back to the Empress and the Crown Prince, Li Yun looked at Ye Qingran, who was dumbstruck, “I owe you a favor today.”

“Just this?” Ye Qingran looked at Yun Qianyue dissatisfiedly, “I save you not because I want you to owe me a favor!”

Li Yun frowned, now she was a tiger went down to level land! Before few people could have a chance to do her a favor, but now she offered Ye Qingran an opportunity, he actually rejected! So she thought about giving something to him as a thank you gift, and then she fumbled her pockets but found nothing valuable, only the jade bangle on her wrist looked priceless. Therefore, she raised her hand to show Ye Qingran her bangle.

Ye Qingran got embarrassed, “I have collected so many things better than this, it is no use for me.”

Li Yun shrugged, “If you don’t want it, I have nothing better for you.”

Ye Qingran laughed loudly, “Sister Yue, you are really different from seven years ago, and now you are much more interesting.”

Li Yun looked up at the sky and saw the sun already declined toward the west. She thought: the soul in the body has been replaced by me, how can the original owner be the same as seven years ago? However, she had to keep it a secret forever.

“Originally I didn’t intend to ask you for anything, but now I’ve changed my mind.” Ye Qingran stopped laughing, and his eyes sparkled like stars. He said seriously, “Okay, according to what you said, you owe me a favor.”

Li Yun nodded and paused for a while, then turned to Lu Gonggong and asked, “Have gonggong seen my personal servant girl?”

“Miss Qianyue, your personal servant girl, Cailian, is waiting outside now, and you can see her when you go out.” With more than thirty years of experience in serving His Majesty, Lu gonggong had met countless people, so he could feel that today’s Miss Qianyue was different from before. Could it be that the case of Wangchun Tower changed her?

Li Yun nodded, she finally knew that girl was called Cailian. Without hesitation, she stepped on the jade bridge and walked outside.

“Miss Qianyue, don’t forget Prince Jing’s words. You must wait for him at the gate of the palace.” Lu Gonggong reminded her.

“Got it.” Li Yun replied without turning back.

The Fourth Prince and Ye Qingran were unable to rescue her from the Crown Prince for all their efforts. While that Prince Jing saved her easily with an ordinary requirement. She naturally wanted to meet this powerful man, so she would wait for him anyway.

Just two steps away, Ye Qingran suddenly held her hand, “Wait for him to do what? He does know how to get there. I happen to go to the Yun Royal family to visit Elder Lord Yun. I will go out with you.”

Li Yun then looked at Ye Qingran.

Ye Qingran blinked at her, got close to her ear and whispered, “I have tried my best and almost got my hands with blood but failed to save you. That ‘Frail Beauty’ gains credits using a simple requirement. It’s really unfair.” He paused and then continued, “Sister Yue, you have to remember my efforts. Don’t be fooled by that ‘Frail Beauty’. That guy is a big tail wolf covered with sheepskin. You must stay away from him in the future.”

Seeing Ye Qingran’s resentful look, Li Yun smiled slightly and said nothing.

Ye Qingran felt distressed at this moment, but when he saw Li Yun’s smile, he immediately got charmed. He used to dislike women’s smiling face as he found them flirtatious. But today, it was the first time for him to see such a beautiful and innocent smile. He couldn’t help but forget all the troubles, looking at her in a daze.

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