Volume 1 – Chapter 11

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Li Yun didn’t notice the reaction of Ye Qingran, she just put his hand away and continued walking.

Ye Qingran went blank for a moment and his white-jade-like face blushed. Feeling his hand empty, he suddenly came to himself and quickly caught up with Li Yun, walking beside her. But he didn’t dare to look at her face again, as he felt a little embarrassed for his being dumb just now. He asked her, “Hey, you… did you hear what I just said?”

“Yes, I did.” Li Yun nodded.

“That’s good; you should stay away from that ‘Frail Beauty’.” Ye Qingran warned her again.

“I will!” Li Yun replied to him without concern. But she is always open to others’ advice out of kindness. Rong Jing saved her so easily, which meant he is really powerful and she can’t get too close to him.

Seeing Li Yun accepted his advice, Ye Qingran felt delighted and his eyes and brows extended again, his footsteps also got brisker. He even started to hum a roundelay, which got a very cheerful tone.

Li Yun took a glance at him and couldn’t help smiling again. Since she came here, she had always been in a tense atmosphere; finally there was someone making her relaxed.

The two quickly walked out of the viewing garden.

Having completed the task, Lu gonggong also followed the two to ask for leave.

Ye Tianqing gazed at the two’s receding figures, his fists in the sleeves had long been clenched, even causing blood stains on his palms, but he didn’t realize it. He was thinking about the smile of Li Yun to Ye Qingran, his heart was sinking. He finally realized he was totally wrong in previous assumptions when the girl, who had always been treated as dust by him, now suddenly confronted him with a decisive attitude. He got gloomy inside, and all the scenes in front of him become so annoying.

The Fourth Prince also looked at the two left together. Listening to Ye Qingran’s cheerful hum and seeing Li Yun’s fairy smile, though he was not any one of them, he was deeply affected. For a long time, he finally turned away and observed the expressions of Ye Tianqing. He stunned and then smiled, “Brother Crown Prince, you made a big mistake today. You don’t expect that sister Yue’er is such a decisive person, do you?”

The Crown Prince turned to the Fourth Prince.

Although the Fourth Prince was sighing, his words were extremely ironic, “Alas, even I feel pity for you. Sister Yue’er indeed has a bad temper, but she really cares about you. Now you push her to the cliff with your own hands, though she has not fallen, she will not be the same as before anymore!”

The Crown Prince pressed down the mixed feelings in his heart, and looked at the Fourth Prince with a sullen face, “Fourth (younger) brother, I see that you have been too idle recently. Would you like me to propose that fuwang send you to guard the frontier? Now the southwestern area has been disturbed by the enemy, since you are skilled at martial arts and military tactics, and we will definitely yield twice the result with half the effort if you were there.”

The Fourth Prince’s expression changed slightly, but he kept smiling, “Why bother send me there? The uncle of brother Crown Prince’s lateral concubine, General Wen, has already gone to the frontier. General Wen is experienced, so it’s not difficult for him to bring peace and quiet to the southwestern land. Besides, my mother, senior imperial concubine Chen, died early; my grandfather, Elder General Chen, has me as the only grandson, fuwang naturally won’t let me go. So there’s no need to plan that for me, brother.”

After that, the Fourth Prince took a bow to the Empress and said, “Muhou, erchen will ask for leave!”

“Just go!” The Empress waved her hand.

The Fourth Prince didn’t look at the Crown Prince again and slowly turned to leave.

Ye Tianqing’s face looked gloomy, and it seemed that the accumulating emotions in his heart had no way out. He also turned to bow to the Empress and said, “Muhou, erchen remembered that I have something to report to fuwang, please allow erchen to ask for leave as well.”

“Well, go ahead!” the Empress nodded.

Ye Tianqing then turned and walked across the jade bridge.

After these people left one by one, the atmosphere of the viewing garden got somehow easier. Those present girls all looked to the Empress, while Princess Qingwan was gazing at Yun Muhan, who had been staring at the board all the time.

“Bengong is tired today. The gathering will be held again in the next day! You all can leave now!” The Empress looked over those girls, and many of them looked disappointed. She then raised her hand to Granny Sun, and the latter immediately stepped forward to hold the Empress with her arm. Followed by the guard of honor, they walked out the viewing garden.

“Show Your Majesty out with my respect!” A group of women respectfully made way for the Empress.

When the Empress went far, everyone looked to Princess Qingwan.

Seeing that Yun Muhan didn’t pay any attention to her, Princess Qingran turned to the crowd, waving her hand anxiously, “Since Her Majesty and His Highness are gone, we will leave as well!”

Everyone thought that it would be boring to stay here longer, so they nodded and left in two or three.

But the girl in pink and the other in green didn’t go away. They still wondered why that anarchic and notorious Yun Qianyue had the support of both Prince Jing and young Lord Ran, who were the dream lovers of those girls around the whole country. Harboring unwillingness in their heart, they looked to Princess Qingwan.

“Why do you look at me? I have no idea about Yun Qianyue’s situation today at all!” Princess Qingwan glared at them and then turned to the girl in the pink dress, “Linglan, Prince Jing is your elder brother, don’t you know why he saved Yun Qianyue?”

Rong Linglan shook her head, “Princess, you also know that my brother has changed a lot since he was ill. His temperament is gentle but indifferent now, and he cares no one in the Rong Royal family. Even grandpa has to inform his intimate servant to see him, not to mention me. I will go to his courtyard at most once a year, and even if I go to visit him, I can’t necessarily meet him. Now I’m afraid that he doesn’t remember me at all. Then how can I know why he would protect Yun Qianyue?”

Princess Qingwan frowned while hearing her words, “Does he have private connections with Yun Qianyue?”

“It is said that he spends most of his day in the bed, and the people in our house have never seen him go out the mansion for a decade. How can he have connections with Yun Qianyue?” Rong Linglan denied.

Princess Qingwan then turned to the green girl, “Shuli, have you got any message from uncle Filial Prince? How can Yun Qianyue be so lucky today that even brother Crown Prince couldn’t take her down?”

“My grandfather said that Yun Qianyue wouldn’t have a good time today, so I entered the palace early to see this good play. I went to your place directly and have been with you since then. As for her being saved, I have no idea about that.” Leng Shuli replied, biting her teeth.

Princess Qingwan didn’t get any useful information, and then she looked at Yun Muhan again, saying to those two girls, “You go back to your house to see what happened.”

The two nodded and left as they didn’t want to play gooseberry. It’s obvious that the Princess likes Yun Muhan, but in their hearts, they feel that Yun Muhan is a bit dull, so they prefer that vigorous and resolute Crown Prince.

When the founding ancestral emperor first built Heavenly Saint Dynasty, he entitled his only younger brother hereditary Prince Moral, who led the Prince Moral family; and then his sworn brother he met in his tough times was entitled hereditary Prince Filial, who now led the Prince Filial family. The other two generals who followed the ancestral emperor at the risk of their lives were entitled hereditary Royal Prince, who now led the Rong Royal family and the Yun Royal family. And because the ancestral emperor’s only beloved woman came from the Yun Royal family, he left a word – the Empress of the Heavenly Saint Dynasty must come from the Yun Royal family.

Therefore, these two girls, one was the legitimate second daughter of the Rong Royal family, the other was the Princess of the Prince Filial family, both have no blood relationship with the Crown Prince, so naturally they have the chance to marry him and become the Empress.

Harboring their own thoughts, they left the viewing garden, and this place became quite again.

“Muhan, you dislike this younger sister most, do you? Then why did you help her today?” Princess Qingwan walked to Yun Muhan, asking with an extreme soft voice. In the past, he behaved indifferent to Yun Qianyue, obviously he didn’t like her. And every time he saw they quarreled with Yun Qianyue, he never said anything. She had thought that he would be happy to see Yun Qianyue being punished, but beyond her expectation, he actually spoke for Yun Qianyue today.

“Even if I don’t like her, she is still my sister, on one can bully her before my eyes.” Yun Muhan suddenly stood up, spoke out these words, and left without giving a glance to Princess Qingwan. In one blink, his elegant figure disappeared in the viewing garden.

Princess Qingwan turned pale and stepped back subconsciously. She wanted to say something but failed. She had thought that he didn’t like his younger sister, who was too arrogant and unruly. So she helped Rong Linglan and Leng Shuli to plot against Yun Qianyue from time to time, thinking that he would be happy, but… Looking at Yun Muhan’s distant receding figure, she stamped the ground in annoyance, swept all the foods on the jade table to the ground, and then ran to her residential palace while crying.

At this moment, Li Yun and Ye Qingran had arrived at another place.

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