Volume 1 – Chapter 12

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Not far from of the viewing garden, Li Yun saw her maid Cailian hanging her head and waiting for her.

Cailian’s forehead had been wrapped up, and the colored ribbon covered her injury; what’s more, her face looked very clean and fair, if people didn’t look at her face carefully, they couldn’t see that she was injured. Cailian had been waiting for Li Yun anxiously, and when she saw Li Yun coming out, she became so happy that she greeted them hurriedly, checking Li Yun from the top to toe and calling out, “Miss…”

She had intended to say something, but after found Ye Qingran beside Li Yun, she stopped immediately, instead, she stepped back and took a bow to Ye Qingran, “Pay my respect to young Lord!”

“Huh!” Ye Qingran nodded and measured Cailian with the eye. When his eyes fixed at her forehead, he gave a meaningful laugh.

Li Yun was moved by Cailian’s worrying about her, apparently, Cailian must have heard about the news that she was almost put into the jail of the Punishment Ministry. Li Yun asked gently, “I’m fine. Have you applied medicine on your forehead?”

Cailian was stunned as Miss Qianyue had never cared about her before. She immediately nodded and responded, “Thank you for your concern, I’ve already applied medicine, and it’s great that you are safe and sound.” After a pause, she glanced at Ye Qingran, hesitated for a moment, then whispered, “I heard about something in the viewing garden and was afraid that you might get into trouble, so I asked someone to send the message back to the Yun Royal family…”

“Got it! It’s OK!” Li Yun nodded. It would be abnormal if the little girl hadn’t sent any message back to the Yun Royal family for help when such things happened. Now it seemed that she had made a right choice by sparing her life from the Fourth Prince earlier, as Cailian was a person who would seek ways to return others’ kindness. Li Yun continued to walk and said, “Let’s leave the imperial palace!”

“Roger!” Cailian followed behind Li Yun.

Had just relaxed for a while, Li Yun felt again a little nervous and stressed. Today in the imperial palace, she had fooled with everyone about her true identity, but the situation in the Yun Royal family was hard to predict. After all, it was the original owner’s home, and there were people who knew the original owner best.

Along the way, when those maids and eunuchs saw Ye Qingran and Li Yun walking together, they all bowed to pay respects at a distance, and everyone was trembling, behaving more respectfully than when Li Yun was walking with the Fourth Prince. Li Yun glanced at the man next to her, wondering what evil he had done before could make people fear him like mice see a cat.

“It feels so good to have everyone be afraid of me! Sister Yue, don’t you think so?” Ye Qingran suddenly turned his head and asked Li Yun with a smile.

The corner of Li Yun’s mouth twitched, she only felt speechless.

Ye Qingran no longer spoke, but he looked quite complacent and hummed more happily.

Cailian followed them and looked at the two walking side by side, thinking that it would be better if Miss didn’t like His Highness. Though Young Lord Ran was known as a “little devil”, he was nice to Miss. But how could Miss not like His Highness? Miss would enter the palace and be the Empress in the future, and the Crown Prince would also be the Emperor; who else could she choose as her husband even if she didn’t like the Crown Prince?

Ye Qingran never spoke again.

Li Yun also had nothing to say. She looked around while walking the palace to remember the location, scenery, and roads. The Heavenly Saint Dynasty should be very prosperous, and she could tell that from the layout and decorations of the imperial palace.

The three of them soon arrived at the gate of the imperial palace.

Many carriages, luxurious or elegant, were parked at the entrance of the palace. In front of the carriages stood men dressed as servants and guards. There were plates of each household hanging in each carriage, which showed that these carriages belonged to the family members of each household. One of the carriages was black, black horses, black carriages, and with only one guard standing in front of it. The guard was also dressed in black. There is no plate hanging on the carriage, so people didn’t know which family it belonged to. But in contrast to a bunch of shiny carriages and servants, it was quite conspicuous.

Although the carriages were crowded with each other, they were all one inch away from that black one. “A straw shows which way the wind blows”, Li Yun believed that the owner of the carriage must have a supreme status, otherwise, these people wouldn’t respect this simple carriage.

“Just don’t come out to trouble others if you cannot be exposed under the sunshine.” Ye Qingran saw that carriage, frowning and muttering.

His voice was low, but Li Yun heard it clearly. She dared not ask more questions in case of exposing her true identity, as everyone knew the owner of this carriage, so it would be strange that she didn’t know it. In any case, she could know that sooner or later. Therefore, she started to look for the carriage of the Yun Royal family, but failed; then she looked back at Cailian with doubts.

“Miss, your horse is there!” Cailian immediately stepped forward and pointed to a jujube-red horse not far away.

Li Yun looked in the direction of Cailian’s finger pointed at, and saw a jujube-red horse with sleek fur tied to a wooden stake. The horse looked spiritual, and the saddle was made of gold, so it was shining in the sunlight. And the horse’s head was hung with colorful bells, ribbons and various small ornaments.

No wonder she couldn’t find her carriage, she thought, she had come on horseback. But was the horse tired from hanging so many things? The original owner’s aesthetic taste was quite disappointing, and the horse was so poor.

At the same time, she glanced at the mockery face of others around, thinking that no wonder Yun Qianyue was despised by the secular! Other ladies would cover their face when going out, travel by car, and strictly observe the disciplines as a lady in boudoir everywhere. While the original owner actually rode a horse when traveling around, wore no veil, and behaved so unruly; all these were just too absurd.

But Li Yun liked it! Especially when she looked at the horse, she liked it even more. Covering up was not her style.

Li Yun smiled and turned Ye Qingran, she saw no carriage of the Prince Moral family as well.

“My horse is there too!” Ye Qingran reached out a finger.

It was a big oily black horse tied not far from her jujube-red horse. Unlike her horse, the horse had no ornaments but a saddle. She admired secretly: simple and easy, this is truly a ride!

“It seems that sister Yue likes my horse very much. Shall we exchange?” Seeing Li Yun’s eyes sparkling, Ye Qingran asked with a smile.

Li Yun shook her head, “Gentlemen do not take the favorites of others. No need.”

“‘Gentlemen do not take the favorites of others’, sounds great. But sister Yue would say such a sentence, I am quite surprised! Haha…” Ye Qingran laughed.

An aversion aroused in Li Yun’s heart: neither Yun Qianyue, the original owner of the body, nor the young Lord Ran was gentlemen who would not take the favorites of others, just check people’s attitude towards them! When she saw Ye Qingran laughing, a trace of embarrassment flashed on her face. She cleared her throat and suggested to him seriously, “It’s not good to laugh too much, you will get old in advance easily.”

Ye Qingran stopped laughing abruptly, but he still opened his mouth wide and didn’t know what to do next.

Li Yun was satisfied with his embarrassment this time. Smiling at him, she said, “You go first! Since Prince Jing sent Lu gonggong to deliver the message, and His Majesty also knows it, how can I not wait for him? People will say that I go against the imperial orders then. So I’ll wait here for him to go with me together.”

Ye Qingran shut his mouth, thought he was losing face. When he saw Li Yun looking at his funny face, he got annoyed. He knocked on her head and scolded, “You little girl, you are more naughty than seven years ago. Does laughing make people age earlier? I’ve never heard of it.”

Li Yun didn’t dodge so she was knocked hard on the head. Although it didn’t hurt, she had never been beaten as a child before. She blushed, “Are you still a kid? Keep your hands off me. It’s naturally easy to get old when you laugh too much.”

She emphasized on the last sentence seriously. If one laughs more, he would get more wrinkles on the face. People with so many wrinkles on the face would of course look old! She was right, but now it was like playing the lute to a cow*. After all, she was in ancient China now!

(Playing the lute to a cow*: this saying implies she wasted her efforts in explaining things that Ye Qingran cannot understand.)

“OK, you are right. Let’s go, why bother waiting for that guy? Uncle Majesty won’t blame you if he knows you are pulled away by me. Do you know how many things you did have provoked uncle Majesty? If uncle Majesty will punish you for that, you should have died for countless times.” Ye Qingran pulled Li Yun and walked towards those two horses.

Li Yun thought he was right, so she allowed him to lead the way. Anyway, have someone accompanied her back to the Yun Royal family, she would feel secure. Whether the person was Prince Jing or young Lord Ran, they were both two great Buddhas that would frighten others.

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