Volume 1 – Chapter 14

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Before they went further, another galloping horse came from the other side of this long street. Within a moment, the person on the horse arrived at the entrance of the Yun Royal Family. He pulled the reins and called after Ye Qingran, “Young Lord!”

Ye Qingran immediately stopped and looked back. Li Yun also looked back at the gate.

They saw a little boy attendant sitting on the horse, who was about thirteen or fourteen years old. Seeing that Ye Qingran looked at him, he gasped and continued, “Young Lord, elderly Lord asked you to go home as soon as possible.”

Ye Qingran frowned at his words, “What does that old man want from me?”

The boy attendant felt anxious and said, “Once elderly Lord heard that Young Lord had returned to the capital, he rushed back from Ciyun Temple. He only told me to take Young Lord home as soon as possible, so I don’t know the reason. But I think that elderly Lord had not seen Young Lord for seven years, presumably he misses Young Lord and wants to see Young Lord immediately.”

Ye Qingran pouted, “Now he forgets about the time when he drove me out.”

The boy attendant no longer talked, thinking: though he drove you out, he’s still your grandfather!

“Go back and tell him. I’ll go home after visiting grandpa Yun.” Ye Qingran waved and walked back inside.

“Young Lord, you’d better go back first! Elderly Lord will be pissed off if he knows you ignore him but visit Elder Lord Yun first. I cannot bear the anger of elderly Lord…” This boy attendant said urgently, “you can come to visit Elder Lord Yun tomorrow, it’s OK.”

Ye Qingran stopped again, he frowned and hesitated.

“Young Lord, I suggest that you return home to visit Elder Lord Moral first. You haven’t returned to the capital for seven years, Elder Lord Moral naturally misses you a lot. You may come back to the Yun Royal family tomorrow.” Yun Meng chipped in at once.

“I know you desperately want me to go!” Ye Qingran snorted, but he still turned back and said to Li Yun, “Sister Yue, I’ll come back tomorrow.”

“OK!” Li Yun nodded.

Ye Qingran didn’t dawdle any longer; he directly flew up and landed on the horseback outside the gates in an instant. With his legs kicking the horse belly, the horse carrying him left the Yun Royal family and galloped towards the Prince Moral family.

This is the kinship of flesh and blood that he can’t give up anyway, Li Yun thought. She had been an orphan since childhood, so she had a thirst for it.

“Miss, let’s go! Elderly Lord is awake now!” Yun Meng said to Li Yun.

Li Yun nodded and followed Yun Meng forward. She was just absorbed in racing with Ye Qingran and left Cailian at the gates of the palace. Now Ye Qingran and Cailian were not around, and the Yun Royal family was not familiar to her, so she began to feel anxious.

At this moment, Yu Meng talked while walking, “Elderly Lord had known that someone will help Miss today, so he allowed Miss to enter the palace. Although Miss was greatly frightened, the case about Wangchun Tower has finally passed. Miss, you no longer have to worry about being blamed by His Majesty.”

Li Yun asked in surprise, “Grandpa… How did grandpa know someone will help me?

“As Young Lord and Price Jing are both in the palace today, elderly Lord believed they will definitely not stand by.” Yun Meng replied immediately.

“Grandpa really knows everything.” Li Yun gave a casual compliment. She didn’t understand how Elder Lord Yun had concluded that Rong Jing and Ye Qingran would rescue her. Was it because of the Yun Royal family or the current situation? Anyway, it could not be because of her.

Yun Meng nodded and said with relief, “Fortunately, Prince Jing decided to help Miss. Otherwise, Young Lord Ran alone wouldn’t make it. This time, Miss can clearly see the heart of His Highness.” After that, Li Yun took a careful look at Li Yun.

“Yep!” Li Yun nodded and said indifferently, “I have nothing to do with him in the future.”

Yun Meng was stunned, and suddenly sighed with both joy and sorrow, “It’s the best for Miss to let it go.”

Li Yun remained silent, as she didn’t know how to respond to him.

At this moment, a maidservant walked towards them, and before the girl started to speak, Yun Meng asked, “Yuzhuo, why you do not stay with elderly Lord? Does elderly Lord have any instructions?”

“Head Steward, elderly Lord just learned that Miss returned home alone, so he sent me to ask Miss to pick up Prince Jing from the palace immediately.” Yuzhuo paid her respects to Li Yun and then answered Yun Meng.

Li Yun stunned. Ask her to pick up Rong Jing? It was true that this man had saved her, but did elderly Lord act too cautious?

“Now that elderly Lord has said so, Miss, please go to the palace again!” Yun Meng said to Li Yun.

Li Yun frowned as she didn’t want to go to pick him up. But, it was not a good idea to meet Elder Lord Yun now, what if she exposed her true identity? If he knew that her granddaughter had changed into another person, he might try all methods to interrogate her! Thinking of this, she nodded, “Okay, I’ll go right now!”

Even without Rong Jing, Cailian would be able to help her get through this situation anyway.

Yun Meng nodded and said, “Prince Jing is different from others. Miss must not act disrespectfully toward Prince Jing.”

“I see.” Li Yun turned and walked out of the house.

“It seems that Miss has grown up after this accident. That’s a good thing.” Yun Meng sighed with feeling when he saw Li Yun heading to the palace on the horse.

Yuzhuo smiled, “I hope elderly Lord will stop worrying about Miss Qianyue from now on. Elderly Lord is too old to stand excessive pressure.”

“How can elderly Lord not worry about that? I’m afraid this is not the end but the beginning. I hope that this time the reappearance of Prince Jing and Young Lord Ran will lessen people’s attention to the Yun Royal family, and then Miss Qianyue will be safer.” Yun Meng’s face was full of worries.

“Don’t worry too much, Head Steward. Elderly Lord often says that God blesses the good man, doesn’t he? He said that Miss is a blessed person, so God will not mistreat her.” Yuzhuo laughed and consoled Yun Meng.

“Well, yes. Elderly Lord is always right.” The melancholy clouding Yun Meng’s face dispersed and a smile showed up. He waved to Yuzhuo, “Go back to report to elderly Lord first! Just say Miss had gone to the palace to pick up Prince Jing. I will wait here for Miss and Prince Jing.”

“Roger!” Yuzhuo nodded and turned back.

“By the way, ask the cook to prepare the table and choose some of Prince Jing’s favorite dishes. Today Prince Jing will have dinner in our mansion.” Yun Meng observed the color of the sky and said.

“Roger that!” Yuzhuo responded without looking back.

Then Yun Meng put his hands behind him and walked slowly to the gates, hoping that Miss could take Prince Jing home quickly.

All the way on her horse, Li Yun was wondering what kind of powerful person Rong Jing was, that he could play Go with the Emperor, have Elder Lord Yun treat him so kindly, and save her from imprisonment with simple words. She was already curious before seeing him.

As she thought about it, she headed for the palace on the route she had just returned to the Yun Royal family.

When riding through the busy main street, Li Yun passed by an exquisite carriage of which the curtain was drawn open. A startlingly beautiful face emerged from the window and the owner called out softly, “Elder sister Yue!”

Li Yun had always heard others call her younger sister Yue, now she finally heard a different address. She pulled the reins to stop the horse and looked at the girl who looked out the carriage window. Suddenly she was amazed by that beautiful face; she had never seen such a beautiful and gentle girl in her life.

“Congratulations to sister Yue for escaping a disaster today. Yuning had been worried about you earlier, but now I’m at ease.” The girl continued and her voice was gentle and beautiful, as she looked.

Li Yun recalled that Cailian had mentioned the name of Yuning when she woke up – she is the Miss of Prime Minister’s. This morning, after Yuning told those girls who bullied Li Yun, that Prince Jing and Young Lord Ran had entered the palace, those girls then left. Now Yuning looked at Li Yun sincerely, it seemed that she was really worried about Li Yun. She must have a very good heart; Li Yun thought and smiled at her friendly, “Thanks for sister’s concern; it’s indeed a good news that I failed to be put into the jail of the Punishment Ministry.”

Hearing these words, Yuning covered her mouth with a handkerchief and smiled lightly, “Sister, what are you talking about? Both Prince Jing and Young Lord Ran came to rescue you, it’s impossible for you to be put into the jail. I had been worried about it and went to the senior imperial dowager Qin’s palace to ask for help. But when dowager Qin said that you would be safe, I didn’t believe it. Later I heard that someone had saved sister from trouble, and then I knew my worries were in vain.”

“Thank you for your hard work.” Li Yun thanked her and understood why she was absent in the viewing garden at that time. But who was the senior imperial dowager Qin? Why was she sure that Li Yun would be okay?

Yu Ning smiled, “We are sisters, no need of polite remarks.” And then she asked curiously, “Sister Yue is going to enter the palace again?”

“Yes, I’m going to pick up Prince Jing.” Li Yun answered.

Jade Ning stunned and her eyes changed slightly. Then she laughed, “I just heard that Prince Jing is going to the Yun Royal family, so I thought that sister might be waiting at the palace gates. But when I passed the gates, I didn’t see you, so I guessed you had to get impatient and go back home first. Now why bother to come to the palace again?”

“It’s grandpa’s demand! I have no choice!” Li Yun said bitterly and thought that this girl was not as simple as she looks – she was trying to winkle information out of Li Yun all the time.

“So that’s it! Then hurry up, sister! Prince Jing must have finished playing Go with His Majesty. It wouldn’t be good for Prince Jing to wait long for sister. I won’t keep you here anymore, we’ll meet another day.” Yuning saw Li Yun’s bitter face and urged her.

“Then I’ll go. Goodbye, sister.” Li Yun nodded and then galloped towards the imperial palace.

Behind, Yuning gazed at Li Yun’s receding figure for a long time, and her beautiful eyes showed she was contemplating. When Li Yun was completely disappeared from her sight, she then slowly dropped the curtain, and the carriage continued to move forward.

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