Volume 1 – Chapter 6 (Part 1)

When Li Yun finished her words, dozens of people in the viewing garden fell to silence at once. All eyes were fixed on the Crown Prince.

Li Yun also looked at the Crown Prince. Although Li Yun came here just now, she had roughly guessed what happened from the conversations of these people. It was well known that Yun Qianyue was obsessed with the Crown Prince. Therefore, somebody deliberately released the news that the Crown Prince went to Wangchun Tower, and exploited Yun Qianyue’s heart for him – naturally, Yun Qianyue couldn’t endure that the man she loved went to such a place, so she went there to look for the Crown Prince, but she met with a rebuff at Wangchun Tower – maybe someone poured oil on the fire – then in a fit of anger, she burned Wangchun Tower regardless of the consequences…

The matter seemed simple, but there may be a vast conspiracy behind it. Rather than directing the spearhead at Yun Qianyue, it actually pointed at the Yun Royal family or the Crown Prince, who had a close relationship with Yun Qianyue. What was the consequence if the Crown Prince saved her? If he didn’t do, what would happen?

When Li Yun thought of that, a sneer flashed in the deep of her angry eyes. Now she was the grass in the cliff crevice, but it was uneasy to make her fall off the cliff. She really expected to know whether the Crown Prince would save her or not.

The Crown Prince stiffened for a moment, while the look in his pretty face changed constantly and his deep phoenix eyes became more and more indescribable and unpredictable. Obviously, he was also extremely tangled with this matter.

Li Yun was patient and still glared at the Crown Prince with angry eyes. The longer the Crown Prince kept silent, the more angry and regretful her eyes were. To put on such an expression was just a piece of cake for her, and no one could recognize her disguise.

At the moment, the guards who carried Li Yun dared not take actions, either. After all, the person they arrested wasn’t an ordinary girl, but the only legitimate daughter of the Yun Royal family who would marry the Crown Prince and become the express in the future. If they didn’t behave carefully, they would be killed first before settling the matter.

“Heavenly Saint Dynasty has been established for almost one hundred years. The founder and first emperor of the dynasty and the following generations of emperors had placed great expectations on the Yun Royal family. Sure enough, the daughters of the Yun Royal family have both ability and political integrity and decent behavior, who are educated with the imperial etiquette since childhood and adhere to it conscientiously. They are really the model of all unmarried women.” After remaining silent for a long time, the Crown Prince’s expression restored as usual; without looking at Li Yun’s disappointing eyes, he narrated slowly emotionlessly.

Li Yun’s heart skipped a beat, thinking that this man was really ruthless, and sure enough, he deserved to be the Crown Prince.

The Empress’s eyes seemed to darken, and she stared at the Crown Prince, waiting for him to continue.

The Fourth Prince wore an inexplicable sneer. He also looked at the Crown Prince and waited for the following.

The rest of the crowd, such as Princess Qingwan and the girl in pink and another in green, all showed a happy look. They were smart people who naturally knew what the Crown Prince meant. Yun Qianyue, as the legitimate daughter of the Yun Royal family, had a bad character and lacked virtues, how could she be the model of the unmarried girls? Everyone was afraid of her as if she was a snake or scorpion and was ashamed of her! How could such a person marry into the Crown Prince’s household? How could she become the Empress and be a motherly model of the nation in the future?

“Therefore, the founding ancestral emperor had a word, the Empress of Heavenly Saint Dynasty must come from the Yun Royal family. This is a supreme honor given by the founding ancestral emperor to the Yun Royal family, and he believed that the Yun Royal family would always educate their girls to be virtuous and elegant.” The Crown Prince was rarely calm in the eyes of Li Yun, slowly speaking. Then his voice turned a bit cold, “Though the founding ancestral emperor is wise and brilliant, it is hard for him to predict what will happen 100 years later. He didn’t expect that the Yun Royal family will have such an unvirtuous girl now, especially, she is the only legitimate daughter of the Yun Royal family. This is really disappointing and unfortunate for our nation.”

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Though angry, Li Yun got more information she did not know. It turned out that the Empress of the past generations had always come from the Yun Royal family! In particular, Yun Qianyue was the only legitimate daughter of the Yun Royal family. Naturally, she would marry the Crown Prince to become the Empress in the future. But she did not understand, the Yun Royal family knew that she would enter the imperial palace in the future, then why they allowed her to be so stupid and infamous since young?

“Sister Yue, as a girl from the Yun Royal family, you should follow the Empress of the past generations of Heavenly Saint Dynasty. You’re supposed to behave in a dignified and decent manner, be strict with yourself and more generous to others, and sympathize with the weak, otherwise, how could you become the Empress and be a motherly model of the nation in the future? I’ve been wondering why grandfather spoils you so that you become so anarchic. This is really confusing.” Said the Crown Prince again.

Li Yun was more confused after hearing the Crown Prince’s words. The grandfather the Crown Prince mentioned was the Empress’ father who was also Yun Qianyue’s grandfather. Did she become so anarchic because the old man spoiled her too much? As the head of the Yun Royal family, was that old man not aware of the responsibility of Yun Qianyue to become the Empress in the future? It was not love, but to destroy her!

Or think in a different way: wasn’t him her biological grandfather? That was not right. If he was not her biological grandfather, wouldn’t anyone observe that since so many people had been paying much attention to her?

Li Yun couldn’t figure out these things, so she stopped guessing. Thinking about what the Crown Prince had done, Li Yun assumed that he was determined not to save her. It was imperative to find a way to deal with the situation. She had always known that it was safer to rely on herself rather than on others. Now since she had been reborn, she cherished life very much and didn’t want to die without enjoying life, otherwise it would be such a pity.

Muhou, if you don’t punish sister Yue, I’m afraid she would do something much more serious in the future! She burned Wangchun Tower yesterday, it’s hard to say that she wouldn’t set fire to the imperial palace someday. So… although I’m also sad, I still hope that sister Yue would correct her errors and make a fresh start.” The Crown Prince looked at Li Yun again, pondering over the words. His face finally showed a hint of pity, and his eyes were obviously stained with pain. His voice also got low and then he said to the Empress, “But I’m still asking forgiveness for sister Yue. After all, she burnt Wangchun Tower because of me. Muhou, please don’t punish sister Yue too seriously. A stumble may prevent a fall. It’s better to warn her.”

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